Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Jules is 11 months old...1 month and counting...

My SWEET Baby Jules turned 11 months old last Sunday, March 22nd. That means, that is about 3 short weeks, she will be 1!!!! That is just too hard to believe and I am honestly so sad about it. I just can't believe that she won't be a baby anymore...although she will always be my Baby Jules! I jut sent out first birthday invitations the big first birthday is coming up fast! Here are some things that our Baby has been up to in her 11th month...

  • She has become REALLY attached to her lovie. She used to could care less and only needed it in the bed. Well, now...she wants it all the time. Some people might thing this is annoying, but I think it is really sweet! The funniest thing is that she will always drop her 2 lovies and all of her pacis outside of her bed after she wakes up in the morning. Well, later in the day, we will be playing in the living room, and she will disappear to her room and return with a lovies and paci. It is like she either plans that or just remembers that she dropped them and can go get them on her own! LOVE that!
  • She is still super clingy although I have gotten to attend church AND take communion for the last two weeks. I did find out that the nursery director (who is a friend) did walk around with Jules for the last bit of church just to be nice and not distract me. Still...2 weeks of church in a row is just what I needed!
  • Jules did take her final bottle and is completely done with formula. She is now drinking whole milk and seems to like it just fine. She sure does like to get a sip or two of Jillian's chocolate milk when she can get her hands on it though!
  • Jules has finally started to take a few steps. Her biggest run is only 2 steps, but she has done it several times. I think she HAS to be walking in the next couple weeks. She is SO right there...she must just take the plunge!
  • She has 2 teeth on the bottom, and 4 on the top...although those 4 are just BARELY poking through. I am sure by her first birthday they will be showing in pictures.
  • Jules is still only saying Mama and Dada...but she "talks" her own language A LOT! She is constantly saying something, although we just don't know what it is. I do know she tries to say Jilly. Every time I get her out of bed, she says it and looks around for her.
  • Baby Jules has 2 tricks...she waves ByeBye...which is the backward (hand facing herself) wave. Love that! Also, she claps. Are we dealing with a genius here or what people? :)

And are some pictures of our Baby Jules and what she has been up to.

Baby Jules at 11 months

Jillian at 11 months (for comparison)

This is a good example of what Jules looks like as soon as I set her down. She just looks up at me crying and begging to be picked back up. Then she crawls and follows me everywhere! How is a Mama supposed to get any cooking or cleaning done??? Pardon that messy shirt...teething causes some serious drool!

I know I just posted this picture, but I love it...and this is my blog, so there!
Here is Jules looking like pure icing! I just want to lick her here...but I won't!

Here is Jules taking her last bottle.

Playing outside...she loves this swingset that CC and B-Pa got Jillian for her first birthday!

Here she is with her two best friends..her paci and lovie. I had bought her this precious lovie before she was born, and she likes that one okay...but, prefers this random one that is so NOT the cutest one in the world! Isn't that how these kiddos do it?

She REALLY loves this toy car. She just walks around it, sits in it and giggles forever!

First Popsicle

Here she is eating and looking extremely greasy! I posted this not-cute picture to show you how she always props her foot up on her chair! It is really classy! I keep saying it is the Arkansas in her! HA!!! Sorry AR friends and family...just a joke!
AND FINALLY...the outtakes of the monthly picture

where did she go?
loves her bear

Big giggles here!

and shes off...
Ok, my next ALL Jules post will be her first birthday! WOW...

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Jammies

Well we have busted into our new Spring Jammies...and ya'll know how much I love some freshly-bathed and just-lotioned girls in new matching jammies, right???? Here are the girls in their new Piggy jammies...and I think they are SO CUTE!

Here is Jillian refusing to take a picture...

And here she is after I bribed her!

Sweet Baby Jules...who NEVER cared about a passy or lovie (except when she was sleeping), until about a month ago. Now she wants then ALL THE TIME!!!

I think these jammies make her eyes look really cool!

Here is Jules throwing back on her sippy cup.
She learned to drink from her Daddy...wink wink! :)

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hungry Girl And Shirley Temple Hair

I have just a few random pictures or our Baby Jules...

