Thursday, July 31, 2008

Making Cookies for Daddy

Jillian and I made some cookies for Daddy this week. Jillian is SO my daughter...I think she likes the dough better than the cookie! Here she is sampling our work...

"Hmmm...which one do I want?"

"Maybe I will just take a chocolate chip from this one..."

Diving right in!!! Love her face in this one!

Happy Girl

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Carol

Today is my very best friend's 29th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT CAROL!!!!! Carolyn and I have been best friends since early high school. We were actually just trying to figure out exactly when the magic happened between us, and couldn't remember! It really seems like she has been there forever. Carolyn is really like a sister to me...she is the truest girlfriend that I have ever have! Our friendship has survived college...with her partying in Miami...and me living it up (not) at Harding! And now, here we are back in Dallas together! I am so blessed to have Carolyn in my life and as my best friend. She is probably the ONLY girlfriend that I will be able to say that I have had for a lifetime!

So, here is to you Carolyn! I hope you have a fabulous day today and keep on celebrating!

Love you...B

Aunt Carol and Me

Most of my pictures of Carolyn, weren't the best, so I decided to steal some of my favorites off of her blog....

Here is Carolyn being extra cool in her Ed Hardy hat...

Here is Carolyn looking sweet and cute in double braids...

Here is Carolyn and her Knight and Shining Armor...

Here is Carolyn doing her best monkey...

And here is Carolyn doing what she does best! Yes, was Carolyn who gave me my first drink!!!

Here is Carol doing what she does 2nd best...and that is loving on my babies! She is the best Aunt Carol in the world!!!!


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Monday, July 28, 2008

Jules is 3 Months Old

Baby Jules turned 3 months old last week and I am just now getting her post up. We have had a REALLY busy Summer...and not in a good way...and so hopefully things are slowing down now! Oh yeah, back to Baby Jules...

Jules at 3 months is finally time to break out the big bowbands! Oh HAPPY day!

Jillian at 3 months old (for comparison)

At 3 months old, Jules is ALMOST sleeping through the night. She has had a couple of nights where she goes from 10 p.m. to around 7 a.m. She also has some nights where she wakes up to be fed around 4 a.m. MOSTLY though, she goes to bed at 10 p.m. or so and sleeps until around 4 a.m., where I offer her the passy...and this keeps her content until morning! So, we think she is doing a really good job. She is still sleeping in a bassinet in my room...I totally mean to move her, but I just don't want to yet!!! We moved Jillian to her room at 8 weeks and planned to do the same with Jules. Then she got sick, and I was watching her breathe at night...and now she is fine and I just don't want to move her! She may be my last baby and I want it to just go really slowly!!!! I think Seth and I agreed to give it a couple more weeks and then let her be on her hoo!

Baby Jules also rolled over on her own from front to back the week before she turned 3 months. I am NOT happy about this at all, because as far as I am concerned, I just want her to lay there and do nothing for at least 6 or so years. I mean, I DO NOT want my baby growing up so fast!!! She definitely hasn't asked me if she can roll over!!! I have since quit putting her on her tummy and now just leave her on her back! KIDDING people!

Jules is really THE smiliest baby I have ever seen. Sometimes she will be back in my room sleeping and I go to check on her, and she is awake and just smiling up at nothing! She is just so happy and we are blessed to have her sweet personality added to the mix in our house.

Here are some of the fun pictures of Jules over the last month...she really is growing so fast!

Here is Jules just hanging out with a couple of her closest friends

Here is Jules this past Sunday at lunch after church! She just passed right out after a little fussing. This is what happens to your child at lunch after church when your church decides to ONLY have a late service that starts at 10:30! Mom, Dad...Can I get an AMEN???

Here is Jules with her first toy that she has shown a MAJOR liking to. She loves to bat at these hanging toys and can even grab them already. She is usually having to share this spot with big sister...but LOVES her time alone here!

Here is Baby Jules just chillin'...waiting for our Friday night dinner out. She must think she is too cool for school in this picture!

Here she is passed out again! It is tiring to be this cute!!!

