Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Morning

Well, Santa definitely came to our house...although I am not sure I would say the girls were THAT good this year! :) KIDDING! Christmas morning might be my most favorite part of being a mom. I thought it was throwing birthday parties...but this year, I got totally {WAY TOO} into Christmas morning. I had been planning things for a couple of months...and I was the only one in the house waking up all though the night too excited to sleep! HA...loser, I know! So, here are pictures of my girls finding what Santa brought! It was absolutely the very best morning!

Waiting for Daddy to get the cameras ready...
The Gifts.
The girls got a new pink kitchen, pink utensils, aprons, pink appliances, tutus, and wooden food!

The precious aprons that Santa bought on Etsy.


pink appliances

The whole thing. I just love having little is so much fun!

Here are the girls plowing through the perfect set up of toys that Santa so strategically arranged!

So Happy!

Jillian discovering the tutus after a while. This girl is a sucker for a tutu. It looks like Jules is mid-cough in this one. Nice.

Playing together so nicely! :) Yeah right!

Aren't they cute!

Happy about their kitchen! Hopefully this will inspire them to play without mommy every once and a while!

Little mommies

Jillian making a pizza

Jules making some toast!

Looks like Santa enjoyed the cookies we made for him. And yes, even the milk is pink in this house! Poor Seth...and Santa!

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An Allison/Patterson/Dale Christmas

********For anyone interested...GRANDPARENTS...I have posted several Christmas keep reading!!!*******

We started out our Christmas Eve with Dallas...Texas. You read that Texans got us a white Christmas this year. It was very fun and exciting watching the snow fall and stick on such a fabulous holiday! We spent our Christmas Even night with my family at The Dale House. We ate, drank, and opened LOTS of presents. It was a great time. We were supposed to get up and head to Arkansas on Christmas day, but since the weather in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas decided to freeze...we had to postpone our trip a day. So, we ended up spending Christmas day with my family also. Here are some pictures from our Allison/Patterson/Dale Christmas.

Our wintry home

the back yard...look at the snow falling

Jillian playing in the snow

Juleser all bundled up!!!

A couple of Texas girls not sure what to do with the snow!!!


They figured it out really quick!

The girls at dinner Christmas Eve night

the kids table

Christmas Eve Dinner

The mom always goes overboard with the any good Mimi would!

Jules and her Aunt Summer

Jules opening some gifts

All 5 cousins. See how Jillian couldn't leave her pile of gifts long enough for a picture?

Yeah...Happy girl! She LOVES ANYTHING dress-up and girly!

It's showtime!

Little Jules getting into it!

US and The Dales gave Papaw a new wheel barrow for Christmas

I gave my mom a scrapbook of our Paris trip for Christmas. I have been so excited to give it to her that I could hardly keep it quiet. I think it was a big hit!!!

Our BEST family tradition is to do "The 12 Days of Christmas" Allison style every year. This year, all the kids got their own day. We always have the best time seeing what everyone will come up with.

Daddy and Jillian on Christmas at Mimi's house

Jo (my mom's stepmom) and Jules

Mimi and Papaw setting up all the food


My Dad and his girls
Kourtney, B, Dirk, and Summer

The WHOLE family at dinner

Seth and Me

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A Patterson Christmas

Here are pictures from our fun and snow-filled week at the Patterson's for Christmas! The girls had a great time seeing lots of family and playing in lots of snow! Both girls did great on the trip and I was so proud of them. Jules DID NOT meet a stranger...she was so friendly to everyone...sitting in laps and being held. Jillian was so mature and old...sharing toys and talking to everyone. I just noticed a big change in both girls and how they acted...and I couldn't have been happier. It sure makes for a fun trip when the girls are also having a great time!
B-Pa and CC giving the girls their MANY gifts! CC was so excited to give everything to the girls. She must have spent lots of time shopping for these two!

My girls in heaven...they were the center of attention for EVERYONE and they were opening Christmas presents. It doesn't get any better than this!

B-pa loving on Jules and helping her open her presents

The girls LOVE LOVE LOVE their Uncle Caleb! Isn't he the best??? I am sure he really enjoyed walking through Toys R Us to buy this Barbie for this little girl! She was thrilled since Barbies seem to be her new obsession.

The Little Marshmallow Girl...all bundled up for the snow.

See how cold it was in NWA??? Those are icicles behind them...which Jules enjoyed licking like a Popsicle.

B-Pa pulling the girls on the sled

These Texas girls are really confused about all this snow! I hope they don't get used to it!

Although she doesn't look happy here, she sure loved sledding! She belted out this HUGE belly laugh the whole way down the was priceless.

B-Pa and Jules

CC and Jillian
CC got new kayak for Christmas, but I couldn't convince her to get in it for a picture!

Our family

B-Pa and CC with the girls

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