Monday, November 19, 2007

We Love Grandma CC and Tony Romo!

Of all of the many things that there are to do around the metroplex, going to see the Dallas Cowboys play is one of my favorite things! I LOVE football, and the fact that the Cowboys are doing so great this year makes it even better! So, Seth bought me some Cowboy tickets for the game yesterday against Washington. We have been looking forward to going for a while now...I mean, what is better than Cowboys football, hotdogs, popcorn, a cold beer(for those that aren't 4 1/2 months pregnant), and a fun crowd!
We knew that we were going to be gone all day on Sunday, so Grandma CC drove all the way from NW Arkansas to keep Jillian for us so that we could enjoy the game!!! We had such a nice time with her here. She got in Saturday evening and cooked us dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, and took care of all three of us! Then on Saturday she took care of Jillian all day. They played upstairs with the toys, downstairs with the toys, listened to music, played outside, had some snacks, went on a walk, etc., etc.! I know that Jillian had so much fun playing with her grandma and getting totally spoiled all day long! Jilly even said CC a couple of times...and that is big business around here. We just want grandma CC to know how much we appreciate her coming all the way down here and then working hard all while she was here! We love you CC!!!!
Two girls having some fun together!!!

Jillian and CC playing with some new stacking toys

Jillian keeping her snack away from Tyson

Grandma CC and Jilly hanging out together

I have become a big Tony Romo fan this in order to look like a true fan at the game, Seth got me a Tony Romo jersey. Now, I am not much of a Jersey girl...but I thought it was cute and I had to be in the spirit of my boy Tony at the game!!! My brother in law, Layton, thinks wearing this jersey makes me a bit WT...but I don't care! EVERYONE at the game had one there! I am cool.

Seth and I in front of Texas Stadium


Carolyn said...

How fun! I'm so glad you guys got the day to yourselves...and Seth's mom looks great!!!
Love you!

Mittig family said...

LOVE the jersey...and LOVE Tony Romo! How can you not??? So jealous that you got to go to the game-what a great one to pick! We actually got jerseys this year too, and I've always kind of sided with your brother in law before Tony Romo came into the picture! GO COWBOYS!

Mindy said...

okay love the jersey yo! You are one cute pregnant woman in that thing! I have to agree that romo is doing quite well this year. I watched the game, but I dont think I saw you..wait maybe I i dont think so. Anyways-love you!

Brittney said... was me. I told my mom and dad that I was going to hold up a sign and say...TONY...I'm having your baby!!!

Elizabeth Byerly said...

I love Jillian's hair- So cute with the bows and little pigtails! Glad that you had a great weekend- its so nice to have someone come and spoil you!