Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Patterson Version of The Griswald Family Christmas

Yesterday I went and had lunch with my mom and was gone all morning. When I came home, I went back to Jillian's room to get her ready for her nap. While I was in there, I heard a noise outside and ignored it. Then I heard it again, so we went to the guest room and looked out onto the front porch. Out on my porch were two workers that appeared to be putting up Christmas lights. Well, Seth and I didn't order any Christmas lights this year...we thought we would hold off on that untill our kids are actually asking to have that done! So, I go outside to correct their mistake, and my ENTIRE house is decorated. There are lights outlining the entire roof, the flower beds, and the sidewalk leading down to the street. There is also a HUGE lighted garland hanging around my doorway and a wreath hanging up on the tallest part of our house. I must say, it looked beautiful! But again...we never ordered this service. Neither of these guys spoke very good English, but I tried my best to explain that this was all wrong. I then asked them how much it would cost...just to see if it would be worth just paying for it...I mean, it did look good! The guy tells me $600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT???? Are they kidding, who pays that? I mean, it was really couldn't see any cords, it is all put to one timer, etc. But still? So, I told him that I couldn't do that. After a while, I look out the window, and I see the guys sitting outside devastated that they have worked for hours on my house...the wrong house, and I decide to make them an offer. I go outside and make a really low offer...and they take it! They did take down the wreath and the garland to use on the correct house...which turns out to be just across the street...oops! Anyway, I got a really great deal on my house getting decorated...and I keep the lights after they come and take them down in January! YEAH!!!! So, here is the picture of our house so beautifully decorated for Christmas!

This pictures is obviously not great and does not do it justice looks like no big deal. But in real life, it actually looks REALLY great!

Here is Jillian's reaction to the lights that she is seeing for the first time. She LOVES lights when we drive around...and really liked to see them up close and personal!

(BTW...we were just retuning from having Christmas pictures made...I don't just have her all dolled up for a party everyday or anything!)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a really nice and uneventful Thanksgiving weekend. The best part about it was having Seth here for four whole days to play with me and Jillian. On Thursday, we had Thanksgiving lunch over at my parent's house. I totally forgot to take ANY pictures of everyone there...I suck! Of course, I did get some of Jillian...but what was I thinking? Anyway, after lunch, we all watched the Cowboys win AGAIN and watched Jillian be her wild self. She did get some quality time in with Mimi on the piano...see picture below!
On Friday, we went on a nice FREEZING walk at our favorite park. Seth and I had no idea it was only 38 degrees until we got there...but luckily I had bundled J up and had a blanket in my car. Jillian was totally freaked out about Seth in his stocking cap, and she would not smile or move the entire 45 minute walk! This is the most still she has been since the womb!
Friday afternoon/evening/night we watched ANOTHER Arkansas football game marathon as the Hogs went into three overtimes to beat LSU! YEAH...go Hogs. I haven't seen Seth on such an emotional roller coaster since college when the Razorbacks did this to us several other times! Jillian almost starved to death as her dinner kept getting pushed off later and later! She was not very understanding even though her Daddy has taught her to call the Hogs. A 17 month old will only be happy about calling the Hogs so many times before she is ready to move on.
The rest of the weekend we just spent as a family trying to stay entertained and out of the cold rain. We really enjoyed our time together and I always get sad when these long weekends are over and Seth has to go back to work!
Here are just a few random pictures of our weekend. I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving with their families.

Jillian on Thanksgiving Day

Eating her Thanksgiving Feast

Running and acting CRAZY outside with cousin Ansley

Calling the Hogs with Daddy

Playing a Duet with Mimi

My Bundled Baby

Jilly and Mommy

I just love her pink nose in this one

This is One Happy Hog Fan...This is also how Seth spent the entire game...on the phone with about ten different people talking about how McFadden is the greatest football player of all time...or something like that.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jillian and Emerson Play Mommy

Go check out Summer's blog for some cute pictures of Jillian and her cousin Emerson. Jillian is absolutely obsessed with all things baby...including strollers! Here are the girls playing mommy with their babies and the strollers. You can see in both pictures that Jillian is taking advantage of her four extra months of life over Emerson...and is totally hogging both strollers! We are working on sharing...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jillian and the Pink Tree

