Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sponge Rollers

One of my favorite things in the whole world is a clean baby in clean jammies! Well, when I have 2 babies in clean jammies...and they match...then I am one happy mama! A couple weeks ago the girls requested sponge rollers to go along with that clean hair. So, I couldn't help but snap some pictures of my matching girls. Of course, Jules' rollers were pulled out immediately after this photo shoot. Jillian's followed soon after!

And just for laughs....

Here are Summer and I in matching jammies and sponge rollers many years ago!
See I come by this obsession honestly!!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Candy Party

We had Jules big birthday bash this past Saturday. Jules really isn't into anything at the age of hobbies, no major favorite tv show...but the girl LOVES her some candy! So...a candy-themed party seemed very appropriate for my little sweet tooth! We had lots of cake, cookies, and candy!!!! I also decided that the party should take place at the park since that is Jules' favorite place to be. The party was a huge success, because really...what 2 year old wouldn't be thrilled with that kind of spread! The crowd included: Mimi & Papaw, CC & B-Pa, The Dales, Uncle Caleb, Aunt Carol, Ms. Cheryl, The Preisslers, Jo, and Ella & Ms. Tess. Here are pictures from my sweet girl's sweet birthday!

The invitation

the table

the cake

Jules 2 year picture

more table

the party favors

up close

we had chalk...

we had bubbles

and we rode!!!

And yes, I work at a preschool....which is why I can make such cool signs for a birthday party! I know you were wondering!!! :) Working at a preschool definitely has its perks!

blowing out the candle with a little help from the mommy

here is the birthday girl just dying to dig into that cake

there she goes...

Jules and all of her buds
Emmy, Violet, Macy, Jules, Ansley, Jillian, and Ella
Graham (the only boy) is seen here digging into some candy!

Jules and her boyfriend, Graham giving birthday hugs

big girls playing
Jilly, Violet, Emmy, Macy

Jules and her best friend at school...Ella

Jules and her favorite person in the whole world...Daddy

Jules and Jilly doing chalk

Jules and Ella blowing bubbles
Yes, Jules' expensive pettiskirt is just sitting in bubbles

Jules and Graham having hours of fun playing in the ice!

We ended up opening presents at home. The wind was really crazy that day and I just could picture tissue paper blowing all over the park!!

She was an old pro at opening gifts! She tore right into it!!!

This is the gift that Jillian picked out and wrapped for her little sister

Jules new baby from Ms. Cheryl! She loves this baby!!! It cries, coos, and laughs. The girls love it and Jules doesn't want Jillian to have it at all!

What a sweet Mama!

Okay, finally I can get on with the rest of our lives now that the birthday party is complete! I can now say (for the next 2 months) that I have a 2 year old and a 3 year old! :)

Time Flies

Here is a little review of my Jules over the last 2 years! She has grown into a precious young girl...and she started out as just a little bleach-blonde peanut!!!

1 month old

6 months old

1 year old

2 years old

We had a great birthday party yesterday, so be looking for the party post tomorrow!

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Day of a Two Year Old

Yesterday was Jules' big day...she turned 2. I was sad that her birthday fell on a school day because I really like to make the entire birthday special. Then i realized that Jules LOVES school and was probably so happy to celebrate there. Everyone made a big deal about her birthday, so I am sure she felt very special. I took pictures of everything that Jules did here is a rundown of her first day as a 2 year old!

Birthday pancakes

thinking about blowing out the candles

the happy birthday girl

all ready for school
Isn't she one cute birthday girl??

on the playground...with her wubbie of course

playing with cousin Emmy on the playground

walking in a line with her class

celebrating her birthday at school with pink iced cookies!!

we even stole Jillian out of her class to come celebrate with us

eating lunch at school with her favorite girl Ella(in pink stripes) and a few other friends

having some chicken nuggets for an after-school snack
(what a 2 year old wants, a 2 year old gets)

swinging at the park with her BFF Graham


another snack...this time a little more healthy

playing some games on the itouch

and finally...celebrating at Anamias!!!!
Nothing screams 2 year old birthday celebration like some fajitas and margaritas!!!

Here is Jules and Papaw. What you can't see in this picture is the gang of about 8 workers at Anamias singing Happy Birthday to Jules in Spanish and dancing around. She DID NOT KNOW what to do!!! She just stared at them!!!!

I believe here she is thinking of an escape plan if this whole thing gets out of hand.

Mimi and Papaw with the birthday girl!

That was Jules' day! I think she had a fun day doing all of the things that she likes the most. The big party is Saturday...and it BETTER not rain because we are having a park party!!! how many pictures is Jules holding one of her lovies???