Sunday, February 24, 2008

Time To Go Private

Last night I was looking at my friend Amanda's blog and saw that she was going private. She had a very creepy man leave a comment on her blog and I was so bothered by this dude, that I could barely go to sleep last night. So, I decided to go private too. I really love that this blog has brought me in touch with old friends, but I just DO NOT like the idea of creepy people getting to look at pictures of my child...there are a lot of freaks out there. I was just looking at who was looking at my blog on my stats and a couple of things really bothered me there it is time that I go private.
I really like my old friends and new blog friends that I have come in contact with, so if you want to still view my blog, then either email me or leave me a comment with your email address. Even if you have not commented before, I still would love to invite you. I am a blog stalker I know how that goes. I just want to keep the freaks away!
So please email me this week or comment and let me know if you want to be invited!

Thanks so much and I really hope to keep in contact with everyone.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

All About Me...

I usually don't do these things, but my best friend Carolyn did it on her I thought I would do one just for fun! So here it is...all about me ABC's!

A-Attached or Single? Attached…Married almost 5 years

B-Best Friend(s): Seth…was my BF first, before he convinced me to date him (He will tell you differently, but I do not lie); My Mom and Sisters; my very best and longest friend Carolyn… since the 9th grade

C-Cake or Pie: CAKE for sure…I have had major cake cravings in this second pregnancy. I really LOVE carrot cake! (Hint Hint Carolyn…how many times do I have to ask???)

D-Drink of Choice: A nice glass of wine or a margarita from Anamia’s. I also love real coke.

E-Essential Item: Chapstick…Burt’s Beeswax

F-Favorite Color: Green and Red

G-Gummi Bears or Worms? Worms…the sour kind

H-Hometown: Dallas, TX

I-Indulgence: Vacations…Seth and I love to take a vacation every year together to the beach. I think we will always indulge in this tradition of ours…well, as long as the babies stop coming!

J-January or February: February…it is just that much closer to SPRING!!!

K-Kids: I have a daughter, Jillian that is 20 months. I am due with my second daughter, Jules in April. This is it for us…99% sure! Also, our only boy…Tyson the Pug is 3 ½…my biggest baby of all!

L-Life is incomplete without: My family…Seth, Jillian, Baby 2, and Tyson the Pug

M-Marriage Date: June 7, 2003

N-Number of Siblings: 2 sisters: Summer (30) and Kourtney (24)

O-Oranges or Apples? Oranges…I love to peel and eat an orange. They smell so good.

P-Phobias/Fears: Losing someone close to me. I am constantly worried that everyone in my family gets home safe and is healthy. I am also REALLY scared of getting cancer…any form of it. I think about it daily.

Q-Favorite Quote: Wow…there are so many good movie quotes…there are about 100 just from Christmas Vacation. “Your name is Harry, isn’t it?” (Dumb and Dumber) “Do you really think it matters Eddie?” (Christmas Vacation) “You serious Clark?” (Christmas Vacation) “Who are you?” (Drop Dead Gorgeous) “Got on my Tuesday panties, but I guess you know that too.” (Big Business) “Tis the season to be merry.” (Christmas Vacation)

R-Reasons to smile: Jillian…she is so smart, fun, and sweet. Seth and I stare at her every night playing and talk about how cool and precious she is. I especially smile when she runs up and hugs or kisses me without me asking. That is the best feeling EVER! Also, every single time she says please (pweeze)…I can’t help but smile!

S-Season: The Summer time, of course! I love the sun and being outside in the pool or the ocean! The sun just makes me happy to be alive!

T-Tattoo’s?: Just one…a VERY small flower on my lower back. I got it with Carolyn at the beginning of our senior year. See her blog for details. By the way Carolyn…I was 16, you were 17!

U-Unknown Facts About Me: I have to have a bath almost every night…even though I have showered that morning. I hate talking on the phone and checking voicemails…I rarely check them…Seth will do it for me. My refrigerator HAS to be organized…I cannot stand it if everything is not in rows and in order! I hate fridge clutter!!! Expiration dates on food scares me…if the food is even CLOSE to the date, I can’t eat it.

V –Vegetable you love: I love cucumbers and home-grown tomatoes. I am not picky…I will eat most veggies. I love a good salad with veggies in it.

W-Worst Habit: Worrying…I was never a worrier until I had Jillian. Now, I worry that she is okay and healthy…and that Baby 2 is healthy! I need to relax and I know it!

X-X-rays or Ultrasounds? Ultrasounds for sure…I love getting to see the baby inside of me…it makes it so real and amazing!

Y-Your Favorite Foods: Campisi’s Pizza, Anamias, Carrot cake, Chick-Fil-A

Z-Zodiac: Libra

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Baby #2 sonogram

So, this sonogram picture is actually from my appointment three weeks ago. I am just now posting it because I got a new scanner/copier/printer for Valentines Day! I have been needing a new one so old one sucked so bad (always out of ink, not a flat scanner, NEVER worked, etc., etc.) and I was always having to get my sister or Seth to print things for me...and my mom and dad to scan for me! I am glad to have my home office complete now with my own working printer! It is the little things really, that make you so happy!
Anyway, so this might be hard for some of you to see...but this is a picture of Baby #2's face. If you look at the left of the picture, that is the face...the eyes are almost parrallel with the left side of the picture...and the nose is the white spot to the right of the eyes. You can see the roundness of the cheeks there too. Seth and I think it is like one of those pictures where you find a picture in the maybe if you squint, then you can see it! I thought this was a pretty decent shot of the face at only 27 weeks and on a simple sonogram machine. Anyway, here she is...her first head shot!

