Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hungry Girl And Shirley Temple Hair

I have just a few random pictures or our Baby Jules...

Why is this girl sad, you ask?
Because this girl was HUNGRY...and she loves to eat!!!! And see this bottle? Well, it was one of the last ones she ever had because she now refuses to drink bottles or formula! Nice! This is my second baby that has totally weaned themselves from both right at 11 months no matter WHAT I had to say about it!
Here is the close up to show you just HOW dramatic one little baby can be about waiting one minute for their food! :) Those are some serious tears...it is like I almost starved her or something!
And NOW we are happy!!!!
Sweet girl...loves her breakfast!
And Now onto my girl Jillian. We have been experimenting with our sponge rollers a lot because it is just so darn cute. Seth prefers her hair natural and straight, but I just love it the day or so after we have curled it...so cute!
Well, this one time, I must have gotten those rollers in REALLY tight. Because, when we pulled them out that morning, she totally looked like Shirley Temple! It looked super-funny at first, but eventually fell some and looked a little more normal. Still...I feel like these pictures don't even look like Jillian!
Little Shirley look-a-like!
She was so excited and laughing about her hair! She loved the way it felt bouncing around her head!

The back. Who knew her hair could do this!?

Sweet as Candy!
I always tell her she looks so sweet that I want to eat her for breakfast! Now she will say..."No Mom, you can't eat me for breakfast!"

Fruit Salad...yummy, yummy!

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Rachel said...

I am so ashamed of my kids breakfasts after seeing yours!!! Poptarts or Eggos vs. fresh fruit???

I love Jillian's hair!! I love Claire's hair that night after it has fallen, except she always looks so old!! I love Jilly's facial expressions, she it totally hamming it up =)!

Carolyn said...

Jilly is a total ham for the camera these days and I love it...her hair is adorable!

ps, can Aunt Carol come over for a breakfast like that please?

Allison said...

adorable hair! my girls are jealous! Or at least I am...would love to watch the twilight movies with you too!!

Vanessa said...

Super cute pictures!! Love the hair.

Courtney Rogers said...

Her hair is SOOo cute! I'm in love with the next to last picture!

Lane said...

Jules is getting so big! She is such a little cutie!

Jillian is just too precious with those curls!

Yeah, and way to go on the breakfast! Is that an everyday thing?? You rock! :)

Summer said...

Okay, that first pic of Jules is too cute! How odd- a dramatic girl in our family??? wink wink
As for Jilly, I might eat her for breakfast. Her hair is adorable. I can hardly believe that her and Emerson are related when it comes to hair. Can you pray for Emerson's hair to grow long and amazing like you must have prayed for Jillys? I think I forgot to pray the "long hair prayers" for my babies!

SDG said...

Those curls are too cute!!! And little Jules' hair is getting longer too! I can't believe she is almost one!

I always tell Olivia she's so sweet I could poor her on my pancakes! :)

Tara Gibson said...

jules is too cute.

LOVE Jillian's hair! that is just too precious

Elizabeth said...

The girls look so cute in these pictures! I love the curls!!! I so wish we had enough hair for that- maybe one day!!!

Gifted Sistas said...

PRECIOUS! Jules's eyes are BEAUTIFUL and Jillian is adorable...those curls are too cute!