Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Day and Jillian's First Attempt to Slip and Slide

We had a really fun memorial day this past Monday. We all went to our neighborhood pool for some fun with the neighborhood friends. Then that afternoon, we had the Dales and Aunt K over for a cookout. My parents are on a they missed all the fun! They also just recently sold their house (and more importantly, the pool that was behind it) and so we didn't have our usual summertime party in the real pool! We had to resort to our above-ground kiddie pool! The Dales brought over their slip and slide, so our backyard turned major ghetto/white trash...however you want to look at it! But, hey...the kids had a great time, and that is all that matters!

Seth is becoming the master of the grill by practicing every weekend...and so he grilled out some fabulous pork tenderloins. He also made some jalapeno poppers...and they were a huge hit too! I could get really spoiled if Seth decided to start picking up the cooking on the weekends!!!

Here are a few pictures of our fun day. I realize that I don't have one picture of Jules on Memorial day...what a crappy momma I am! She was inside sleeping soundly the whole time, and so she slept through our party! She is obviously the second kid, huh?

Here is an outline of Jillian and the slip and slide:

Not sure about this thing...but it sure looks fun!

Here she is after Daddy tossed her onto it...

Look at her go...she can slide!

Look at that strut...isn't she proud of herself?

Here are the three oldest cousins playing together...running around like crazy. We know Jules is sleeping, but where is crazy Emerson?????

Here she is, we found her...drinking and driving in Jillian's tot rod! Looks like Summer and Layton are going to have to have the drinking and driving talk with Em pretty soon! If you click on this picture, you can see Em's tummy...she has the best tummy of all the kids!

Here is Jilly in her new swimsuit...I love the cherries!

What a cute butt!

Drinking her juice box

This girl is getting tired...all this pooling in one day takes it out of a girl.

The four big girls...playing in the pool.

I love this picture...don't they look like they are having fun? Just a little pow wow in the pool! I can only imagine what they were talking about!

And here is Emerson off doing her own thing again. WE think that she just enjoys quiet time when she can get is RARELY ever quiet at the Dale House!

Cute Aunt K

Jillian is obsessed with Macy. She says her name all the time and anytime I mention anyone in the Dale fam, Jillian just repeats Macy over and over again! (It sounds like Pisces when it comes out of her mouth though) Here are the two eating their dinner together..

Jillian skipped her hotdog and ate only Watermelon all night!

A face only a mother could love!

By the way, I know our fence is two-toned. We got a new gate put in and have been waiting forever for the guy to finish the job and stain!


Mittig family said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm jealous that your sister and her girls live so close. That was a funny blog for me because your sister's family has a lot of the same names, and not so common ones. The obvious of course, Summer. Then my Dad is Layton and that's a pretty common name in my fam, and my sister's oldest is Macy.

Glad y'all had a great holiday. Are you feeling better?

Congrats on a smiling baby Jules! Can't wait for pictures.

Carolyn said...

Awe I love this post! I dont care what you say, that back yard with BBQ and beer is all I would need to have fun too!
What a fun day!!!

Summer said...

I am not sure the pool setup is as WT as our dirty kids running around the backyard.
Ansley wore her "backyard only" swimsuit...oops. I should have remembered we would both be blogging!
What a great day!

Kimberly said...

What fun!!! Won't be long until Jules is work'n herself in to pool with the ladies!
Love Jillian's swimsuit, too!!!