Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Valentines Day and Mimi's Birthday

Ok, I know...these posts are so old! Who cares about Valentines Day anymore right? Well, we did because it was also Mimi's birthday! So, on Valentines morning, we all got together at Aunt Summer's house for a birthday brunch for Mimi. We had a great breakfast, Mimi got a cake and presents, and of course...she always has Valentines goodies for all the girls.

My little Valentines

Baby Jules-10 months

Jillian-2 years and 8 months

Happy Girl (By the way...this was Jillian at before her Valentines party at school...and her teacher later told me that none of the kids recognized Jillian for a while with her hair up like this and mostly because she didn't have a bow in her hair! Made me proud!)

Aunt K and all the girls

This is the fruit tray that I brought. I thought it was beautiful, so I had to take a picture.

Me, Mimi, Aunt Summer, Aunt K...and what you can barely see is Baby Jules trying to escape up the stairs in the background. In one of the pictures she is halfway up the stairs! Oops!

Mimi and Papaw

The Birthday Girl and all her GrandGirls

Mimi opening her gifts

Jillian getting Valentine presents from Mimi and Papaw

Baby Jules opening her Valentines

Mimi made each GrandGirl their very own "I Heart You" cookie!

Mimi's yummy strawberry birthday cake

The Happy Birthday Girl
Later on in the day, we had our own little Valentine Party. First of all, ever since we have had kids...we just decided not to go out on Valentines night. It is hard to get a babysitter and so we just didn't nap the kids, gave them an early dinner and their Valentines and sent them on to bed WAY early! That way, Seth and I could have a home. So, Seth just got this new smoker and he smoked us some Salmon for dinner...and it was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! So much better than going out!!!!

Jillian opening her Valenties from Mommy and Daddy...a new Princess nightgown!

Here she is modeling her new nightgown and matching slippers. I think she looks so old and big in this picture!

Baby Jules opening her Valentines! She also got new jammies...what can I say? Jammies are my favorite!

Eating some chocolate covered strawberries

This girl has THE BIGGEST sweet tooth!

My annual homemade choclate covered strawberries. I have made them for about 8 years now??? Wow...I am getting so good at it! I am sure that Godiva will be calling me very soon! :)

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Rachel said...

What a fun day!! I was trying to get a good look at the the proof picture you gave Mimi of the girls - it is gorgeous!!! You should post those!! I loved the V day outfits!!

Good for yall and your date at home!!

Marcy said...

Brittney -
Thank you,Seth,Daddy,Sum,Layton,K and all the little girls for the fun birthday party! I am blessed -the way all of you take care of me!

You MUST share your secrets on Chocolate Dipping Strawberries. Godiva Strawberries never looked that good.
PS (I bet some of your other bloggers want to know how you do it also)

Rachel said...

This is too funny - because last night, after I ordered the stupid thing, I told Shane "I think Brittney may have done this and it was wrong!". Blame it on the pregnancy brain that I did not think of it before!!! Oh well, I will try to send it back or put it in on ebay =).

Claire will not let me take a picture of her hair!! She is so embarrassed now and refuses to let me do it. Today was the first day that I even got a picture of her since then and she had to inspect it to make sure you could not see the bad bangs =). BEWARE - I didn't think she would ever do it so watch your pretty girls and their blonde locks =).

Carolyn said...

I absolutely HATE that the girls (Annie and Macy included) look so old in these pictures! WTF!?

The fruit tray and strawberries are gorgeous B!!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

wow look at those strawberries! what a fun party! and cute little girls :)

annalee said...

what a wonderful valentine's day. i don't think it's ever too late to share about that holiday. your girls' v-day outfits are absolutely priceless!

Courtney Rogers said...

Do you package and ship those chocolate covered strawberries??? I sure could use some about now!!! Yummy!

Sandi said...

I do have to say that the fruit tray was beautiful! :)