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Visit From an Old Friend

Last weekend I got to meet up with one of my old friends from Harding! Kim and I were friends a long time ago and were in Kojies together...but have not kept up since leaving school. HOWEVER...with this whole blogging connection, we stumbled onto eachother's blogs and have kept up with eachother's families that way. Kim has a daughter, Adalie, who is just a couple months younger than Jillian...and they seem to have sooooooo much in common! They are both wild and spunky, and Kim and I just know they would be the best of friends!!! Who knows, maybe they will be roommates in college one day!

Anyway, Kim and her cousin Sara were in Dallas looking for fun baby stuff since they are both having boys soon! We went shopping and to a long lunch and just had a lot of fun talking and laughing!!! Kim is due with Baby James in November, and Sara is due with Baby Boy in January! I took Baby Jules with me for our day out with friends, and we had a great time hanging out!!
Here are some pictures of our fun day.
Here is Kim feeding Baby Jules...and a picture of our yummy pizza at Campisi's!
Sara, Baby Jules, and Kim (Of course, they are both tall, skinny, and beautiful and barely showing any baby bump! Glad I wasn't pregnant too...I would NOT have hung out with these two!)

Kim and Me

Kim...we had so much fun and can't wait to get all the kids together SOON! nice to meet you and hope we can meet your precious boy next year!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where's Waldo?

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

100 Things About Me

All my posts are usually about my girls, but this one is about me...and it has no feel free to skip on over it! This is a post that I know NO ONE will read except Carolyn. She did a 100 things about me post about a month ago...and I have been working on mine ever since...for about 2 minutes at a time. So, here are 100 things about me. This will be boring to just skip right on over this post!!!! This is for you CJS!

1. I was born in Louisiana

2. I have lived in Texas for the last 21 years...not including college...and plan to live here for the next 50+!!!

3. My maiden name was Brittney Nicole Allison...and all my life I got told how I have three first names. DUH, people!!!

4. I have attended three DIFFERENT universities...Christian Universities too! Harding, Abilene Christian, and David Lipscomb

5. I was FORCED to withdrawal from one of those...but I was set up

6. I still graduated with my 150 accounting hours in 4 1/2 years

7. My parents have 3 daughters and 5 granddaughters

8. I hate being pregnant...I never felt beautiful and special like everyone else

9. I LOVE having children though

10. I think I was made to be a is the best job I have ever had...and the hardest!

11. I really am married to my best friend...we were BF's for a while before we started dating

12. Seth and I were each others very first SERIOUS relationship

13. We started dating when we were 20

14. I tore my ACL and meniscus playing soccer my sophomore year in high school

15. Seth loves to joke that it was my career-ending injury

16. I have a very small tattoo of a flower on my lower back

17. I got this tattoo with my best friend Carolyn TOTALLY on a whim...had never even considered it before that night. Glad I didn't get anything stupid! 16 year olds can be SO dumb!

18. I hate checking voicemails...I rarely listen to the ones that I get

19. I have a HUGE fear of something happening to my kids because I do not think I could live without both of them. This causes me to have a hard time leaving them

20. I have always been pretty laid back and still am about everything EXCEPT when it comes to my girls

21. My family quotes movies ALL the time. We can actually just have a conversation of movies quotes. Some of our favorites are Christmas Vacation, Big Business and Drop Dead Gorgeous. My little sister is the best at it

22. My Mom, Sisters and I also have this weird language that we speak in when we are on the phone with eachother. I don't even realize I am doing it until I see Seth looking at me like I am nuts! He hates the language!

23. I love to go out to eat

24. Mine and Seth's favorite hobby is going out to eat and sitting on a patio for a long dinner

25. I have always wanted twin boys

26. I think Seinfeld is COMPLETELY overrated! My sis and brother-in-law can relate most situations to a Seinfeld episode and Seth and I can do it to Friends

27. Gone With the Wind is my very favorite movie

28. I have driven a 1997 Toyota Celica, a 1999 Ford Expedition, a 2003 Nissan Murano, and a 2007 Ford Expedition

29. One of my favorite things to do each day is dress my girls...from their bows to their shoes...I love every part of it!

