Friday, July 1, 2011

Seth Turns 31!

 Seth just turned 31 this week!  He does not want to talk about the fact that he is now IN his 30's, so I will not mention anything about that here!  :)  Us girls all went and got him McDonald's for breakfast.  It is VBS week, and I didn't have any time to make a homemade a sausage biscuit had to do!  
For his gift, we got him a bike.  I have been planning on this bike since right after Christmas.  Seth loves to take the girls each weekend riding on their bikes, and so I knew that he would love to join them!  He even has mentioned to me a few times that he was going to use his birthday money from my parents to get him a bike!  But, I had him beat!  I think he loved it!!!  Now he just has to use that birthday money to get a trailer to go behind the bike to haul all these girls around, and he will be set!  I just may have to ask for a bike myself this year! 

 The birthday boy and all of his ladies dining on McDonald's best

 The bike

 The girls were SOOOOO excited for daddy to walk through the door.

 walking through the door...

 he sees it...

 he likes what he sees!

 We surprised him!

He looks good!

Seth and I got to have a birthday date and we left all three for the first time with a babysitter...and not just my Mom or Summer!   They all did great and were asleep by 7:45!  Why is my babysitter better at raising my kids than me???  HA!  It was a fun night, and we will celebrate with family this weekend!

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