Why is this girl sad, you ask?
Because this girl was HUNGRY...and she loves to eat!!!! And see this bottle? Well, it was one of the last ones she ever had because she now refuses to drink bottles or formula! Nice! This is my second baby that has totally weaned themselves from both right at 11 months no matter WHAT I had to say about it!
Here is the close up to show you just HOW dramatic one little baby can be about waiting one minute for their food! :) Those are some serious is like I almost starved her or something!
And NOW we are happy!!!!
Sweet girl...loves her breakfast!
And Now onto my girl Jillian. We have been experimenting with our sponge rollers a lot because it is just so darn cute. Seth prefers her hair natural and straight, but I just love it the day or so after we have curled cute!
Well, this one time, I must have gotten those rollers in REALLY tight. Because, when we pulled them out that morning, she totally looked like Shirley Temple! It looked super-funny at first, but eventually fell some and looked a little more normal. Still...I feel like these pictures don't even look like Jillian!
Little Shirley look-a-like!
She was so excited and laughing about her hair! She loved the way it felt bouncing around her head!

The back. Who knew her hair could do this!?

Sweet as Candy!
I always tell her she looks so sweet that I want to eat her for breakfast! Now she will say..."No Mom, you can't eat me for breakfast!"

Fruit Salad...yummy, yummy!

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Monday, March 23, 2009

St. Patty's Day

Here are the girls on St. Patrick's Day. I tried to find all green, but in a house full of girls, it is impossible, I think, not to have a little pink mixed in! You know what else is impossible???? Getting 2 girls to smile at the same time!

The best of the worst

Jillian's go-to face. She thinks this is smiling for the camera and does this immediately every time we sit down for a picture! Isn't it lovely? It is because I have tried to teach her to not close her eyes when she she is concentrating so hard on not closing the eyes! Isn't that funny?

This is more like it...exactly what our "photo shoots" look like these day!


Here is Jules in this outfit that I thought was SOOOOOOOOOO ARORABLE when Jillian wore it. I think I stole it from my mom's stash of clothes too! Isn't that funny...I mean, it is so random and nothing couture or anything, but I just LOVED this outfit!

Here is Jillian at 15 months in the exact same outfit!

Here is Jules rolling around all over the couch...this is her very favorite game. She will just roll from one end to the other and giggle and laugh. It is pretty funny to watch her.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

We HEART Spring!

We have been really enjoying the spring weather this week. Our little family loves to be outside in the sun as much as possible...and we got to enjoy our Texas spring every single afternoon this week with the temperature in the upper 70s or lower 80s!!!! My personal favorite part is breaking out the girls' spring wardrobes! Jillian...being the lucky first born...already has a brand new wardrobe for the warm months. In Texas...we get it warm from March until we need LOTS of fun Summer clothes. Jules' "new" wardrobe consists of all Jillian hand-me-downs...and a little bit of Dale Girls hand-me-downs just to keep it interesting! She doesn't mind though, because we have some REALLY fun and great clothes from that time! Also...Mimi always seems to buy Baby Jules some new outfits every now and the girl has more clothes than she knows what to do with! I love getting into Jillian's old clothes that are now for Jules because I have special memories for each piece it seems. But...that could be another post altogether! Here are some pictures of us girls hanging out outside enjoying some fresh air

My adorable little one giving me a big grin! It is so rare that I can get her to smile for me. I must have bribed her with gum or something.

Jillian on her tricycle. Please ignore the messy garage. I am refinishing some furniture...and is just in MAJOR need of a clean out!

Baby Jules crawling on the grass. She was NOT loving that feeling!

Little girl wants to be picked up...again! Sigh.

Isn't she cute? I'm sorry...but I am the mom and I think she is adorable!
That face is too much for us!

Does anyone else sense some major attitude on this one? HA! Jules LOVES
this car...she will be totally content to walk around it or sit in the seat for a good
30 minutes or so! This allows mommy to soak up some rays for a good bit...thank goodness!

Silly Jilly
And Since my girl is doing some MAJOR teething these days, I thought a Popsicle
would be a nice treat. So here is Jules with her very first Popsicle...
Yum...this is good!

She is really going for it now...

She can't quite figure out which end to eat! HA!

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