Saturday, September 27, 2008

Whew...What A Week

Well, for any of my daily friends that read my blog or that I comment on your may have noticed my absence this week. That is because I have been sick since EARLY Monday morning with the stomach flu. And this is the worst I have EVER had it...or had anything for that matter. I told Seth numerous times that this must be the end...I see the light...etc., etc. I really honestly consider myself sort of tough when it comes to sickness...but this really kicked my butt. I have had 2 c-sections...and I really felt worse this week than I did after either of those operations!!!! And to top it all off...Friday was my birthday. I didn't throw that in for any sympathy Happy Birthdays...I promise!!! It just wasn't exactly the way I wanted to bring in my 28th year! But, today...Saturday...the 27th, I am on the mend...HOPEFULLY! I still can't eat much of anything. I sure want to, but as soon as any food is in front of me, I feel all weak and anxious. It takes A LOT for me to not eat people!!!! The good news now is that Seth's mom (CC) just happened to be coming on Monday to help me with the girls this week. That is wonderful for me...because while I was out of sorts last week, we ran out of groceries and diapers, the laundry piled up, sheets need to be changed...and MOST importantly I have blogging to catch up on! I will be able to do all of these things much easier and quicker with CC here to keep the girls occupied!!!! YEAH!

I have several great posts comping up...Jules first rice cereal, Jules 5 months, Jillian purple day at school...I am going to be busy getting these up and catching up on all my blogging friends! So, stay tuned!

ALSO...THANKS so much to my mom who took me to the doctor, kept Jules, took and picked up Jillian from school, and bought me soup and Gatorade!!!

THANKS to Summer who kept Jilly for me one day.

THANKS to Kourtney (Aunt Korky) who brought me a giant Sprite every day to keep hydrated!!!!

And of course THANKS to Seth for also taking good care of me every night and not letting me end it all in my darkest hour...even though I really wanted to! He really had to pick up the slack at home and take care of the girls at night...and that is NOT easy!

Lastly, I would just like to say that I really enjoy trying to come up with clever titles to accompany my posts. However, everything I could think of this week was just not appropriate for a PG-rated blog like mine...and I HATE bathroom, use your imaginations!

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Mindy said...

I was totally thinking of you on your birthday and wanted to wish you a fabulous one! I am sad to hear you didnt get to party it up like you deserved. Hey look at it this way-maybe you lost a few pounds, thats always nice after feeling awful sickly. hahaha! :) I love you ands hope you are feeling better.

annalee said...

i am SO sorry! i just got over that nastiness too and i hope it never hits either of us ever again!
and happy 28th, go celebrate soon, it's never too late!

Tesney said...

Oh man, that is the worst! Glad you're better.

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Hey Brittney...I wish Blogger had an option to print, there are a lot of people who would do it! My Mom actually took the time to manually do it all!!!

Rachel said...

I was so thinking of you last night, I told Shane that I hoped everything was okay as I had not heard from you =)!! God forbid you don't blog for a week =)!! Glad you are feeling better...if we were not freaking 6 hours away, I would have brought the Sex and the City movie to watch =)!

Carolyn said...

Yeah, bathroom humor is just not cute...good thing we can read eachother's minds. :) SO GLAD you're feeling better, I think we're overdue for a wine night, whaddaya think??!!

Tara Caire said...

happy birthday! so sorry you were sick! : ( I hope you and carolyn can make it over and party with us on my bachelorette party : ) Feel Better!!!

Mittig family said...

Yuck! Happy Belated Birthday anyway though! Eric and I had the same virus for my birthday last week too-happy 30th, right?
Looking forward to the pumpkin patch soon!

Lane said...

Wow! Well glad you are feeling better. That sucks! Happy Birthday though! :)