Monday, September 29, 2008

Jules is 5 Months Old

My Baby is already 5 months old...and although I am sad because the time is just FLYING by...I am really so thrilled because I LOVE this age! Jules is just so much fun right now. She is learning new things everyday and just seems so happy to be alive!

Some things that Jules likes to do:
- Jules is starting to sit up on her own for short periods of time...especially when we put the boppy behind her.
- Jules LOVES her toys...her favorite is this huge crinkly dragonfly that was also Jillian's favorite as a baby. I have GOT to get a picture of this thing. Jules looks at it and talks to it like it is her best friend.
- Jules LOVES food and wants the real stuff! We gave her rice cereal for the first time and this girl LOVED it! We always laugh because Jules HATES it when we are all is like she really knows that she is missing out because she is reaching for our food and crying for everything. Jillian was on all table food by 9 months and I have a feeling that Baby Jules might even beat her! She is so ready to move on to bigger and better...and who can blame her?
- Now it would be dumb of me to say that she is starting to crawl, because I know she isn't. But this girl does inch along the floor. We have this big rug with all of her toys on it...and she just moves around to what she wants. I imagine she will crawl early!
- Jules is still a very happy baby. She smiles at anyone and everything and is giggling a lot lately too.
- She is finally sleeping through the night 5 out of 7 nights a week I would say. Every once in a while, I have to go in and give the passy...but she is doing great. We did have to let her cry it out for many nights...and that sucks for a mommy! But, it paid off and she is doing fabulous!!! Sleeping through the night for Jules at 5 months means about 9:00 pm to about 6:30 am.

Here is Baby Jules at 5 months! What a big girl!!!

Jules at 5 months

Jillian at 5 months

Here is what Jules has been up to in her 5th month in pictures (some have been previously viewed...sorry for repeats!)...
Trying on her teeny-tiny tutu for is gonna be so cute people! My mom found this tutu at Canton and it has like a 3 inch inseam! It is the tiniest and most precious thing I have ever seen!

Tu-tu'ed out!

Playing on the floor with toys

Cheering on the Hogs to probably one of their ONLY wins of the season

Hanging out in Jillian's room

Sitting up playing with toys proud of herself

Trying rice cereal. This is the best picture of her eyes that I have gotten. It really shows just how blue they are.

Playing with Jilly

Playing together...Jillian dominating Jules' toys and Jules pulling Jillian's hair! I love to see them interact! It is so fun to watch!

Laying in Momma's bed watching Mickey Mouse, no doubt. Jules posing while Jillian is being camera shy!

Again laying in Momma's bed. This is a morning tradition for these girls to do. Jules looks slightly albino in this picture, but she isn' don't worry! I love when they lay here like this because they ALWAYS hold hands and it is too cute. This is extra special too, because Jillian is such a touch-me-not...she will NEVER hold my hand except when we pray.

Jules and her first Sonic drink...I think they weigh the same amount.

Sitting in the Bumbo with her pouty lip

On a totally different note...the THROWBACK picture (you remember...the Laura Ashley dresses) was such a big hit, so I am going to find some more of those to share! It should be really funny considering my family has always had a thing for all denim pictures in the past!

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Whew...What A Week

Well, for any of my daily friends that read my blog or that I comment on your may have noticed my absence this week. That is because I have been sick since EARLY Monday morning with the stomach flu. And this is the worst I have EVER had it...or had anything for that matter. I told Seth numerous times that this must be the end...I see the light...etc., etc. I really honestly consider myself sort of tough when it comes to sickness...but this really kicked my butt. I have had 2 c-sections...and I really felt worse this week than I did after either of those operations!!!! And to top it all off...Friday was my birthday. I didn't throw that in for any sympathy Happy Birthdays...I promise!!! It just wasn't exactly the way I wanted to bring in my 28th year! But, today...Saturday...the 27th, I am on the mend...HOPEFULLY! I still can't eat much of anything. I sure want to, but as soon as any food is in front of me, I feel all weak and anxious. It takes A LOT for me to not eat people!!!! The good news now is that Seth's mom (CC) just happened to be coming on Monday to help me with the girls this week. That is wonderful for me...because while I was out of sorts last week, we ran out of groceries and diapers, the laundry piled up, sheets need to be changed...and MOST importantly I have blogging to catch up on! I will be able to do all of these things much easier and quicker with CC here to keep the girls occupied!!!! YEAH!

I have several great posts comping up...Jules first rice cereal, Jules 5 months, Jillian purple day at school...I am going to be busy getting these up and catching up on all my blogging friends! So, stay tuned!

ALSO...THANKS so much to my mom who took me to the doctor, kept Jules, took and picked up Jillian from school, and bought me soup and Gatorade!!!

THANKS to Summer who kept Jilly for me one day.

THANKS to Kourtney (Aunt Korky) who brought me a giant Sprite every day to keep hydrated!!!!

And of course THANKS to Seth for also taking good care of me every night and not letting me end it all in my darkest hour...even though I really wanted to! He really had to pick up the slack at home and take care of the girls at night...and that is NOT easy!

Lastly, I would just like to say that I really enjoy trying to come up with clever titles to accompany my posts. However, everything I could think of this week was just not appropriate for a PG-rated blog like mine...and I HATE bathroom, use your imaginations!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

My Girl!!!

