Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter 2010

I am so sorry that I have been such the blog slacker these days! I know that Easter was over ages ago...but I just had to include pictures or Seth's mom and Aunt Lynn might get mad at me!!! We had a great Easter weekend here in Dallas. The weather was absolutely beautiful and perfect for our Holiday weekend. On Saturday, we had an Easter egg hunt and party at our church. On Easter Sunday, we went to church and then all got together at Mimi and Papaw's house for a fun Easter afternoon of eating and hunting MORE eggs! My whole family gave up sweets for lent, so we REALLY enjoyed our Easter sweets this year!!! Here are pictures of our Easter Sunday.

Jillian's basket from the Easter Bunny

Jules' basket from the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny left the girls their baskets on our front porch!

The girls found them!!!!

The girls throwing elbows at eachother to get their baskets first.

Jules immediately going for the candy

Jillian and her basket

Jules and her basket

Shoveling in the candy...

Jillian LOVING her goggles for the pool this summer! I guess the Easter Bunny knows we go swimming almost every day in the summertime! He got Jillian goggles and Jules a new life jacket!!!

The girls in their adorable Easter dresses

My mom and dad always do some sort of really cute project for the girls. This year they made these adorable Easter animals out of marshmallows. Aren't they precious??

The Easter spread

All five girls in their dresses

Waiting for the egg hunt

Jillian doing her thing

Jillian was really into the candy hunting this year

Jules and her personal escort, Aunt K found lots of eggs too!


Daddy playing lifegaurd

Little girls DYING to swim!!

testing the waters

PRECIOUS picture



marcy said...
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marcy said...

I have so many comments I could make (what else is new?)....
(1)Those girls are adorable in everything from their jamies to their Easter finest!
(2)loved the "throwing elbows" comment
(3)Jules looks like she is shoveling in my contact lens
(4)Warning to anyone wanting to make the marshmallow/barnyard friends for next Easter - you need to start on them NOW!
(5)Seth is HOPING to fall in the pool - I just know it!
I love you Jillian and Jules(r), Mimi

Mindy said...

Wow those pictures are so great! It looks like you took them to an awesome pool to get some professional pics done. Awesome job photo mom-with the location and the dresses. I can totally appreciate it! The pic of all the girls with their feet in the pool is my favorite. So glad your little girls got to share the excitement of the Easter Bunny together!

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