Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Jules is 11 months old...1 month and counting...

My SWEET Baby Jules turned 11 months old last Sunday, March 22nd. That means, that is about 3 short weeks, she will be 1!!!! That is just too hard to believe and I am honestly so sad about it. I just can't believe that she won't be a baby anymore...although she will always be my Baby Jules! I jut sent out first birthday invitations the big first birthday is coming up fast! Here are some things that our Baby has been up to in her 11th month...

  • She has become REALLY attached to her lovie. She used to could care less and only needed it in the bed. Well, now...she wants it all the time. Some people might thing this is annoying, but I think it is really sweet! The funniest thing is that she will always drop her 2 lovies and all of her pacis outside of her bed after she wakes up in the morning. Well, later in the day, we will be playing in the living room, and she will disappear to her room and return with a lovies and paci. It is like she either plans that or just remembers that she dropped them and can go get them on her own! LOVE that!
  • She is still super clingy although I have gotten to attend church AND take communion for the last two weeks. I did find out that the nursery director (who is a friend) did walk around with Jules for the last bit of church just to be nice and not distract me. Still...2 weeks of church in a row is just what I needed!
  • Jules did take her final bottle and is completely done with formula. She is now drinking whole milk and seems to like it just fine. She sure does like to get a sip or two of Jillian's chocolate milk when she can get her hands on it though!
  • Jules has finally started to take a few steps. Her biggest run is only 2 steps, but she has done it several times. I think she HAS to be walking in the next couple weeks. She is SO right there...she must just take the plunge!
  • She has 2 teeth on the bottom, and 4 on the top...although those 4 are just BARELY poking through. I am sure by her first birthday they will be showing in pictures.
  • Jules is still only saying Mama and Dada...but she "talks" her own language A LOT! She is constantly saying something, although we just don't know what it is. I do know she tries to say Jilly. Every time I get her out of bed, she says it and looks around for her.
  • Baby Jules has 2 tricks...she waves ByeBye...which is the backward (hand facing herself) wave. Love that! Also, she claps. Are we dealing with a genius here or what people? :)

And are some pictures of our Baby Jules and what she has been up to.

Baby Jules at 11 months

Jillian at 11 months (for comparison)

This is a good example of what Jules looks like as soon as I set her down. She just looks up at me crying and begging to be picked back up. Then she crawls and follows me everywhere! How is a Mama supposed to get any cooking or cleaning done??? Pardon that messy shirt...teething causes some serious drool!

I know I just posted this picture, but I love it...and this is my blog, so there!
Here is Jules looking like pure icing! I just want to lick her here...but I won't!

Here is Jules taking her last bottle.

Playing outside...she loves this swingset that CC and B-Pa got Jillian for her first birthday!

Here she is with her two best friends..her paci and lovie. I had bought her this precious lovie before she was born, and she likes that one okay...but, prefers this random one that is so NOT the cutest one in the world! Isn't that how these kiddos do it?

She REALLY loves this toy car. She just walks around it, sits in it and giggles forever!

First Popsicle

Here she is eating and looking extremely greasy! I posted this not-cute picture to show you how she always props her foot up on her chair! It is really classy! I keep saying it is the Arkansas in her! HA!!! Sorry AR friends and family...just a joke!
AND FINALLY...the outtakes of the monthly picture

where did she go?
loves her bear

Big giggles here!

and shes off...
Ok, my next ALL Jules post will be her first birthday! WOW...

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Carolyn said...

That Arkansas comment was hilarious!! I actually looked at that picture and immediately thought of the night you and Seth got engaged...remember how OILY he was??!!!! SO NERVOUS!!!

I cannot believe she is almost one!

Rachel said...

I cannot believe how fast she has grown up!!! Can't wait to see Bday pics!!

Time to start thinking about #3....I know you are so cussing me =)!!!

Dallas said...

there is no way that she is almost a year old! ughhh, time goes too quickly!

marcy said...

I'm pretty sure she also says Kee Kee (as in kitty kitty). When I say it to her she repeats it and looks around for Zoe.
I love you Jules!
PS I love that you love "kee kees" too!

Mittig family said...

As fast as the first year goes, the second goes even more quickly (if that's possible)!!! She is one of the prettiest little girls-I love those big blue eyes! We need to get together soon before these kids are all grown up!

Heather said...

We have girls the same age, mine just turned one! She is sooooo cute! What a doll, just found you through another blog and loved reading!

Anonymous said...


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