Jules always is reaching out for my Sonic waters when I am holding her. Well, a certain someone moved my Giant Sonic water to the floor yesterday...and this is what I walked in on! That's my girl!!! I might be single-handedly (is this a word?) sending this Earth directly into global warming with these giant cups, but I gotta have my daily water with lemon!!!!!

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Mickey Mouse Obsession

Ever since Jillian was old enough to enjoy any kind of TV, she would pick one show and OBSESS over it. For example, around the age of one, she started liking The Wiggles. Well, for almost a year, that is the ONLY show she wanted to watch! I think that might be the closest I ever came to wanting to just end it all...I mean, one year of The Wiggles is definitely cruel and unusual punishment. Then, around 2, she found Barney...her first love. Barney, Barney, Barney...still JUST as annoying as The Wiggles...but at least Barney teaches about colors, numbers, sharing, etc....and not just about fruit salad! happened. She found Mickey Mouse!!! This show is actually VERY tolerable and the hot dog dance song at the end actually has a nice ring to it. So, that is where we stand today...Mickey Mouse is part of our family. You might remember the funny story of Jillian and Mickey Mouse here. So, ever since then...we call him Mushca Mouse. (Even my parents and the Dale family!!!)

Well, Jillian's grandmother, CC and Great Aunt Lynn have jumped on the Mushca Mouse bandwagon right along with us. They have both sent a couple of care packages to the girls and there is ALWAYS some Mushca Mouse souvenirs for Jilly!!!

Here is Jillian opening up her stuff from CC...a new Mushca Mouse t-shirt and panties...hopefully the panties will SOON be used as more than just a diaper cover or "shote shotes" (short shorts) Jillian would say.

REALLY excited about the panties...just not excited enough to potty train.

Here she is showing off this nice ensemble!!! Always has to have the high heels on too.


Sweet sisters modeling their new stuff from CC...Jules' shirt says "Yes, I know I'm Cute"

This is NOT false advertising...she is cute!

Here is Jillian THROWING herself on the floor when I was trying to take a picture of the Mushca Mouse shirt from Great Aunt Lynn.

And here she is after I promised her a piece of candy if she would smile for the picture. Don't judge me!

Showing off her tattoo from CC...what kind of trash would have a tattoo??? HA! HA! Yes, I know MOM...I will pay for my raising!

Isn't it nice?

Such cute W.T.!!!!
Jillian CANNOT share Jules' toy with Jules! She always tries to get into it with her!
Look at these feet! Too cute! Jules is definitely working those rolly thighs!

Sweet girls!
Aunt Lynn also sent a purple Daisy Duck dress...and next week at school, Jillian is having purple day. Stay tunedfor lots of pictures of that!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vintage Allison Girls

Um....yeah. So, my mom just found this picture of us girls and sent it to us. Isn't it lovely??? Seth cannot get over the massive sea of floral fabric that is in this picture. All I know is that these dresses were Laura Ashley...and that was a very big deal in the late 80's!!!! If i remember correctly, we had make up and hair done...and then had these very fashionable pictures taken!
Now...let's talk about the funny items in this picture:
1. Nice backdrop...did someone just drape sheer pink fabric EVERYWHERE? "The church looks like it was hosed down with pepto bismol!"
2. Nice forest green fake flowers!!! Sweet touch.
3. Our hair...WOW!!! Mine has some awesome swoop in the front...Summer's is WAY long...My mom has a sweet-looking perm...Gotta love the 80's!!!!
This was for your veiwing pleasure...hope you enjoy!
P.S. I know I had on white Sam & Libby shoes too...does anyone remember those babies??? LOVED them!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

The other day, I went in to Jillian's room to get her up from her nap...and this is what I walked in on! Apparently, Jillian was hosting some sort of rave between her and her dolls because why else would she have sunglasses on during the day inside our house??? I mean, only rap stars and professional sports players can wear their sunglasses inside and look cool doing so, right? Anyway, she just looked up at me with this look on her face, like I was the weird one! I thought...who knows what goes on in this room when I am away!!!! This child must have lots of fun in her own head!!!

I had to BEG her to not move a muscle while I ran to grab my camera! Thank goodness I got a decent shot!

By the way...she calls them in, "Mom, I want my Eyeglass!"

AND...she put her own bow in her hair after her nap (see it?)...such a proud moment for me!!!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Sweet Cheeks

I always talk on this blog about how sweet and smiley and cute Baby Jules is...but I don't think my pictures really show just how cute and smiley (we think) she is!

DISCLAIMER: I am the is my job to think that my kids are PLEASE don't mistake that with bragging or anything!!! I know that all of you out there think your kids are the cutest too!!

Anyway, we kind of think that she just isn't very photogenic because my pictures just never show the real cuteness that is Baby Jules!!! But, lately as she has really been enjoying laying on her tummy, I have been able to get some cute shots of that face that I love. It is almost like gravity is pulling down on her cheeks and it makes them look extra round and juicy!

Hanging out in Big Sis' room

Big blue eyes...and those cheeks!

Cute Smile...this child will smile at anything...she ALWAYS has a big sweet grin on her face!

Loving her toys

We have just recently removed our coffee table from our living room, and Baby Jules just has free reign of the new rug. Her toys are everywhere...but what do you do, right?

Deep concentration...

A little smirk

Here she is really giving it to that doggy toy

And of course Big Sis had to get in on the action too...

Playing together

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