Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Paisley's Room

 Well, the baby has a room!  Just in time too...since she will be here by this time in JUST TWO MORE DAYS!!!!  My Mom oringinally made my bedding for Jillian and I just have LOVED it so so so much!  There was no reason for me not to use it again...and I LOVE that each girl has shared the same bedding.  Mimi has has to re-stuff if for each baby though, so I am sure she is glad that this will be the last baby for us!  She just finished re-stuffing and mending and the bedding has made the room PERFECT!  Another fabulous addition to her room is the wall hanging that my mom did as well (with some help from Papaw!).  I paid A LOT of money to some random lady for the other two girls to get wall hangings with their names on it.  Little did I know that Mimi had such a talent!  The wall hanging is better than I ever could have expected and I know that the baby will be so honored by this gift when she is older!  Like I have said before...I am so lucky to have my Mom and Dad, who have constantly helped me throughout this pregnancy with everything from childcare to wall hangings!  Anyway, here are the pictures of our baby's new room!  I can't wait to put a baby in there! 

 The Paisley Wall

 The Crib and Sign

 I LOVE this sign!  

 The Rocking Chair and Window

 The Changing Table
(the hanger is for her Coming-Home dress)

 The Changing Table

The Room

The Closet
(this shelf still needs things in it...but we will get there)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentines...in a nutshell

Valentines is always a very special day for us because it is also Mimi's birthday.  So we spent Valentines by having parties at Butterfly School, celebrating Mimi's birthday, and then Seth and I did something extra special for the girls.  Instead of us going on an overly expensive date, we decided to serve our little valentines a fancy dinner of their own.  We usually have very low key valentine's days anyways...I love the idea of the day, but the ridiculousness of the overly-expensive dinners and flowers is silly to me.  And this year...lets be honest...no one wants to go out with their 9 month pregnant and uncomfortable Valentine anyway!  :)  Here are some pictures from our fun day!

 Our True Loves

 Jules and her Drew-Drew

 Jules and her cookie

 Jillian and her girls, Ella and Macie

 Jillian making her puppy love

 This adorable craft was a graham cracker envelope that they got to decorate.  The starburst was used as the stamp and the I LOVE YOU written out of alphabets cereal!  Jillian's class has the best party mom...Ms. Amy! 

 Jillian's valentine bag

 Seth with Emmy, Jules, and Jillian at Mimi's birthday party

 Jillian giving Mimi her birthday card

 Mimi looking not a day over 35 with the girls.  Can you tell we forced the smile on Jillian?

 Happy Birthday Mimi!

 Look at all these girls in our family...can you believe that we are adding one more to the mix on Thursday?

 Papaw and Mimi with the girls

 Aunt K with Jules

 Here is our at-home Valentine date set up.  Gifts for the girls.  Chocolate-covered strawberries (homemade), cards from the girls, and starburst for Seth.  Who says you can't have a fun date at home with your 4 and 2 year olds?

 We decided to let the girls get all dressed up in whatever fanciness they could find for their date.  We served them their dinner and they got to drink out of fancy glasses!  Here they are in their outfits of choice and totally so excited for Daddy to get home.

 The appetizer course...cheese and crackers

a nice cocktail of Fresca and cranberry juice

 Daddy taking their order

 Dinner is served!
Popcorn shrimp and corn

 Dessert...Valentine cupcakes!

 My Valentines with their valentines

Okay...so the baby will be here in 5 days!  I will try and post pictures of her nursery before the big day!  We have our official countdown and to-do lists going!  We are SUPER excited for next Thursday...so stay tuned!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Week of Ice in Dallas

 So, it isn't news to anyone at this point that our city was totally paralyzed by snow and ice all of last week.  In fact, as long as Seth and I have lived in Dallas together, he has NEVER missed work for the weather.  And yet, he was home for 3 days last week!  What a treat!  We didn't even get cabin fever since we were together as a family and eating, playing in the snow, playing Super Mario Wii, watching movies...etc.  It was a great time! I am sorry for the rest of you, but I think God sent the ice/snow just for me since I am nine months pregnant and really needed a week to do nothing but hang out with my family!  

Below are some pictures of Seth and the girls sledding on Friday after we got about 6 inches of snow over night.  It was more snow than I can ever remember being in Dallas!  What is really funny is that CC gave us this blow up sled and I thought we would NEVER get a chance to use it!  It has been in our attic this whole time...and wouldn't you know we got to REALLY use it! We were the most popular house on the street since everyone else was using trash can lids and cookie sheets!  Ha Ha!  Here is my cute family enjoying the winter wonderland!

 Our House

 Looking down the street

 Seth pulling the girls down the side walk.  Tyson was not far behind.  I have never seen that dog have so much fun.  He was running around and having a blast in the snow!

 Ready to sled

 What a good dad...pulling the girls up the hill over and over again!

 This is a priceless shot of Jillian's face.  You can just see how much fun she is having!  She is even steering the sled and doing great!

 Cute Jillian

Cute Jules

 Sort of Cute Tyson

Monday, February 7, 2011

Paisley's Paisley Room

A couple of weeks ago...before we were snowed in for a week...my mom and dad gave me the SWEETEST gift for me and the new baby.  They helped me paint the nursery.  I had originally wanted to do something with Paisley's on the wall to honor her fun name, but the farther along I got I just couldn't imagine trying to get on a ladder and paint all by myself!  I usually do my nurseries around 6 months, but this time I was moving each girl to their new room and Jules to a big girl bed.  So, time got away from me and I just gave up on my cute nursery idea!  Well, my mom didn't.  She called and insisted that her and my dad were coming over and the three of us would paint paisleys on the wall!  They came over and we spent the day doing just that.  We had a great time and the wall is just so much more precious than I could imagine!  Here are some pictures to show you the nursery.  I have since then finished painting and decorating, and as soon as I have the bedding in place, I will give you a tour of my third and final baby nursery!  

I really can't thank my parents enough for their help!  They are just so giving of their time and help to me and I appreciate if more than they know!  My littlest girl is already so lucky to have such wonderful grandparents and she isn't even born yet!

Mimi hard at work

Papaw hard at work

starting to take shape

Papaw was the touch up man.  Anytime Mimi or I made a mistake, he was right there fixing it.  It was so nice to finish the project and not have to go back and do the NOT FUN touching up of paint!

We did 3 different paisleys.  A red, green, and pink. 

the pink paisley...you can see that the red stamp is a little P

the green paisley

the red paisley

the finished wall

It already looks SOOOOO different with everything I have hung up.  I can't wait to show you the finished product!