Friday, July 29, 2011

Seth and I

The blog tends to lean towards the girls all the time, so I thought I would give Seth and I a little shout out for a change! We are still a couple and a part of this family just as much as these kids! :)  HA HA HA!  It isn't just about the girls!
Here we are on a rare night out! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Movie Day!

It has been so ridiculously hot around here lately.  I feel like I keep talking about that, but I can't help it!  We are miserable!  I just don't remember it always being this hot in Texas, and I have been here since the 2nd grade!  It is even too hot now to go to the pool because Paisley just can't hang there for long. 

So, we have started to have some movie days.  Me and the girls are enjoying them very much so too! We close all the shutters and turn off the lights.  We curl up in the dark cold living room under some blankets and eat popcorn, candy, and drink cokes while we watch our movies!  I have even been getting real movies and not Disney I can enjoy them too!  Our latest favorite is The Parent Trap...the newer one with Lindsay Lohan.  (Side note: she was a great little actress with a promising future.  What a shame the way she turned out!)  Anyway, I suggest this kind of day for anyone that is just plain BURNED OUT!!!! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby P

I know I have said it before, but we are just in love with Paisley around here.  She is truly so very happy all the time.  Her only need besides food and clean diapers, is just someone to look and talk to her.  She then just smiles back and now is giggling so hard!  We are really all smitten over her and we cherish every second of this sweet baby.  Here are some things P is up to lately.

She LOVES her big sisters and watches them all the time

she plays with her toys on the ground

I am so into the leg warmers all of a sudden!  I have found that the ones from Target really stay on the smaller babies MUCH better than BabyLeggs!

Isn't that a cute booty and legs???

This right here is what I call a miracle! Neither of my other girls just feel asleep anywhere except their beds.  I always have heard of babies falling asleep in high chairs and in their toys!  Well, Paisley just played on this thing until she fell asleep!  


Tummy Time!

This is currently my VERY favorite picture of Paisley!  She doesn't even have a bow on and I don't even care!  I just love her smile and face here!


Paisley is finally big enough to play in her new exersaucer!

And she LOVES it!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Maverick Sleeps Over

My sister Summer and her family just recently adopted the MOST precious puppy in the world.  He is a 2 pound Maltese named Maverick (after your 2011 NBA champs), and he is just the most adorable plaything ever!  I NEVER in a million years thought the Dale family would hop on board with a pet, but I am so glad that they did!  I finally have a nephew! I thought I would never get one!  :)

Anyway, a couple of weekends ago, the Dales had to go out of town, so we puppy sat! Tyson finally got to have a sleepover of his own!  Tyson and Maverick were hilarious together.  They ran around playing so hard at first together.  Then Tyson, the ole man tired out pretty quickly, and Maverick just never gave up!  We really enjoyed watching these two interact all weekend long.  

You might be wondering if being around this little pup makes me want one! Well, the answer is no.  It is the same way Summer feels about Paisley.  She adores Paisley and thinks she is the best baby in the world.  But, Summer doesn't want a baby.  That is how I feel.  I loved Mav, but I do not want a puppy!  I think having a puppy and a baby at the same time would be impossible.  I spent the whole time making sure Tyson stayed off of Mav, and Mav stayed off of Paisley!  It was crazy around here!  We sure did enjoy our couple of days with that cutie and we love it when he comes back to visit!

Tyson meeting Mav for the first time.  Mav just rolled over and let Tyson sniff and get to know him!

Mav found this little pink paci as soon as he walked in the door.  I just couldn't take it from him, so we let him play with it and take it home as a souvenir.  I am sure Uncle Layton isn't happy that I gave his only son a pink paci to play with! 

Mav LOVES Paisley

Mav hanging out in his cute carrier

Paisley unaware of what is right behind her...

Mav wanted to lay by Tyson whenever he was tired!

