Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Paisley is 3 Months

 Paisley turned three months old last week.  She has truly turned into the VERY best baby EVER!  She is happy, smiles all the time, rarely cries, and sleeps so good!  She started sleeping through the night about 2 weeks ago.  When I say sleeping through the night, I mean she is sleeping from around 8:30 pm to almost 7:00 am every night.  Now I am not trying to brag about her by any means, because I have had NON-good babies in the past!  I have paid my dues!  But my #3 surely is a good girl!
She is a really good eater and eats a lot throughout the day.  With Jillian, I did Baby Wise, and I was so strict about her eating every three hours.  I was a little more easy going with Jules.  And with Paisley, I am just really trying to do what makes her happy.  I don't just shove a bottle into her mouth every time she cries, but I am also not trying to be a drill sargeant!  She eats smaller amounts more often in the day...and I think that routine is working great for us.  When we went in for her 2 month appt, she weighed 9 pounds and 10 ounces, so I imagine that she is up to maybe almost eleven pounds by now. 
 Paisley is also really enjoying some of her toys now.  She LOVES to lay under this one floor toy with all these hanging toys and a mirror.  She loves the mirror the most and just stares at herself.  Who can blame her...she is so cute! I just want to stare at her too! She also has this one baby doll that she gets so excited to see evertime I pull it out.  A few weeks ago, she would try so hard to move her arms to touch it, but couldn't quite get her arms to do what she wanted.  I noticed in church on Sunday though, that she was able to touch the doll...so I guess her motor skills (or whatever they are) are starting to mature!
And finally, she has started to loose her hair.  I thought she might loose it all over night like Jillian did.  So far, however, it just seems to be thinning out the dark stuff, and there is a lot of blonde underneath.  So, my girl is going to be a blondie like the rest of us.  I knew she would, but I certainly have enjoyed her pretty dark hair while it lasted!

Paisley at 3 months

For comparison:

 Jillian at 3 months

Jules at 3 months

The Last Day of School

The last day of school was so bittersweet for me this year.  I am so excited to have the girls home and to not have to be anywhere every single morning.  I love the no-schedule part of the summer.  I love to just go take the girls swimming every day or the library or to lunch.  I am so happy about that!  But, knowing that Jillian was forever done with preschool really made that day sad for me.  The girls had a blast though...as usual.  They love school.  They love their teachers and their friends and I know they will miss them this summer.  Here are the girls on the last day wearing their butterfly dresses to honor their school!

 Jillian and her teacher Ms. Beth

Jules with Ms. Holly and Ms. Nancy

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Splash Day

The last week of school, Jillian's class had splash day.  J was so excited to wear a new bathing suit and get to play in the water with all of her friends.  The night before, she laid out her suit, cover up, and flip flops that she planned to wear.  Even her towel had to be picked out to match everything!  This girl is QUITE the fashionista people.  The weather again worked out great and the kids were really able to spend their last day together having a blast!  I wore P again in my Bjorn and thankfully Summer kept Jules for me so that I could try and help in some way. 

Ready to party

Pizza Party

Precious Class

And shes off...her and her two girl friends (and everyone else for that matter) ran from one thing to the other for the first ten minutes non-stop.  I don't think they even stopped to enjoy what they were doing!

waiting to slip and slide

little chilly!!!
(and it looks like we are loosing our top)
Here is Jillian in the pink pool.  There were 2 blue pools, 2 green pools, and a pink pool.  I watched Jillian the whole time knowing exactly what she was doing.  She never even touched the other pools...only the pink one.  Her friends would, but she always ended up here.  She never even said it out loud to me, but she didn't have to.  That is how Jillian rolls.

Good buddies!  Wish I had tightedned the suit a little earlier...oops!

they drew in shaving cream

LOTS of shaving cream

they washed cars

and of course got tattoos!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Field Trip to Central Park

The week before school got out, Jillian's class had a field trip to a local park.  My girls were really trying to understand the concept of a field trip...and I kept trying to explain it in a way that they would understand.  Jules finally said on our way there..."Are we at the field trip yet?"  All the kids had the greatest time and we were lucky to have the best overcast weather with no rain and no hot sun!  This worked out good for me since I had to wear Baby P and chase Jules all around.  Here is Jilly and her sweet friends.


I don't know what these two will do without eachother next year.  They have been inseparable for two years now!

silly girl!  She was DYING to wear this outfit because her American Girl has a matching one. 

Jules and her buddy Avery



This is Mr. Wilson...he works up at our school doing all sorts of stuff.  His son is in Jillian's class and they are good buddies.  Well, Jules LOVES Mr. Wilson!  She has to wave and talk to him every morning before school!  So funny!  She is shy with her own teachers, but will talk to Wilson anytime!

hanging out

Me and P...being such a good girl


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Texas Day At School

A couple of weeks ago, Jillian's class had Texas day at school.  They were supposed to dress up in all Cowboy stuff and then they were learning all about Texas that day!  It was really cute and the kids looked adorable.  I wish I had taken a picture of her whole class.  
So, you all see from pictures on my blog how Jillian likes to dress every day...in all pink and always dresses.  Cowboy attire is not something that we have plenty of in our house.  I was really scrambling for something for her to wear.  Luckily, Summer had some boots for her girls for occasions just like this.  Jillian's hat is my lay out hat that I got at Sam Moon!  It worked though and I think my little Texas girl turned out looking adorable! 


And of course here is Jules...feeling a little left our of the pictures

Saturday, May 14, 2011

End of The Year Program and Pre-K Graduation

 Last week at school, was our End of The Year Program and also the graduation for the Pre-K kids.  Both girls did so good in their program and participated in every song and dance move!  Jules is so shy at school, so I was shocked that she was so into it!  She was the cutest little ladybug in the 2's class.  Jillian's class sang some really cute songs too and Jillian looked like she was having a ball with all of her friends.  I just adore our preschool so much and love that the girls go to such a great school with such wonderful people. 

So, after the program was the graduation for all the pre-k kids who will be leaving preschool.  This means that my big girl Jillian has graduated and is now ready to move on to Kindegarten.  I have such mixed emotions about her heading into school.  She is really smart and will do so good there, but I am really sad about her being gone 5 days a week!  I know she will enjoy it so much, but I am REALLY going to miss her.  I know every parent struggles when their first goes off to school, so hopefully I am not a freak!  I really could tear up at any moment when I think of her heading into that Elementary School on the first day.  I plan to wear sunglasses that whole morning...HA!  But...more on that later. 

Here are some pictures from the program.  My Canon Rebel is acting up, so the only camera I have right now is my tiny canon powershot...and it just isn't great.  All my pictures are pretty blurry, and that makes me REAL sad.  Hopefully I will be getting a new camera VERY soon! 

 My big ALMOST 5 year old

 My big 3 year old

 Jillian getting her diploma from the WONDERFUL Ms. Beth