Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby Jules is 10 Months

Ok, so Baby Jules turned 10 months old on February 22nd...but oh well! I have just gotten my computer back from the doctor for the second time this we will see if it will actually let me get about my life now! So, Baby Jules is 10 months old and just really getting big! She no longer looks like a baby at all...and is a toddler. And that makes me very sad. Last weekend I went with Summer and our friend Tika to scrapbook for an entire night in a hotel, and I ACTUALLY started Jules' scrapbook. I was very sad looking back at all of my pictures and realizing that she is already almost 1! I remember the day Seth and I found out we were pregnant with her, and we freaked out not knowing how we would handle 2 so close together...and here we are. So, here are some things that Jules has been up to in month 10!

  • She is still VERY clingy. I now go to the gym WAY too early so as to not have to take her in there every day. I also sit with her in the church nursery or walk around the lobby with her. I keep wondering why I even attempt to go to church anymore, but then I remember that she HAS to get used to it soon!
  • Baby Jules has pretty much given up formula and bottles. She just will not drink them at all unless we are in the car. And even then, it is every other one. Jillian also gave up bottles at 10 months, but still did formula until almost a year.
  • She STILL isn't walking yet...just crawling for 5+ months now. She is standing for long periods of time without holding onto anything....but no first steps...yet. I stick to my prediction of in her 11th month!
  • Baby Jules is finally clapping! YEAH! Her first trick. I feel major guilty because I always read to Jillian and taught her all of these things right on schedule. But, I just recently realized that Baby Jules knows Jillian and I have been trying to have a crash course in all baby tricks so that Jules can be smart too! :)
  • The child is still an amazing eater and wants to eat all of the time! She will eat almost anything that I give her and I LOVE this stage without picky eating!!!! She really can eat A LOT and we call her things like Chubbs and Hass! I know, I know...these are not good nicknames, especially for a we will have to stop this soon!
  • Baby Jules is getting a big temper! No longer is she my sweet little easy-going girl!!!! If Jillian takes something from her or she doesn't quite get her way, she will throw herself (very dramatically) on the floor and kick her 10 MONTHS!!!! Isn't this a little early to be a drama queen...and how did I get 2 of them?????
  • Baby Jules is still mainly just saying Mama and Dada...but I know she is also trying to say Jilly, Tyson, and Kitty. Seth and I have heard her VERY OFTEN make the same sound for these words. So, I know she is working on that vocabulary!
  • She still has the 2 teeth on the bottom, but all 4 of her top teeth are coming in...with just two peaking out as we speak. We love her toothy is precious!
  • Baby Jules is still a GREAT night time sleeper...and a crappy napper.

So, here are a few pictures of my girl to see what she was up to during her 10th month!

Baby Jules at 10 months

Jillian at 10 months (for comparison)

Walking around behind anything that will move...including Jillian's potty chair

Eating everything!!!! This girl is SO happy when she gets something yummy to eat!

Jules celebrated her first Valentine's Day! What a sweet girl!

Here is Baby Jules in the church nursery. You can tell she is crying...even
though I am standing across the room!!!!

Jillian and Baby Jules riding the germ-infested mechanical car at Toys R Us.

Baby Jules LOVES bath time! She is slowly NOT wanting in this seat anymore though!

Eating again! She has a hard time keeping her eyes open for my flash.

Getting into usual.

One tired little girl...fell asleep in the car.

Not sure why everything is centering here...blogger is really in need of an upgrade!

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Rachel said...

Sweet girl!! I love those cheeks!!! Feel your pain on the nursery - I did not attend church until Claire was like 3 or something =)!

Carolyn said...

I love the huge open mouthed smile...that is such a Jilly thing for her to do. She is such a sweet girl!!

Mindy said...

I still love the cheeks too! I cant believe she is almost one! That seemed so fast to me. I feel like you just blogged about finding out you were having a girl! So I have an idea for your next post-you need to blog about your typical how you manage 2 girls all day long, and do you ever get sick of the same routine. haha. I am just wondering, It seems a lot easier to be at school because there are so many other kids-but I am s much more tired on the weekend with just 1 Elem than all the kids at school. Okay post away B!