Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Girls Night In

Back in August, Daddy and Papaw were involved in their Fantasy Football draft and so Mimi came over to keep us girls company. EVERY TIME she comes over, Jillian always wants Mimi to come back to her room and read books. Here is where I found ALL of them that night...

Three girls just reading some books

I think I have been detected. This girl could hear a camera from a mile away!

All three girls...SO CUTE!

Mimi and Jules

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Mittig family said...

What cute pictures! I love all Jules' bows!
Did y'all do the EZ Pickems this week?

Carolyn said...

Awe, I love Mimi too!! Jilly is so proud of her big girl room and Jules looks oo cute in that huge bow!
Miss you!

Mindy said...

What a good MIMI! And that last picture is so so cute. Jules looks so tiny to me. hey when is your bday? :) I cant remember the exact day but I know it is coming.

Rachel said...

Mimi is great!!! I had to double take on the first pictures, Jules looks like an actual doll!!!