30. My best friend Carolyn and I have the EXACT same handwriting. This came in VERY handy in high school

31. I am an organizational closet is color-coordinated and things tend to get alphabetized around my house

32. You will find nothing on my walls except pictures of my family

33. Jillian and Jules will be able to learn the evolution of the cell phone by looking at the 12 or so cell phones I have had that are now in their toy box

34. My little sister started out her life as my cousin...we were lucky to get her as a sister 8 months later

35. My favorite restaurant is Anamia's in Coppell...Seth and I could eat there almost everyday and not get sick of it

36. I LOVE 90210...probably my most favorite show of all time and I am NOT ONE BIT ashamed of that. I still watch reruns sometimes...these came in really handy when I was nursing

37. Valerie Malone is my favorite character

38. Jillian likes to dance to the opening song

39. I started going to Harding when I was only 17 years old

40. I do not drink coffee EXCEPT on vacation or when I am absolutely freezing cold

41. I have only lived by myself once...for my very last semester at Harding

42. When I have taken one of those right brain/left brain tests...I ALWAYS score exactly 0, which is right in the middle. I get my intellectual side from my dad and my creative side from my mom

43.I really HATE the word princess for little is so overused

44. I probably take at least 10 pictures a day...that would be 300 a month if that month was filled with no holidays of birthdays. The number dramatically increases in those cases

45. Seth and I used to consider moving to the islands one day....this was before our babies. Who knows if we will revisit that thought in the distant future

46. I shoplifted a cookbook for my mom when I was a toddler and in a stroller

47. I have traveled out of the country to Canada (for work), Mexico many times (for fun), Jamaica (honeymoon), and the Bahamas many times (for fun)...but NEVER to Europe

48. I have never been to Europe and I really don't care to go. I am a beach vacationer all the way!

49. I would rather eat cookies in dough form than the finished product

50. My favorite dessert is carrot cake

51. My favorite drink is a margarita from Anamia' one can top it!

52. I really do love to work out...not the actual process of it...but I love the results and I LOVE how I feel when I am done. I have had to work out for as long as I can remember

53. Having babies has changed everything about my body

54. One of my favorite things I have done is create my babies nurseries. It is worth having a 3rd baby so that I can decorate another room...Seth disagrees

55. I wish I could sew

56. I have 2 HUGE scrapbooks of Jillian's first year. I have nothing completed so far for Jules...but will sometime in the next couple years. I wish I would have thought about Baby #2 before I decided to scrap each day of Jillian's first year!!!

57. I am a BIG Cowboys fan

58. I have always loved football for as long as I remember. I might be the closest to a son my Dad had before Layton and Seth came along

59. One of my favorite meals is Thanksgiving...turkey, dressing, and everything else

60. I always loved the name Savannah...but now it is becoming too popular. I still love it though

61. If either of my girls were boys, we would have named them Dirk after my Dad

62. My favorite color is green

63. I want a pool in my backyard SO bad I can taste it!

64. Seth and I really want to be a part of the perfect church...but haven't found it yet

65. I start planning my girls birthdays LONG before it is time

66. I have had two dogs that I have loved with all my heart...Miller (RIP 12/19/06) and Tyson

67. Loosing Miller was so hard that I NEVER want another dog

68. I love to read

69. I read 12 book between Jan 08 and when Jules was born in April...and not one book since

70. I also read gossip magazine for fun...but think I have grown out of that stage

71. I am kind of over celebrity nonsense...especially Brangelina...the most overrated of all time

72. The first gift that Seth ever gave me was a stuffed Hog that played the fight song

73. I talk to my sister Summer on the phone at least twice a day...usually for an hour each time. I don't know what we talk about, but we always have something very important to discuss

74. I have never had anything pierced except my ears when I was like 6

75. I go to Sonic almost every day and get a Route 44 water with lemon and a large diet coke. I have to fill up the water twice to flush out that bad diet coke

76. I am SO ready to be back to my pre-pregnancy size

77. I really wish that I could have a little boy, but I doubt that wish will ever come true

78. I love watching the Food Network

79. It makes me want to learn how to really cook and be good at it

80. I would love to take a baking class

81. I hate makes me feel like I can't breathe

82. I want my sister to start up a VBS at church...and I want to help her run it

83. I do not like bathroom is crude and gross

84. I have no desire to go camping...I am an A/C girl...don't take it from me

85. I get hot when I sleep...sometimes I sweat. Both of my babies do too

86. I used to be a big Britney Spears fan...I am still rooting for her

87. I hate to admit, but Jillian LOVES the Gimme More song...she loves to dance to that beat. I always bleep out the bad word in the beginning though!!!

