Monday, March 9, 2009

My Little Healthy Eaters

There are a lot of things that we struggle with our girls on...but so far we have been really blessed with healthy eaters! Jillian has always preferred fruit over anything else...and this is a huge blessing in itself. But, the child also really LOVES some vegetables...and I know this is not normal for most kids. Seth and I are really on a health kick right now...and Jillian is right there with us. She will eat (and love) asparagus, salad, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. etc. We eat a lot of grilled fish, salmon, shrimp, mushrooms and asparagus almost every single weekend. Both girls will eat everything we eat. We think that Jillian has a very mature pallet! :) Jules also will eat fruits and vegetables and everything else...but that is just because this child will eat ANYTHING that you give her right now. I know those days are numbered, so I will just try and enjoy them while I can.

BTW...don't get me wrong. Jillian also has a GIANT sweet tooth that I have to keep in check because a certain Daddy brings candy home every night and wants to reward the child for simply breathing because he thinks it is fun! So...the eating isn't perfect of course!!!!

Here are some pictures of my girls eating some salmon, asparagus, and cantaloupe...

Jillian's yummy dinner

My healthy girl

The kid LOVES asparagus. Her and I eat it for a snack almost every day!

Sweet Baby Jules just wants to eat...

Yummy! My girl covered in salmon!!!
And if you are wondering, yes...we usually every dinner without clothes. Well, the girls do...not us! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO over all the stain removal I have done in these last 3 years!

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Carolyn said...

Its not shocking to me that the girls love healthy foods, I've always known that about them...but salmon??!! That is awesome's a strong flavored fish and it's pretty amazing that they love it!

It has to be the smoker and the way it's cooked ;)

Carolyn said...

Seriously, movie night...can we plan that please? Also, you are more than welcome to join Kyle and I for the baking class...will send you info if you want!!

Rachel said...

OMG Brittney - I am soooo impressed!! You should be so proud of your little healthy eaters... and you and Seth!!! You have no idea how many nights of torture you do not have to experience!!! If I give my 2 little "simple pallets" anything but spaghetti, chicken, taco meat and cheese, or pork disguised as chicken, I get folded arms and pouting!! Both of them will starve, and some nights they do (not really, but we try =)) is like they band together against us!!! I could just see their faces if I gave them salmon!!

Naked babies at dinner are hilarious!!

Mindy said...

B-we are totally on the same page-well not the healthy eating thing because you know how picky I am, but on the naked babies at dinner time! I make Elem take his shirt off at just about every meal. I cant stand staind clothes-it really makes me upset! haha! Good job on the veggies-way better than me yo!

Lane said...

Wow you go girl! We NEVER used to have that problem with Sterling either...until just recently. Ugh! It's annoying! Pray that this lasts! :)

Kelly said...

Topless dining! I love it.