Monday, March 23, 2009

St. Patty's Day

Here are the girls on St. Patrick's Day. I tried to find all green, but in a house full of girls, it is impossible, I think, not to have a little pink mixed in! You know what else is impossible???? Getting 2 girls to smile at the same time!

The best of the worst

Jillian's go-to face. She thinks this is smiling for the camera and does this immediately every time we sit down for a picture! Isn't it lovely? It is because I have tried to teach her to not close her eyes when she she is concentrating so hard on not closing the eyes! Isn't that funny?

This is more like it...exactly what our "photo shoots" look like these day!


Here is Jules in this outfit that I thought was SOOOOOOOOOO ARORABLE when Jillian wore it. I think I stole it from my mom's stash of clothes too! Isn't that funny...I mean, it is so random and nothing couture or anything, but I just LOVED this outfit!

Here is Jillian at 15 months in the exact same outfit!

Here is Jules rolling around all over the couch...this is her very favorite game. She will just roll from one end to the other and giggle and laugh. It is pretty funny to watch her.

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Rachel said...

Jilly's new face is hilarious!! You know - in that old picture of Jillian she really looks like the Dale girls (well I guess really the Allison girls as they all look like you and your sisters, but anyways)...Cute pictures!! Glad that you are blogging again =)!!

annalee said...

i think the splash of pink goes quite nicely with all the green:)

isn't it funny how we get attached to certain outfits? one of adelaide's outfits last summer was totally that way to me, just a knit bubble suit from babiesrus but i couldn't dress her in it enough!

i'm dying laughing at the face jillian makes to keep her eyes open, love it!