Saturday, February 19, 2011 a nutshell

Valentines is always a very special day for us because it is also Mimi's birthday.  So we spent Valentines by having parties at Butterfly School, celebrating Mimi's birthday, and then Seth and I did something extra special for the girls.  Instead of us going on an overly expensive date, we decided to serve our little valentines a fancy dinner of their own.  We usually have very low key valentine's days anyways...I love the idea of the day, but the ridiculousness of the overly-expensive dinners and flowers is silly to me.  And this year...lets be one wants to go out with their 9 month pregnant and uncomfortable Valentine anyway!  :)  Here are some pictures from our fun day!

 Our True Loves

 Jules and her Drew-Drew

 Jules and her cookie

 Jillian and her girls, Ella and Macie

 Jillian making her puppy love

 This adorable craft was a graham cracker envelope that they got to decorate.  The starburst was used as the stamp and the I LOVE YOU written out of alphabets cereal!  Jillian's class has the best party mom...Ms. Amy! 

 Jillian's valentine bag

 Seth with Emmy, Jules, and Jillian at Mimi's birthday party

 Jillian giving Mimi her birthday card

 Mimi looking not a day over 35 with the girls.  Can you tell we forced the smile on Jillian?

 Happy Birthday Mimi!

 Look at all these girls in our family...can you believe that we are adding one more to the mix on Thursday?

 Papaw and Mimi with the girls

 Aunt K with Jules

 Here is our at-home Valentine date set up.  Gifts for the girls.  Chocolate-covered strawberries (homemade), cards from the girls, and starburst for Seth.  Who says you can't have a fun date at home with your 4 and 2 year olds?

 We decided to let the girls get all dressed up in whatever fanciness they could find for their date.  We served them their dinner and they got to drink out of fancy glasses!  Here they are in their outfits of choice and totally so excited for Daddy to get home.

 The appetizer course...cheese and crackers

a nice cocktail of Fresca and cranberry juice

 Daddy taking their order

 Dinner is served!
Popcorn shrimp and corn

 Dessert...Valentine cupcakes!

 My Valentines with their valentines the baby will be here in 5 days!  I will try and post pictures of her nursery before the big day!  We have our official countdown and to-do lists going!  We are SUPER excited for next stay tuned!

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Brandi said...

YOur girls are sooo cute!!! And Mimi looks sooo young!! 5 days, how exciting!! 3 kids is soooo much fun!!! Good luck!