Friday, January 28, 2011

Jillian...The Poodle

 Last weekend, Jillian went to a poodle birthday party at her friend Madison's house.  Jillian was MOST excited because this was her first drop off party.  That meant, I didn't stay...and Jillian felt really cool about that.  She was also very excited because the theme of the party was poodles.  The girls were to dress in pink and bring a stuffed dog to the party.  Well, Jillian just happened to get a poodle shirt and purse from Mimi and Papaw for she was all set!  When I picked her up, she was all dressed up like a poodle herself.  Jillian had the greatest time at the party and I thought it was such a cute theme! 

 Jillian, the poodle.  She has a poodle face and ears

Our Snowman

 We FINALLY got a little snow here in Dallas a couple of weeks back.  I feel like we just aren't going to get a good snow this year since we got so much snow last year.  We tried to take advantage of our light sprinkling of snow and make the annual snowman...which really translates into Seth making the snowman while the girls and I cheer him on!  Here are the girls with their little friend.

 Daddy hard at work

 the girls assisting with the hard work

 making a face

 we were being very resourceful with our veggies that were already cut up in the fridge

 Jules, the snowman, and Jillian

This snowman had some staying power!  He lasted a good 6 days in our back yard...long after everything else had melted!

The Patterson's Come For a Visit

 Back in the beginning of January, Seth's parents, his uncle, and his grandmother came down to watch the Hogs play in the Sugar Bowl with us.  They also brought TONS of Christmas presents for the girls!  We had a great visit with them all while they were here and we were sad to see them go!  We had a great time visiting, eating, and laughing.  Here are just a couple of pictures from our visit.

 We took the Arkansas crowd over to Sooner territory at my Dad's house.  We all watched the game in his media room and had a GREAT time...up until that last couple of minutes of the game.  Still, it was so much fun getting to watch the game with lots of Arkansas fans!  

Great Uncle Alan, Uncle Layton, Papaw, Seth
Grandmother, Uncle Caleb, Jillian, and B-Pa

Not pictured but also cheering were Mimi, CC, Jules, and Me

 Jillian opening MORE Christmas presents

 Jules opening more Christmas presents

 We got B-Pa and CC a flip camera for Christmas and I LOVE LOVE LOVE CC's expression in this picture as she opens her gift!

 B-Pa, CC, and girls

 Grandmother and the girls

 Uncle Caleb and the girls

 Great Uncle Alan and the girls

 Uncle Alan was so great.  He just sat there and was able to open all of those pesky toys that are overly tied to the cardboard boxes that they come in! We could not have opened anything without him there!  :)

Grandmother reading a book to Jillian. 

The girls had such a great time with the Patterson/Bland family and were really sad to see them go! We are excited that they will be down very soon for the birth of the third baby!!!!

Happy New Year!!!

 Okay, so this title is ridiculous now that it is about February!  But, I have been so busy with every moment getting the baby's room ready, Jillian's new room together, Jillian moved to new bed, Jules moved to a big girl bed, potty training Jules, teaching pre-school etc., etc., etc...that I have just not made my blogging a priority.  I have to get caught up though since the baby will be here in less than 4 weeks! 

So...not that anyone really cares, but here are the girls on new years.  Seth and I set up a table and chairs in the living room, and we served them like they were in a restaurant.  They had a blast and we think we will do this for every holiday!  They felt so old and cool! 

 Jillian and Jules TOASTING to 2011

 dining on a fine meal of mini corn dogs and veggies and dip

 brownie sundaes for dessert


watching all the new years eve festivities