Friday, February 15, 2008

My Sweet Valentine

Yesterday was an eventful Valentine's Day. We started out by making cinnamon toast for Seth for of his favorites from when we were first married. We even cut the toast out in the shape of hearts. Seth and Jillian loved their toast!

Jillian and Daddy sharing breakfast! I couldn't get one picture where they were looking at me...they were always looking at eachother! Look at how she LOVES her daddy!

Jilly is too busy with her stickers to worry about breakfast!

FINALLY...she eats.
Bye Bye Dada!

Then of course, we tried for a V-day photo shoot...but that didn't go too well. I can't wait till she WANTS to pose for the camera again! I miss the days of easy pictures!

Jillian is Tyson's Valentine

Since it was Mimi's birthday, Jillian and I met Mimi, Aunt Summer, Cousin Emerson, and Aunt Kourtney out for breakfast. It was a lot of fun to meet with just us girls. The little girls watched our little DVD player during breakfast so that us big girls could talk and laugh. We had a great time!
Happy Birthday Mims!

Watching a movie
Mimi and 2 of her 4 1/2 GRANDgirls.

While Jillian was napping, I made some chocolate covered strawberries. I started this the first year Seth and I were ever together and have done them ever since. WE LOVE these things...they are so good. I know, I know...mine are starting to look professional! This is my 6th year to make them!!! HA! HA...Just kidding!

Jillian even got to sample a chocolate strawberry! She approves, I think! mom is just going to let me eat this thing?

Then after Seth got home, we gave Jilly her valentines! She got a Wiggles coloring book, a new Little People Book...which she loves those things, a book about counting, a book about colors, some jumbo marshmallows, and some new shoes! Oh my word...these shoes are too cute. They are too big for her now, but I found them at Target and she just had to have them!!!!

Are these shoes not SO cute? They have hearts on them!

This is what Seth got from his two girls! Daddy Tattoo cute!

I got some surprise flowers too...I thought they were really pretty and so I added a picture!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Carolyn said...

Jilly just looks so big these days, its really shocking! Her shoes are adorable and the strawberries look so good. I hope you guys had a great time yesterday, love ya'll!

Kimberly said...

What a great Valentines day! I love Jillian's heart outfit and can totally relate to a little busy body that doesn't let me snap just one sweet picture anymore! Most of mine are of the back of her head.
I must copy you and buy Adalie some shoes like the ones Jillian got! And where did you find that tatoo shirts? I love them!!

Kourtney A said...

i love the pic that it looks like she is running, her face just lights up i love it. and she is so you

aWare said...

I love Seth's gift to the girls! PERFECT! The roses are beautiful and with no sarcasm those strawberries look professional! I love the V-Days play by play! Sweet girl!

Mindy said...

okay so... Jilly and Tyson-just way too cute! The outfits for daddy, also insanely cute! And then the strawberries-well I will say that they DO look professional to me. Way to go mommy-you are like the perfect little homemaker that I always knew you would be!

Sandi said...

Those strawberries are beautiful -- almost (just ALMOST) too beautiful to eat! :) A lady in our Thursday morning Bible study brought some on Valentine's Day -- I'm not ashamed to say that I ate 5. I'm pregnant -- I can do what I want, right? :)