BEST Buddies forever!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Playdate With Ms. Cheryl

A few weeks ago, my good friend and the girl's preschool teacher, Ms. Cheryl had us over to her house for a swimming day and lunch!  In true "Ms. Cheryl" fashion, she had prepared an adorable lunch for the girls and had set up centers in her back yard!  There was a bubble center, a house center, a trampoline center, and of course...the swimming area!  She even set up her granddaughter's swing and pack and play for Paisley to use!  The girls also had a great time playing at Ms. Cheryl's house with her daughter Emily!  Here are some fun pictures of our swimming date!

Paisley borrowing the baby swing

If you know Cheryl at all, then you know that even her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are cut into cute shapes!  That is just how she rolls.

Jules having her lunch

Jillian enjoying her lunch

Paisley just hanging out in the pack and play with the mosquito net in the shade!  

She loved it!!!

Ms. Cheryl, Emily and the girls

the bubble center

the house center

AND she is sleeping!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

She Must Be Butter...

...cause she's on a roll!!!!

(EXTREMELY cheese quote courtesy of Harding University Basketball Announcers!)

Back on July 9th, Miss Paisley decided to finally roll from her tummy to her back.
No sign yet of back to tummy, but she is rolling from side to side all the time.
I imagine that it won't be long!  
Luckily, I saw her rocking, and I was able to catch her in motion!

Thinking about it...

...praying for strength...

...getting her lean on...

...she's going...


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

4th of July

I know this is WAY overdue...but I gotta get it on my blog!  We had a great time over the 4th of July weekend.  The 4th is our favorite holiday around here because Seth and I (and now our girls too) love being outside in the pool and we LOVE a good cookout!  We started off the weekend celebrating Seth's birthday with a banana pudding (his choice) and a hamburger cookout.  We swam all weekend long in this Texas 100+ weather!  On the 4th, Seth did ribs for the whole family and we spent the day with good music, drinks, food, pool tricks, and lots of fun!  We ended the night with some fireworks, which we had to wake up the girls in order for them to see it!  Jules even BEGGED to go to bed after seeing about 2 go off!  We had a great weekend celebrating our wonderful country.  I am now ready for summer to start winding down!  3 weeks of 100 degrees makes me want to move!!!!  We can't take it anymore!!!!  :)

Seth and his baby girl!

I made this banana pudding for Seth for his birthday because that was his birthday dessert of choice.  
It was VERY yummy!

Mimi trying P out in the baby toy.  She didn't LOVE it...yet!

What a sight!  I love having our family (Minus Aunt KK) all together in the pool!  We just have the very best time together!  We are so blessed with all of these fun girls that make every holiday so very special!

Daddy and Paisley

Seth and Layton and the girls

Here are my All-American girls before church that Sunday!

Girls ready to swim on the 4th!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of my Dad with the girls!  
He is such a great Papaw and they love him so much!

With Mimi and Papaw

swinging the day away

Pouty faces! I think we were trying to make Jules smile for a picture!

I adore her 3 year old body!

Jillian going off the board


Jules...our little fully swimming and jumping off the diving board with no life jacket!  
At just turning 3, this girl can swim and keep up with her sister and all her cousins!  She is our water baby!

Papaw and P

I think she wants to swim too!

Me and Seth looking like we've been at the pool all day!

Papaw making homemade peach ice cream!  My mom has the best recipe and Papaw does the freezing!  

Seth and Jules

Me and Summer
This isn't the best picture (um...pool hair!), but we SO rarely get in one together!

Yummy ice cream!

All Done!

Ms. Sweet Tooth and her dessert

Mimi and Ansley playing in the pool

The BFF's sharing a little treat

No 4th is complete without blue and red toenails!

And this is a picture of my girls at about 6:30 pm on the night of the 4th!  3 whole days swimming in this Texas heat can really take it out of a young girl.  But, we PROMISED to wake them for the fireworks.

Seth and I moved to a new house last summer right smack dab in the middle of our neighborhood!  We love our location, because we are in walking distance of all the major celebrations!  Well, this year, we were able to camp out right on our front lawn to watch the fireworks right over our heads!  It is so fun!  This is a view from our lawn chairs (complete with fan)...and that is our house to the left.

Jillian powering through the sleepiness.  Little sister...not so much!

She LOVES summer!

Both girls resting before

Seth and a very umimpressed Jules.  She went in immediately after this picture!!!