Saturday, June 30, 2012

Seth turns 32!

Seth and his Little Women having his favorite birthday dessert...strawberry shortcake!

Seth is easy to please.  He wanted to watch Rangers with me, eat steak, and have a few drinks!  DONE!  We had a great time at home since both my sitters, my parents, and my sister were out of town!  I couldn't find anyone to keep the kids.  

June Randomness

Here are some random pictures of things that were going on in June!  We have been so busy for the entire month, that I have hardly had time to think!  We have had Kourtney's wedding shower, dance pictures, dance recital, our anniversary, trip to the Bahamas, Jillian's birthday, Seth's birthday, and VBS at church.  It has been crazy and fun!

My Julsie Bear

Jillian in her new "workout" pants

The girls having a portable dinner since our kitchen table was turned into a fort

Seth and I celebrated 9 years of marriage!  

CRAZY cousins!
We have spent a lot of time with these girls.  

One night we had a storm, and this was the biggest and brightest rainbow I have ever seen!  
Of course the picture doesn't do it justice!

Practicing for flower girl duties!!!!

Friday, June 29, 2012


We just finished our week at VBS.  The girls had a great time learning, and I had a great time serving snacks!  This year I was not on committee, and I LOVED IT!  Ha!   

Jules and her BFF Presley

Friday, June 15, 2012

Someone is Walking!!!!

FINALLY Miss P has decided to walk.  
At 16 months, she finally felt ready! 
Just in time too...we are leaving for the Bahamas tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jillian gets a hair cut!



I just LOVE it!  She looks adorable and older!

She's ready for kindergarten!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Just Dance!

The girls have been taking dance classes all year long.  They both have loved taking dance and were so excited for the recital!  This recital was kind of a big deal.  We were doing make up, curling hair, etc all week for rehearsals and the big show.  Jillian had 3 costume changes, and Jules had 2.  You can imagine the hot mess I was running back stage after each of their performances to get them changed into their next costume.  I was BEAT after it was all said and done! HA.  Here are A LOT of pictures of the girls!

Cousin Ansley was also in the dance recital!

Jillian's ballet performance
(Jillian is front left)

Here is Jules hanging out backstage with her SWEETIE, Hudson

For the record, I DO NOT like Jules in makeup!

Jillian's jazz outfit.  This was my FAVORITE costume!

Jules' ballet costume

Getting trophies

Jillian's tap costume

Jules' tap costume

Here are a bunch of pictures that one of the mom's in Jules' class took of the girls.