88. Jillian also LOVES to dance to Madonna/Justin Timberlake 4 Minutes song...she gets so excited when it comes on the radio!

89. I am terrible with names. 9 times out of 10 I forget someones name as soon as I meet them. I work on it, but just can't seem to pay attention or something

90. My eyes are sometimes blue, sometimes green, and sometimes gray

91. I love getting spa pedicures

92. I can't wait to go on vacation with Seth in has been about 18 months since we went on vacation alone and we usually go every year. That is what having a baby will do to you

93. I love my sweet Jules. She was not planned AT ALL and now I can't imagine my life without her!

94. She is the biggest sign to me that God has a much better plan than I do!

95. I love that I am so close with my mom and sisters...I couldn't pick a better set of best friends

96. I talk to them every day on the phone even though we see eachother almost everyday

97. I am from Dallas, but Seth now knows how to get anywhere in the city...way better than I
do. I guess being in sales and driving around will do that to you

98. I never let my girls leave the house without bows on...even if we are just in the car to go through a drive through

99. I love my family so much that I can't bear the thought of anything happening to any of them. It scares me to ever think that I will have to deal with that one day

100. I miss my grandmother and know that she would be so happy to see me and my sisters and all of our daughters. I would love to know her now that I am an adult.

OK, well that is all! PHEW, I am done...thank goodness. I am sure that no one actually finished that whole post, but if you did, I hope I didn't bore you too much!!!! Thanks Carolyn for the fun idea!!!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Outfits Worth Posting About

My mom bought all five GRANDgirls matching outfits from Animal Crackers and they are TOO TOO cute! I definitely thought they were worth posting about! They debuted the outfits Friday night at our family dinner.

Jillian and Jules...just chillin

Jules and Jillian posing in the front yard...a daily occurrence

Emerson (21 months), Jillian (2), Ansley (6), Jules (3 months), Macy (4)

The ghetto picture outside of our Friday night restaurant on the ground...pretty good for 5 young girlies!!!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Jules Update...Hopefully the LAST one!

Jules just MAY be almost better...FINALLY! After a week of breathing treatments, we had to go back into the doctor to evaluate Jules and how she was doing. I had really noticed no change at all in her coughing and I felt as though the treatments weren't really doing anything. So, we go into the doctor and explain our week. Dr. Levy decided that Jules really MUST HAVE had the whooping cough. She said the test could have shown negative even if it was really positive. She just had all of the symptoms and there just happens to be some huge outbreak of the whopping cough in our area at this exact time ( Seth and I saw a story about it on the news the other night). So...that is the final diagnosis...the whooping cough. The good news is that we treated her a couple weeks ago when the symptoms first started...and so she should be in the clear from anything turning dangerous at this point. As far as the cough goes though, it can sometimes take up to six weeks to fully go away. So we may still have a couple more weeks of coughing. I can handle that just knowing that it will go away soon! In the meantime, we have put her on a reflux medicine twice a day because our doctor thinks that the whopping cough could have just upset her and is causing her to reflux a little too. I actually think I notice an improvement these last couple of days that she has been on the medicine. YEAH! I am just so glad that I don't have to worry about Jules not breathing okay anymore!!!!

Here is my sweet girl just grinning at me!

Oh...and if you like this onesie...too bad. Jules had a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR blowout in it the other night, and Seth and I made the decision to just toss definitely qualified as an infectious linen (ha ha...inside joke with my family!)! Too much to clean up and she will probably out grow it here before long too! See Ya, Be Ya Cupcake onesie!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random Jillian Tidbits

Jillian has gotten REALLY vocal since Baby came to live with us. She just talks all the time and says things that I had no idea that she even knew. I know that every parent goes through this phase of thinking their child is a please don't think I am braggy! But, she really does seem so smart sometimes! She tries saying every word she hears us say and sometimes her versions of words are too funny. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Bi-cut-cycle (Bicycle)
2. Pot-cut-cycle (Popsicle)
3. Mushca Mouse (Mickey Mouse)
4. Herego Mama (Here you go Mama)
5. See Ya, Be Ya (See Ya, Wouldn't want to be ya...guess who taught her that one!)
6. NemoDory (This is all one word for Nemo)
7. Baby Dooles Mecine (Baby Jules Medicine)
8. Brokie (Broken)
9. Opie (Open...but funny because we call my Great Grandmother Opie!)

