Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Remembering Granny and Jules' First Road Trip

On Friday morning, May 9, Seth's Granny lost her battle with cancer. Seth has always been extremely close with his Granny and so this news was very hard for him to take. Seth's goal was to get Baby Jules up there before Granny died so that she could see her. I mentioned before how Granny ADORED Jillian. She always got Jillian gifts and spent her days just looking at her pictures. We had planned to travel to Arkansas for Memorial Day but we just didn't make it in time for Granny to meet Jules.

Seth and I did make plans to go up for the funeral and decided to take Jules and leave Jillian...since we were only going for about 30 hours and Jillian SUCKS in the car! So, we left Jillian with Mimi and Papaw and headed up for the funeral with Jules not even being three weeks old yet! Of course, Seth and I expected the worst in the car since Jillian has never been good, but Jules surprised us! She slept the ENTIRE way up to Arkansas...about 6 hours. I woke her up to feed her and then she went right back down in her car seat. She also slept almost all night (of course she got to sleep with Seth and Me while away from home, so that probably helped). And she slept through the whole visitation and funeral! She was such a good baby and so now Seth and I have major high hopes that she will stay this way and be our ANGEL in the car! Uncle Caleb rode up to Arkansas with us...and poor thing was such a good sport as I sat in the back seat and pumped (breastmilk) every two hours on the way up! I am sure he won't be traveling with us again anytime soon!!!

The funeral was very nice and a great celebration of Seth's Granny! She was a wonderful woman and very well respected by so many people. We will all miss her sweet spirit and our trips to Arkansas just won't be the same without getting to see our Granny!

Granny and Jillian at 5 months

Granny and Jillian at 8 months

Here is Jillian trying to get out the front door. She was so excited to spend the night at Mimi and Papaw's house...and she couldn't wait for Mimi to get there! She was carrying her suitcase around all morning long!!

Precious Jules on her first road trip. (For some reason these pictures are way too light...Jules is not an albino or anything!)

Sweet baby girl

B-Pa with Baby Jules the morning of the funeral

The original Patterson's...Caleb, CC, Seth, and B-Pa

CC and her boys

Seth, Me and Jules


The Browns said...

Those are great pictures of yall and Seth's family. It was so great to see you again and Jules is just the doll we expected!! We are looking forward to your next trip AR!- Love - Rachel and the family

Carolyn said...

I know Seth misses his Granny, I love you guys!

Kimberly said...

I'm so sorry about Seth's Granny. glad ya'll could make the trip and that Jules was an angel!! I can't believe she is a month old already!!! Where does the time go?

parrish said...

My heart was broken to learn of Granny's passing. She was the most caring and compassionate woman I have ever met!

She is so proud of all of you.