Friday, September 19, 2008

Mickey Mouse Obsession

Ever since Jillian was old enough to enjoy any kind of TV, she would pick one show and OBSESS over it. For example, around the age of one, she started liking The Wiggles. Well, for almost a year, that is the ONLY show she wanted to watch! I think that might be the closest I ever came to wanting to just end it all...I mean, one year of The Wiggles is definitely cruel and unusual punishment. Then, around 2, she found Barney...her first love. Barney, Barney, Barney...still JUST as annoying as The Wiggles...but at least Barney teaches about colors, numbers, sharing, etc....and not just about fruit salad! happened. She found Mickey Mouse!!! This show is actually VERY tolerable and the hot dog dance song at the end actually has a nice ring to it. So, that is where we stand today...Mickey Mouse is part of our family. You might remember the funny story of Jillian and Mickey Mouse here. So, ever since then...we call him Mushca Mouse. (Even my parents and the Dale family!!!)

Well, Jillian's grandmother, CC and Great Aunt Lynn have jumped on the Mushca Mouse bandwagon right along with us. They have both sent a couple of care packages to the girls and there is ALWAYS some Mushca Mouse souvenirs for Jilly!!!

Here is Jillian opening up her stuff from CC...a new Mushca Mouse t-shirt and panties...hopefully the panties will SOON be used as more than just a diaper cover or "shote shotes" (short shorts) Jillian would say.

REALLY excited about the panties...just not excited enough to potty train.

Here she is showing off this nice ensemble!!! Always has to have the high heels on too.


Sweet sisters modeling their new stuff from CC...Jules' shirt says "Yes, I know I'm Cute"

This is NOT false advertising...she is cute!

Here is Jillian THROWING herself on the floor when I was trying to take a picture of the Mushca Mouse shirt from Great Aunt Lynn.

And here she is after I promised her a piece of candy if she would smile for the picture. Don't judge me!

Showing off her tattoo from CC...what kind of trash would have a tattoo??? HA! HA! Yes, I know MOM...I will pay for my raising!

Isn't it nice?

Such cute W.T.!!!!
Jillian CANNOT share Jules' toy with Jules! She always tries to get into it with her!
Look at these feet! Too cute! Jules is definitely working those rolly thighs!

Sweet girls!
Aunt Lynn also sent a purple Daisy Duck dress...and next week at school, Jillian is having purple day. Stay tunedfor lots of pictures of that!

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Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Found your link on Footballs and Crowns and stopped by...your kids are SO adorable!

And I kid you not, I have a picture of my younger brother and I cuddled in a leather chair, in the same pose as your kids, at about the same age! Too wierd!

Oh, and I LOVE the way you have your blog set up!

Rachel said...

Too cute pictures!! I love the panties, shirt and heels ensemble!! Jillian is hilarious with the fit throwing! We are fond of Mickey too...Owen was pointing at the screen looking at her shirt yelling "KICKEY" the whole time!! I actually like the show and everyone in our family LOVES the hot dog dance!!

The Wiggles are scary to me, I don't know why kids like them...Some of the guys even have a gut belly....why would they not at least be in shape??!! And why do they do that thing with their hands and say "beautyyyy mate" - WEIRDOS!! Don't get me started on the Doodlebops!!! =)

Marty Rhea Hill said...

Thanks for all the cute pics. Too cute.

Carolyn said...

1) Shote shotes...LOVE IT. I can hear her saying that.
2) Jules is getting so big and that makes me sad...but those baby thighs of hers make me VERY happy!
3) underwear, a t-shirt and high heels? Jilly sounds like Aunt Carol!!!
4) That last picutre is being set to my work desktop right new favorite!


Carolyn said...

and BTW I don't know how you survived the Wiggles era....oh wait, yes I do....WINE.

lauren said...

Have you watched Backyardigans?? That is my new favorite and I actually look forward to watching it every day! It took me a couple of weeks to get it, but it has great music and it's funny. I also don't mind Little Einsteins. James gets on kicks, too. The worst ever was Thomas the Train, which I stopped DVRing because he would get scared too often from the mean train faces.

Kimberly said...

Jillian never ceases to make me smile! She is a hoot!
Hey, I am with you on not being able to tolerate the Wiggles! I won't allow any new DVDs in our house of them and am hoping to phase them out of her system.