Anyways, these are all really funny to us! She has great timing and just keeps us laughing all the time. I was on the phone with Summer yesterday morning and Jillian was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. When the show was over, I heard her say "See Ya, Be Ya Mushca Mouse!) Summer and I had a GREAT laugh at that one. I think Sum said now her girls are all saying "See Ya, Be Ya Mushca Mouse!!!" are some funny pictures of Jilly being her crazy self.

Jillian is not allowed to have her passy out of the bed. She knows it and tries to push us, but we don't let her. Well, my mom always makes these AWESOME wreath/mum type things for the hospital doors whenever we have any babies in our family. It is and has all sorts of fun things hanging on it: a cross, picture frame w/ Jillian's picture, Jules' name, teddy bear, passies...etc., etc. Well, I still have Jules' hanging on her bedroom door and Jillian has a new "game" she likes to play. Whenever I am changing Jules, she stands at the door and sucks on this fake passy! And I think she is serious about it! Here are some pictures of her in action.

Jillian sucking on fake passy

Here is the girl not even ashamed that she is 2 and has a passy in her mouth!!!

I know I have also mentioned Jillian's obsession with Nemo on here. Well, last week her cousins went to the beach in FL and they sent Jillian a postcard. The card had Nemo and Dory on it and Jillian carried it everywhere for two days. The funniest part to me though...she came to me and said, "Mama, Nemodory brokie." I figured out that she was trying to tell me the card was broken because it wouldn't open like normal cards. I thought this was pretty smart of her...she is used to regular cards and not post cards!!!

Here she is holding her brokie Nemodory postcard

She loves this card...we hear that Cousin Ansley picked it out...Good Job An!

Dancing with Nemodory

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Fourth of July...Better Late Than Never

Happy Fourth of July...just about 2 weeks too late!!! We have had a lot going on around here (see previous post)...which is why I am just now getting around to posting about our first road trip as a family of four!!!

My little blonde girls in their red, white, and blue

Baby always looks as though she is just tolerating Big Sister!

After Dr. Levy said it was okay for Jules to travel (July 3rd)...we packed up all four of us plus Tyson...and were on our way in about an hour! That is pretty good considering it was our first roadtrip with ALL FIVE of us, and I am a HUGE planner and had done absolutely NO planning or packing since I thought we weren't going! We debated on actually making the trip, but it will be so long before we are actually able to get back up to we thought we would just give it a shot! The car ride didn't go bad at all. Jules was her usual perfect self in the car and Jillian did GREAT considering past roadtrips with her. She is now at a fun age because we don't watch Barney or the Wiggles anymore. We watched Toy Story 1, Toy Story 2, and Nemo the entire way up and down...but I will take a Disney movie over Barney HANDS DOWN! Tyson was lucky enough to take a MAJOR leap up the food chain and got to sit shotgun. I decided to save myself all the trouble of climbing back and fourth and I just sat between the two girls. There were times when I was holding a bottle in one hand and dishing out raisins with another! What a sight. I actually meant to take a panoramic of my view from the backseat, but never got around to it.

So, we get to Arkansas just in time for some food and fireworks. Now, being from the city...fireworks to me, means going to a HUGE show put on by professionals from far away. Well, that is not how it is in Arkansas. Just about anyone can buy and set off fireworks anywhere in the city! The Patterson's had a good crowd out on the night of the 3rd...and they put on a nice show. I am actually only assuming it was nice because we spent the whole night in the living room. My girls HATED the fireworks...Jilly and Jules are city girls just like their mama!!! Jillian preferred sitting on the couch and watching Nemo. We did get her to check a few out from the window, but she was not interested! I think they were just too close for comfort with her...I don't blame her!

That night as we went to bed...we figured out the best sleeping arrangement that we could. I want to include it on here, so that Seth and I can look back one day and laugh! Jillian is notorious for being a great sleeper...but ONLY in her bed. She never has slept with us...not once. But, the child will sleep 12-13 hours every night in her own bed. Always before when we came to AR, we would put her in the pack and play in the room next to ours with a sound machine, and Seth and I would sit in bed not breathing all night so that we didn't wake her. Well, she is obviously too big for the pack and play now! So, we had a blow up mattress and Seth and Jillian slept there. Me, Jules, and Tyson ended up sleeping on the bed. Jillian ended up just passing out each night because we let her stay up so late!!! worked! We actually got decent sleep compared to our other trips to AR!

