Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Seth!!!

Seth's birthday was this past Saturday...but due to my Internet being down all week and having a sick baby (more on that later), I am just now posting! June is an obviously VERY busy month for us. Every weekend we have a HUGE event...our anniversary, Father's Day, Jillian's birthday, and then Seth's birthday! We do lots of partying and picture taking during the month of June!!!

But now on to the main attraction......HAPPY BIRTHDAY SETH!!!!

We had a fun day on Seth's big day. I told Seth that we could do anything he wanted for his day and he wanted to go to the pool and grill out that night. So, that is exactly what we did. We started the day off with some homemade breakfast. I made Seth some bacon (his very favorite) and some biscuits and gravy. Seth and Jillian enjoyed their yummy breakfast together. Me and Baby had to miss out since we are both on diets...hers a liquid diet and mine just does NOT include bacon...or gravy.

Of course...being in a house of all girls...all we had were pink candles. I am sure that Seth is going to continue to get used to pink being the primary color around here!

Here are these two buddies playing around with their breakfast.

And here is Baby sleeping away but still wearing her cupcake onesie in support of Daddy's b-day

Then Seth got to open some presents. I am a terrible gift giver because I always want Seth to open the gifts immediately. I had been begging him all week to open and barely made it to Saturday morning. So...he opened his gifts from Jillian and Jules...

Getting some much-needed help from Jillian on reading his card

Opening the gifts...

Then we all went to the grocery store and Costco to get our yummy dinner that Seth wanted to cook. Then we went to the pool for about 3 hours...it was just the usual at the pool...Jillian and Seth playing out in the water...Mama sitting in the shallow end listening to Baby...and Baby sleeping in the shade. Just another usual day at the Castle Hills pool! I was a sucky picture taker...and didn't take any pictures of us all out at the pool! BUMMER!

Here are Jillian and Jules discussing how great their Daddy is!

Here is Daddy opening up his gift from Mommy! Both girls wanted to help.

Seth and J sharing an inside joke, no doubt!

What a big help!!!
Then, Seth got visits from my parents, then The Dales, then Aunt Kourtney...all dropping off their gifts for him. By about this time, Jillian was in a bad mood from being worn out at the pool and baby was really fussy(still...more about this later)...so I didn't take any pictures of our dinner either! Seth grilled out some nice ribeye steaks, asparagus, and corn on the cob! It was so good and he did a great job! I really wish that I had a picture to share! Nothing like cooking on your own birthday...but it was his choice!
So, Seth...we hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday! We all loved celebrating what a wonderful Daddy and Husband you are!!! WE love you...B, Jilly, and Baby

This was before church on Sunday...Seth and Jillian just having a quick tea party before church! He is such a good Daddy!!!!!

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Carolyn said...

So you left out the best part....what did Seth get for his birthday?!?! How could you leave out the deets on the goods???
Happy Birthday Seth!

Kristin said...

Stink - we didn't know that it was Seth's birthday! We have to celebrate soon!

Happy Belated Birthday!

Mindy said...

yes my thoughts exactly...what did Seth get??? Happy Birthday Seth! Very weird, but my Seth's birthday was June 21st, is that your Seth's birthday too?Or was it on the 28th? Just checking. And Seth, you are one good daddy to have a tea party before church. Too sweet.

Marty Rhea Hill said...

B, You are so funny about the diet. I laughed out loud. I love seeing the new pics. You have a beautiful family.