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The Fourth of July...Better Late Than Never

Happy Fourth of July...just about 2 weeks too late!!! We have had a lot going on around here (see previous post)...which is why I am just now getting around to posting about our first road trip as a family of four!!!

My little blonde girls in their red, white, and blue

Baby always looks as though she is just tolerating Big Sister!

After Dr. Levy said it was okay for Jules to travel (July 3rd)...we packed up all four of us plus Tyson...and were on our way in about an hour! That is pretty good considering it was our first roadtrip with ALL FIVE of us, and I am a HUGE planner and had done absolutely NO planning or packing since I thought we weren't going! We debated on actually making the trip, but it will be so long before we are actually able to get back up to we thought we would just give it a shot! The car ride didn't go bad at all. Jules was her usual perfect self in the car and Jillian did GREAT considering past roadtrips with her. She is now at a fun age because we don't watch Barney or the Wiggles anymore. We watched Toy Story 1, Toy Story 2, and Nemo the entire way up and down...but I will take a Disney movie over Barney HANDS DOWN! Tyson was lucky enough to take a MAJOR leap up the food chain and got to sit shotgun. I decided to save myself all the trouble of climbing back and fourth and I just sat between the two girls. There were times when I was holding a bottle in one hand and dishing out raisins with another! What a sight. I actually meant to take a panoramic of my view from the backseat, but never got around to it.

So, we get to Arkansas just in time for some food and fireworks. Now, being from the city...fireworks to me, means going to a HUGE show put on by professionals from far away. Well, that is not how it is in Arkansas. Just about anyone can buy and set off fireworks anywhere in the city! The Patterson's had a good crowd out on the night of the 3rd...and they put on a nice show. I am actually only assuming it was nice because we spent the whole night in the living room. My girls HATED the fireworks...Jilly and Jules are city girls just like their mama!!! Jillian preferred sitting on the couch and watching Nemo. We did get her to check a few out from the window, but she was not interested! I think they were just too close for comfort with her...I don't blame her!

That night as we went to bed...we figured out the best sleeping arrangement that we could. I want to include it on here, so that Seth and I can look back one day and laugh! Jillian is notorious for being a great sleeper...but ONLY in her bed. She never has slept with us...not once. But, the child will sleep 12-13 hours every night in her own bed. Always before when we came to AR, we would put her in the pack and play in the room next to ours with a sound machine, and Seth and I would sit in bed not breathing all night so that we didn't wake her. Well, she is obviously too big for the pack and play now! So, we had a blow up mattress and Seth and Jillian slept there. Me, Jules, and Tyson ended up sleeping on the bed. Jillian ended up just passing out each night because we let her stay up so late!!! worked! We actually got decent sleep compared to our other trips to AR!

Here is Jillian that first night that we were in AR. It rained from the second we stepped out of the car off and on all night and the humidity was ridiculous! The Patterson's lost power in the storm too, and so we had NO AIR!!! Jilly was SOOOOOOOOO dirty..I could hardly look at her! She was covered in dirt and sweat and I just felt so sorry for the girl! I think my camera is even having a hard time looking at her! :) This is right before a major nighttime meltdown...and a HOT shower!

On the day of the 4th, a lot of Seth's family came out for lunch and some boating! We had a really great time with Great Aunt Lynn, Great Uncle Tommy, Grandmother, Cousins Jacob and Jenny, and Uncle David. Seth's bro, Uncle Caleb came too from Dallas. He decided NOT to ride with us, since the last time he did, all I did was pump!!! Jillian started calling Cable TV. So, that is what he shall be called! Jilly loves her Uncle Cable.

Mommy, Jilly, and Baby on the fourth...and Tyson of course!

Mommy and Baby

Jillian holding her little sister!

B-Pa showing Jillian how to drive the boat...or is it the other way around???

"Hey B-Pa...I got this!"

Jules getting ready for her very first ride on the boat!

CC trying to convince Jillian to walk all the way to the lake

Here is Great Aunt Lynn getting her hands on Baby Jules

Here is Great Aunt Lynn getting her hands on Jilly! Aunt Lynn LOVES our girls and checks our blog more than I do!!!

Here is Grandmama doing her thing with Baby Jules...she has such a way with the babies

Uncle Tommy REALLY knew his stuff with Baby Jules! She immediately was content whenever Uncle Tommy picked her up! He also promised Jules a horse ride the next time we are up!

Here is Seth on his way back up from the lake riding on the wave runner. I put this picture on here because I think he looks hot in his life jacket!

Here is Tyson just enjoying being in the country! He also likes that he gets to eat cat food all week long!

Jillian taking an after-dinner hike. I love this picture.

Here is Jillian at the end of the night on the 4th...SO tired! She fell asleep on Daddy WHILE Uncle Cable and his friends were still setting off fireworks! This poor girl was TIRED!!!

And here is Baby just doing her thing. She really got tired of being passed around be everyone and wanted to just lay down and stretch her legs!!

Here is Jillian being a little country girl!

On our last day in AR, we woke up to two sick girls. Jillian had a runny nose and wouldn't stop sneezing. She was also in a TERRIBLE mood and acting like she didn't feel well at all. This is actually not surprising because EVERY SINGLE TIME we are in AR, Jillian gets sick. She never eats a thing, and then she either runs a fever or gets a cold of some sort. I don't know what her deal is! Then, Baby Jules barfed everywhere!!!! I am already nervous about her because of the never-ending cough, so we decided to just call it quits and head back home.

Here is Jilly right in the middle of throwing a HUGE fit that morning! I think she had enough of all the excitement...she couldn't handle herself anymore. This is nothing new for me...I see MANY of these throughout each day! Isn't 2 the best age??? NOT!

B-Pa, Uncle Cable, Jillian, CC, Cousin Jenny, and Baby Jules at our farewell lunch. CC and Aunt Lynn cooked the best lunch that day!

Uncle Cable and Jilly...she just loves him!!

The car ride home was A LOT longer! Jillian didn't sleep but about 25 minutes and she was so bored. I also ran out of magazines and didn't even bother bringing a I had to just sit by Jillian and listen to her complain! NOT fun at all. As soon as we got home, we scrubbed both girls clean and got them ready for bed. In an effort to help the girls NOT get any sicker...I boiled EVERYTHING that might touch their mouths!!! Passy's everywhere! Jillian sleeps with one in her mouth and holds about 5 of them in her hands each they all had to take a hot bath! We are definitley ridding J of the passy before our next trip!!!

We had a good time in Arkansas and really enjoyed seeing all of Seth's family! Traveling with babies is not easy at all...but we found with Jillian, that as she got older, each trip got easier! I am sure that one day we will go on a trip and actually get to stay the entire time that we planned to!

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Carolyn said...

There are just so many things to laugh about in this post but will save them for our early morning gripe/vent/laugh/gossip session.
I cannot WAIT!

Mindy said...

geez that is a whole lot of passies! I am totally in shock, number one at the fact that she always gets sick in AR! And again number 2 -the passies. Insane! But despite all that, you have the most beautiful babies ever!

The Browns said...

We hate that we missed you!! I hope everyone gets well...they were at least adorable in their red white and blue =)!

Kimberly said...

What a trip! I have to say first that i'm so glad Jules is feeling better (after just reading your previous post) and hope your whole house is well by now!
I am SO glad I'm not the only one that sees those fun tantrums more than once a day!
Any advice is welcome if anything works for jillian that I can try on Adalie! :)