The Tree

Jillian's Mimi like to buy all of the granddaughters a pink Christmas tree for their rooms. (Rumor has it that she has already bought a pink and a white tree for our new baby...we just have to find out if it is a boy or girl...) Jillian got her pink tree last year, but at six months old...she didn't really care. This year, however, is a different story. I put up Jillian's tree about 2 weeks ago...AND SHE LOVES IT!!! She gets so excited each time we plug in the lights...almost like she is seeing it for the first time! She has several ornaments from Mimi and a couple that I have bought her...but as you can imagine...they do not stay on the tree for long. Jillian's friend Adalie also has a pink tree, but she must do a much better job of leaving hers decorated...her mommy put a lot more things on her tree!!! Anyway, here are some pictures of Jillian and her first Christmas with her favorite pink Christmas Tree!

I had to post this because it is the first picture she has let me get of her face in a long time...and of course it is blurry! So sad!

Jillian kissing her tree...

And hugging her tree

This is Jillian starting her daily routine of de-ornamenting her tree
Here she is playing with a couple of the ornaments that she has pulled off of the tree

This is Jillian right in the middle of the temper tantrum she threw when I told her she couldn't rip all of the ornaments off of the tree. This would be the only other picture I got of her sweet face! Isn't it a good one?

Monday, November 19, 2007

We Love Grandma CC and Tony Romo!

Of all of the many things that there are to do around the metroplex, going to see the Dallas Cowboys play is one of my favorite things! I LOVE football, and the fact that the Cowboys are doing so great this year makes it even better! So, Seth bought me some Cowboy tickets for the game yesterday against Washington. We have been looking forward to going for a while now...I mean, what is better than Cowboys football, hotdogs, popcorn, a cold beer(for those that aren't 4 1/2 months pregnant), and a fun crowd!
We knew that we were going to be gone all day on Sunday, so Grandma CC drove all the way from NW Arkansas to keep Jillian for us so that we could enjoy the game!!! We had such a nice time with her here. She got in Saturday evening and cooked us dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, and took care of all three of us! Then on Saturday she took care of Jillian all day. They played upstairs with the toys, downstairs with the toys, listened to music, played outside, had some snacks, went on a walk, etc., etc.! I know that Jillian had so much fun playing with her grandma and getting totally spoiled all day long! Jilly even said CC a couple of times...and that is big business around here. We just want grandma CC to know how much we appreciate her coming all the way down here and then working hard all while she was here! We love you CC!!!!
Two girls having some fun together!!!

Jillian and CC playing with some new stacking toys

Jillian keeping her snack away from Tyson

Grandma CC and Jilly hanging out together

I have become a big Tony Romo fan this in order to look like a true fan at the game, Seth got me a Tony Romo jersey. Now, I am not much of a Jersey girl...but I thought it was cute and I had to be in the spirit of my boy Tony at the game!!! My brother in law, Layton, thinks wearing this jersey makes me a bit WT...but I don't care! EVERYONE at the game had one there! I am cool.

Seth and I in front of Texas Stadium

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Road Trip and Papaw's Surgery

Last week my grandfather had knee replacement surgery and Jillian and I decided to go to Louisiana and visit and be there for the surgery. This was my first time to go out of town in the car without Seth. This may sound like no big deal...but Jillian really hates the car and won't sleep in the car...and I knew it would NOT be fun and hard to keep her entertained. So, Kourtney rode with us and we followed my parents. Besides the car ride being NO FUN AT ALL, we had a really good time visiting with my grandparents and other family members...and we were so glad we got to be there for Papaw during his surgery. The three day trip turned out to be very eventful with losing keys, Kourtney getting sick, and Jillian waking up in the middle of the night to throw up! We still had a good time and I would say that our first trip without Daddy was a success!

Jillian and Great Papaw before his surgery

Jillian and Great Memaw
Mimi, Jillian, and Papaw
Jillian trying to entertain herself during the surgery
This tired baby is begging for a nap!
Still trying to find something to do!
Jillian's favorite part of being at Papaw and Memaw's house was playing with all of the pictures that are everywhere there! She would pick up the frames and carry them all around the house and talk to them. Her favorite was Mine and Seth's Christmas Card picture from the first year we got married! She LOVED the picture and kept going back to funny!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Aunt K

Today is Kourtney's birthday and what did she do on that day? She went with me and Jillian to my doctor's appointment! What fun...not! She also brought Jillian a slush from Sonic! What a good Aunt!!! We love you Kourtney!!!