By the way, I think the name is about final...but I am having the hardest time bringing myself to post it! I feel like that will make it so final and I am not sure if I ready for that yet. Have you ever heard of something so ridiculous???????

Friday, February 15, 2008

My Sweet Valentine

Yesterday was an eventful Valentine's Day. We started out by making cinnamon toast for Seth for of his favorites from when we were first married. We even cut the toast out in the shape of hearts. Seth and Jillian loved their toast!

Jillian and Daddy sharing breakfast! I couldn't get one picture where they were looking at me...they were always looking at eachother! Look at how she LOVES her daddy!

Jilly is too busy with her stickers to worry about breakfast!

FINALLY...she eats.
Bye Bye Dada!

Then of course, we tried for a V-day photo shoot...but that didn't go too well. I can't wait till she WANTS to pose for the camera again! I miss the days of easy pictures!

Jillian is Tyson's Valentine

Since it was Mimi's birthday, Jillian and I met Mimi, Aunt Summer, Cousin Emerson, and Aunt Kourtney out for breakfast. It was a lot of fun to meet with just us girls. The little girls watched our little DVD player during breakfast so that us big girls could talk and laugh. We had a great time!
Happy Birthday Mims!

Watching a movie
Mimi and 2 of her 4 1/2 GRANDgirls.

While Jillian was napping, I made some chocolate covered strawberries. I started this the first year Seth and I were ever together and have done them ever since. WE LOVE these things...they are so good. I know, I know...mine are starting to look professional! This is my 6th year to make them!!! HA! HA...Just kidding!

Jillian even got to sample a chocolate strawberry! She approves, I think! mom is just going to let me eat this thing?

Then after Seth got home, we gave Jilly her valentines! She got a Wiggles coloring book, a new Little People Book...which she loves those things, a book about counting, a book about colors, some jumbo marshmallows, and some new shoes! Oh my word...these shoes are too cute. They are too big for her now, but I found them at Target and she just had to have them!!!!

Are these shoes not SO cute? They have hearts on them!

This is what Seth got from his two girls! Daddy Tattoo cute!

I got some surprise flowers too...I thought they were really pretty and so I added a picture!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Mimi!!!!

Jillian's Mimi is a Valentine's Baby and so today is her birthday! We are going to meet Mimi out for breakfast today, but we just wanted to give her a little shout out on the blog this morning. Mimi has been so consistant since Jillian was born at trying so hard with Jillian...even through all of her touch-me-not/clingy to mama stages...Mimi just kept right on trying. She would pick her up, play with her...all the good things a grandma does. Well, Jillian has always loved Mimi, but it has FINALLY paid off BIG TIME in the last month or so. Jillian LOVES LOVES LOVES her Mimi! She walks around the house saying Mimi Mimi Mimi all the time. She also knows when we pull on Mimi's street because she starts chanting her name there too. I know this makes my Mom so happy! Anyway, Jillian is in love...with her Mimi! So, Happy Birthday Mimi! We hope you have the most FABULOUS day today!!!

Mimi's Birthday Last Year

Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby Girl #2 Has A Name

Wow...2 posts in one day! What in the World? Anyways, so Seth and I have come up with a name for our second baby girl. We are 100% positive on the first name...especially considering that I already have something monogrammed for her. However, the middle name is what I can't decide on. I have two names picked out and one is my favorite and one is Seth's. Almost EVERYONE agrees with Seth...except ironically Seth's brother...who votes my way. Anyways...I feel like this is so final posting on here...but here you go.

The name is...
The middle name options are...
Avery (Seth's choice)
Annabelle (My choice)
So Baby Girl #2's possible name is either...
Jules Avery Patterson
Jules Annabelle Patterson

Now that I have them written out like does seem like Annabelle is really long with Patterson...but really how many times do you actually write out the middle name? Anyway, please feel free to let me know what you think. Please don't say ANYTHING bad about Jules...because that is the name NO MATTER WHAT...and I really don't want to hear anything negative about it! THANKS!!!!

Oh yeah, I also feel that I must explain that I did not plan to have both my kids names starting with a J or the same letter for that just happened that these were the names I loved at the times when I was having these babies!

WT weekend and Sleeping Jillian

I have been really bad about the blog lately...I guess we just haven't had too much going on this past week...and I have been such a picture slacker! Anyway, Seth was off on Friday and we spent the whole weekend outside! It was a fabulous weekend with 75 degree weather the whole much fun. Seth and I were so WT and we sat outside in our back yard to get some sun. We do NOT have a pool, but we just put our patio furniture right there in the yard and soaked up the sun. It was nice. Jillian got to come out some too after naptime...and I did take some video, but no pictures. I have no idea how to upload video, so there will be no pictures of our WT weekend in the backyard. I will include some pictures of Jillian sleeping in her new bed. She is still doing so great! I am so thankful for her easy transition because this has been weighing on my mind since we surprisingly found out we were pregnant in August. I thought she would be too little and things would not be easy...but she has proven me wrong! Anyway, here are some pictures of her sleeping. I just think sleeping baby pictures are the best! By the way, we did finally put the mattresses on the bed frame...and MAN IS that bed tall!!! I am making a dust ruffle and pillows with my mom and hopefully will have J's room done very soon too!

The scene: 7 pacis, 5 babies, 2 lovies, and about 10 pillows

I love this sweet face