Thursday, July 28, 2011

Movie Day!

It has been so ridiculously hot around here lately.  I feel like I keep talking about that, but I can't help it!  We are miserable!  I just don't remember it always being this hot in Texas, and I have been here since the 2nd grade!  It is even too hot now to go to the pool because Paisley just can't hang there for long. 

So, we have started to have some movie days.  Me and the girls are enjoying them very much so too! We close all the shutters and turn off the lights.  We curl up in the dark cold living room under some blankets and eat popcorn, candy, and drink cokes while we watch our movies!  I have even been getting real movies and not Disney I can enjoy them too!  Our latest favorite is The Parent Trap...the newer one with Lindsay Lohan.  (Side note: she was a great little actress with a promising future.  What a shame the way she turned out!)  Anyway, I suggest this kind of day for anyone that is just plain BURNED OUT!!!! 

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