Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jillian's Belated Birthday Party

This year for Jillian's birthday, we decided to have a different kind of party.  Jillian always has swimming parties with all of her friends from school.  But, since we are between schools this summer, we just decided to have a couple of her favorite friends and cousins over for a pampering/pajama/pizza/sleepover party.  Jillian picked her friends Presley and Emerson to come...and of course cousins Macy and Ansley had to come to!  I think the girls had such a fun night and Jillian LOVED her birthday party! 

We drove and picked up everyone to ride to the nail salon.

All the girls ready for a pedicure!

the birthday girl

we took up a big part of the nail salon


all the girls

the finished product

drying those toes

opening presents from the cousins

opening from Presley

from Mommy and Daddy

pizza party

birthday cake

everyone picked a different color

big 6 year old

everyone in their slippers and flip flops

movie treats

white trash media room

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The 4th

On the Fourth of July, we had our usual family day: swimming, eating, and fire works.  We also celebrated Seth and Layton's birthdays.  It was a really great day!  It is always our favorite holiday to just spend with the family outside by the pool.  

Monday, July 2, 2012

Bahamas 2012

We spent 8 days in June enjoying a wonderful trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas.  This was the first family vacation where we all flew together and left the country.  It was quite an experience flying with passports with all these kids...but totally worth it.  We all had so much fun being together for the week, and I have about a million pictures to prove it!  We also just happened to be on our trip during father's day, Summer & Layton's anniversary, and Jillian's 6th birthday!  So, we had a lot to celebrate.  

the girls in the airport

on the plane

Our little NON traveler.  We did just about everything to keep this baby occupied on the plane...including happy meals and tootsie roll pops!

Atlantis had THE most amazing aquarium!  It was so huge and full of so many awesome fish!

We stayed in the Cove

night view

the whole fan

This bench was right by the elevators on our floor.  The girls raced down here EVERY SINGLE TIME and would model on this bench when we all turned the corner.

Father's Day!!!
These girls are lucky to have this daddy

Summer and I had to sneak in a picture since we are usually behind the camera.  

2 guys that are TOTALLY secure in their manhood!

The best attempt at a family picture

Can you spot the dancers?

Mom and Summer having too much fun on the lazy river

LOVE this picture of my dad!  I think he was having more fun than the kids!

Another elevator shot!


cutest beach bum

These two had a great time together all week long

They LOVE their Papaw

My parents

Jillian getting her hair braided

Jules getting a braid in her hair

These two LOVE each other

The girls loved playing in these shaded lay out chairs!

Each day Mimi or Seth would walk P around in the stroller to get her to sleep.  AND SHE WOULD GO!  This baby doesn't sleep in public, so this worked out so nice for us each day!

sun-kissed sweethearts

following their daddy's lead

just chillin

Jillian LOVES her cousin Ansley...and wants to be just like her!

Papaw on baby nap duty

Seth and I got to go out on a date with out kids one night!  

Jillian's birthday fell on our last day of vacation.  She woke up that morning to her first gift...a pair of earring she has been wanting!

The birthday girl and her FAVORITE baby!


I can't believe she is 6!

My baby girl and me!

Seth in his element...on the beach surrounded by beautiful women!


This is one of my favorite views from the whole week

If you look really close, you can see Jules pouting!  She does this A LOT!

P also loves her Aunt Sum and Uncle Layton

Sweet P waking up from a stroller nap

Here is the birthday girl before her birthday dinner opening her present from us.

She got a special bracelet

J's cousins decorated our door!

Mimi never disappoints!  She brought Jillian's birthday clothes all the way to the Bahamas!

And possible the best gift ever...according to Jillian

Birthday dinner at the poop deck!


Even the sweet lady who cleaned our rooms sang Jillian a birthday song

Daddy bringing Jillian's $30 piece of birthday cake.
Did I mention that Atlantis is EXPENSIVE?

But...shes worth every penny

Time to go home!  SAD!

We even caught Mimi doing the elevator bench pose once!!!

I see 5 exhausted girls on the way to the airport.  I'll give you one guess who ISN'T sleeping at this point!  Crazy P!