Thursday, August 30, 2007

Here is Jillian and her cousin Emerson just hanging out with eachother...getting into trouble as usual! These two are only four months apart...and are going to be BEST FRIENDS if Summer and I have anything to do with it!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sweet Tooth

Jillian loves some ice cream!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Our First Family Vacation

On August 11th, we set out for our first family vacation since Jillian has entered our lives. We went to Destin, FL with my whole family...(parents, two sisters, brother-in-law, and three nieces)!!! It was a full house, but we all had so much fun together. We decided to fly with my parents and were nervous about Jillian on the plane. We bought a DVD player that seemed to work pretty well. J was pretty great on the flight...just still so busy...but we can't change that about her.
The rest of the trip went great. It took Jillian about 5 minutes to get used to the beach and then she loved every minute of it. She mostly liked climbing up and standing on the tanning chairs and being held out in the ocean. She also liked playing with her cousins in the sand

We had a great time as a family for 8 whole days...and Jillian was on her best behavior the entire week! It made for a really fun family vacation!
Jillian in her army brat bikini

Playing on the beach

Jillian and cousin Emerson

Jillian and her funky beach do

The whole family (minus Uncle Layton taking the picture)

Jillian's pink party bikini

Eating dinner with the cousins

Pretty profile shot (with unfortunate scratch on face!)

Jillian and mommy go for a walk on the beach

The family