Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Baby #2 sonogram

So, this sonogram picture is actually from my appointment three weeks ago. I am just now posting it because I got a new scanner/copier/printer for Valentines Day! I have been needing a new one so badly...my old one sucked so bad (always out of ink, not a flat scanner, NEVER worked, etc., etc.) and I was always having to get my sister or Seth to print things for me...and my mom and dad to scan for me! I am glad to have my home office complete now with my own working printer! It is the little things really, that make you so happy!
Anyway, so this might be hard for some of you to see...but this is a picture of Baby #2's face. If you look at the left of the picture, that is the face...the eyes are almost parrallel with the left side of the picture...and the nose is the white spot to the right of the eyes. You can see the roundness of the cheeks there too. Seth and I think it is like one of those pictures where you find a picture in the picture...so maybe if you squint, then you can see it! I thought this was a pretty decent shot of the face at only 27 weeks and on a simple sonogram machine. Anyway, here she is...her first head shot!

By the way, I think the name is about final...but I am having the hardest time bringing myself to post it! I feel like that will make it so final and I am not sure if I ready for that yet. Have you ever heard of something so ridiculous???????


Carolyn said...

...the eyes are almost parrallel with the left side of the picture...and the nose is the white spot to the right of the eyes.

Ok i felt like i was playing blind twister right then...like, left hand on right eye, right foot to the left and there is the nose. I know you totally get it...but i was just cracking up there!!!

She is GORGEOUS I can already tell, you know i love those cheeks! I don't care what her name is just get her here soon I'm dying to meet her!!

Mindy said...

wow you can totally see her! She is already so sweet and purty just like momma. Go ahead and post the name and get the weight off your shoulders. It will feel good. And plus I am dying to know what you picked. It must have been seth's name huh?? If you dont want to post it!!!..........hahaha

Kourtney A said...

she looks like me!!!

Anonymous said...

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