Monday, March 2, 2009

Some Bathtime Fun

Here are the girls enjoying their favorite part of the day...bath time! I have some really cute booty pictures, but decided to leave them off of the blog to save us from all the internet creeps out there. Anyway, here are some cute ones of my girls...

Baby Jules LOVES the faucet

Jillian being modest in front of my camera...GOOD!

Baby Jules just chews on all of the foamy bath toys. They all have 2 teeth prints in them!!!

What...who me?

Sweet fresh and so clean

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Carolyn said...

I love the hooded baby towels, Jaime got a bunch at the shower and I told her that she needed them all. Told her that you would sometimes go through 2 a bath because clean babies like to pee on them!! :)

I love when you put Jilly's hair up in that cute messy bun/p-tail...too cute.

Rachel said...

Cute pictures!! Bathtime is great!!!