Here is Jillian that first night that we were in AR. It rained from the second we stepped out of the car off and on all night and the humidity was ridiculous! The Patterson's lost power in the storm too, and so we had NO AIR!!! Jilly was SOOOOOOOOO dirty..I could hardly look at her! She was covered in dirt and sweat and I just felt so sorry for the girl! I think my camera is even having a hard time looking at her! :) This is right before a major nighttime meltdown...and a HOT shower!

On the day of the 4th, a lot of Seth's family came out for lunch and some boating! We had a really great time with Great Aunt Lynn, Great Uncle Tommy, Grandmother, Cousins Jacob and Jenny, and Uncle David. Seth's bro, Uncle Caleb came too from Dallas. He decided NOT to ride with us, since the last time he did, all I did was pump!!! Jillian started calling Cable TV. So, that is what he shall be called! Jilly loves her Uncle Cable.

Mommy, Jilly, and Baby on the fourth...and Tyson of course!

Mommy and Baby

Jillian holding her little sister!

B-Pa showing Jillian how to drive the boat...or is it the other way around???

"Hey B-Pa...I got this!"

Jules getting ready for her very first ride on the boat!

CC trying to convince Jillian to walk all the way to the lake

Here is Great Aunt Lynn getting her hands on Baby Jules

Here is Great Aunt Lynn getting her hands on Jilly! Aunt Lynn LOVES our girls and checks our blog more than I do!!!

Here is Grandmama doing her thing with Baby Jules...she has such a way with the babies

Uncle Tommy REALLY knew his stuff with Baby Jules! She immediately was content whenever Uncle Tommy picked her up! He also promised Jules a horse ride the next time we are up!

Here is Seth on his way back up from the lake riding on the wave runner. I put this picture on here because I think he looks hot in his life jacket!

Here is Tyson just enjoying being in the country! He also likes that he gets to eat cat food all week long!

Jillian taking an after-dinner hike. I love this picture.

Here is Jillian at the end of the night on the 4th...SO tired! She fell asleep on Daddy WHILE Uncle Cable and his friends were still setting off fireworks! This poor girl was TIRED!!!

And here is Baby just doing her thing. She really got tired of being passed around be everyone and wanted to just lay down and stretch her legs!!

Here is Jillian being a little country girl!

On our last day in AR, we woke up to two sick girls. Jillian had a runny nose and wouldn't stop sneezing. She was also in a TERRIBLE mood and acting like she didn't feel well at all. This is actually not surprising because EVERY SINGLE TIME we are in AR, Jillian gets sick. She never eats a thing, and then she either runs a fever or gets a cold of some sort. I don't know what her deal is! Then, Baby Jules barfed everywhere!!!! I am already nervous about her because of the never-ending cough, so we decided to just call it quits and head back home.

Here is Jilly right in the middle of throwing a HUGE fit that morning! I think she had enough of all the excitement...she couldn't handle herself anymore. This is nothing new for me...I see MANY of these throughout each day! Isn't 2 the best age??? NOT!

B-Pa, Uncle Cable, Jillian, CC, Cousin Jenny, and Baby Jules at our farewell lunch. CC and Aunt Lynn cooked the best lunch that day!

Uncle Cable and Jilly...she just loves him!!

The car ride home was A LOT longer! Jillian didn't sleep but about 25 minutes and she was so bored. I also ran out of magazines and didn't even bother bringing a I had to just sit by Jillian and listen to her complain! NOT fun at all. As soon as we got home, we scrubbed both girls clean and got them ready for bed. In an effort to help the girls NOT get any sicker...I boiled EVERYTHING that might touch their mouths!!! Passy's everywhere! Jillian sleeps with one in her mouth and holds about 5 of them in her hands each they all had to take a hot bath! We are definitley ridding J of the passy before our next trip!!!

We had a good time in Arkansas and really enjoyed seeing all of Seth's family! Traveling with babies is not easy at all...but we found with Jillian, that as she got older, each trip got easier! I am sure that one day we will go on a trip and actually get to stay the entire time that we planned to!

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