Happy Birthday Kourtney!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

When Spaghetti Happens to Good People

Dirty kids freak me out...and I always said that I wouldn't let my kid be one of those! But what do you do? I can't feed her until she goes to college! So, here you have it...When Spaghetti attacks! This was all right before a NICE, LONG, HOT bath! You should have see me carrying her to the bath...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Birthday to Macy!

Today Macy is turning 4 years old! I definitely remember the day she was born, as we were all scared of what was to come with Macy. Here she is four years later and the most energetic, crazy, and fun child that I know! Macy also had her birthday party this past weekend. It was a Tutu party and all the little girls dressed up in tutus! Jillian and Macy have a very special relationship because they love each other like sisters. With that, I mean that they love each other when they first see each other, but then they usually fight, scream, steal toys, push, etc. etc.! It does always end in a kiss! My family always gets a good laugh out of watching these two interact! They do love each other and we know they will grow up to be great friends one day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACY!!!!! We love you!

Jillian and Macy ready in all their pink and tutu business

Jillian ready to party...again!

Jillian playing in the bounce house with Daddy
For some reason, we didn't get very many pictures of Macy's party, but I included this one below because it is one of my all time favorites! Jillian is about one week old here and she was asleep in my room. We found Macy in there peeking over the edge and staring at the baby! It was so sweet!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Birthday to Ansley!!!

The Birthday Girl

Today is Ansley's 6th birthday and I just cannot believe that she is already so old!!! I remember the day she was born and here she is this big kindergartner!!! Jillian loves her cousin Ansley so much and thinks that she is SOOOOO cool!! Ansley had her birthday party this past weekend...a pajama party! There were about ten other six year old girls there...and WOW, are they loud!!! Ansley had a great time at her party...and so did Jillian...she was right there in the middle of all the big girls! WE LOVE YOU ANSLEY!!! Happy Birthday!

Jillian and Ansley ready to celebrate!!

Here is Jillian all dressed and ready for the big PJ party!

Here is Ansley so modestly letting everyone sing Happy Birthday to her!

Jillian spent most of the party outside on the slide with Daddy!


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween With My Sweet Devil

Warning...this post has a lot of pictures!!!!

I just want to start out by saying that Jillian dressed up like a devil for Halloween this year. But I am calling her costume a sweet devil...because that is the intent of it...nothing ugly and devilish! I just thought it fit her personality because she is so spunky and fun! Also, my mom dressed me as a devil when I was a kid...and I thought it would be Jillian was a sweet devil for Halloween!
Last night was Jillian's first time to go trick or treating and actually get something out of it! Mimi, Papaw, and Aunt K came over to go out with us. The five of us and the sweet devil all headed out on a mission. Jillian was a little timid at first, but after that first house when she realized that she was going to get more candy to fill up her pumpkin...she was ready to get down to business. We headed down the street and hit up a lot of our neighbors. Well, by about the tenth house, Jillian had been sampling candy all night (THANKS TO AUNT K!!!!), and she threw up all over Daddy! Yeah! Right about this time, the Dales showed up for some pictures. Needless to say, Jillian had about had enough of the fun and was ready to head home. So after a small fit (right...) we headed home to check out the candy collection.

The front of the sweet devil

The back of the sweet devil

Jillian and Mommy

Practicing trick or treating from Aunt K

Here she to her first house

Hey this Halloween thing sure is a good idea!

Girl on a mission

Checking out some decorations...she would not let go of this sucker!

Sampling some of the goods

Trick or Treat..she really TRIED to say it...we have been working on it

Jillian and her friend Luke...who was a puppy, but Jillian kept Mooing when she saw him

Mimi, Jillian, and Papaw

Emerson, Mimi, Jillian, Papaw
Ansley, Macy

Stealing pumpkins off Aunt Summer's porch...or smashing pumpkins...can't tell which

Time to go is past this sweet devil's bedtime!

J checking out her stash

Jillian helping Daddy give candy to Trick or Treaters

Jillian sharing her sucker with Tyson