Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Our First Week Home

We had a really great first week at home. Of course, I was not left alone for the entire time by Seth and my Mom! They have both been so great to me!!! My mom wanted to spend the whole first week over at my house helping me adjust to life with two babies. She was SOOOOO nice to come over here and take over all the work. I had just cleaned my house before Jules was born so that it would already be taken care of and she wouldn't have to do it. My mom found plenty to do though...she washed pump equipment/bottles, did laundry, entertained Jillian, cooked, washed pump equipment/bottles, held the baby, took us to the doctor's office twice, washed our sheets, made Jillian's new dust ruffle (pictures to come later), washed pump equipment/bottles...anyway, you get the picture! She came over early every morning and left after Seth got home each night. We all REALLY appreciate Mimi and all that she did for us last week! We will never be able to tell Mimi how much we appreciated her help!
We also got several visits from Aunt Kourtney and Aunt Summer and the cousins. Jillian always loves when her cousins come to play! Jillian and Macy especially just have so much fun together. They are like minute they are laughing and kissing, and the next they are fighting!
Jules had a pretty good week too...she slept through most of it. I am sure it won't last forever, but so far she is such a good baby! She is very content and just sleeps all the time. She will wake up hungry and once we feed her, she is right back asleep! It would be SOOOOO nice for mommy if she could keep this part of her personality forever!!!
Jillian has actually been great with Jules. She shows no sign of jealousy or anything like that. The first thing that comes out of her mouth in the morning or after nap is "Where's baby?" She LOVES her baby sister and always wants to see her and touch her. Jillian has been very gentile and sweet to her. Now all is not perfect...Jillian is taking her frustrations out on me. She is throwing A LOT more temper tantrums than before the baby was here. I am sure she is just adjusting to this major life change in our house...and I would much rather her take it out on me than the baby! Don't below of a tantrum in action!!!

Anyways, here are A LOT of pictures from our first week home!

Mimi brought Jillian donuts for breakfast! She sure knows the way to this sweet-tooth's heart!!!

Mimi and Jules at the doctor's office

Mimi feeding Jules her lunch!

This is a rare shot of Jules crying...time to eat!
HERE ARE SOME SISTER PICTURES...the girls are just getting to know eachother!
Jillian helping me change Jules' clothes.
Our first day of matching outfits! I can tell I am going to have WAY too much fun with this two girls thing!!! Jillian is obviously not amused though!

Jillian holding little sister!

Jillian pushing Jules in the stroller. I think Jules seriously looks like a baby doll in this picture! That is a real baby people!!!
First Bath
Not happy at all...who would be when you can't even get submerged in the water? I don't know anyone that would be happy just dangling over a warm bath and having water dripped on you!!! NO thank you!
So glad to be out...Jules is modeling her new towel from 2nd cousin Delaney in Arkansas!

Aunt K holding Jules

Aunt K always has some loving for ole Tyson too! And she never comes over empty-handed...she always has a HUGE stash of candy and junk food! How does she stay so skinny???
Aunt Summer loving on Jules

Kissing Cousins...Jillian an Macy

Jillian putting on Macy's shoes all by herself!

Aren't they lovely?

Mimi brought over some strawberries and whipped cream! YUMMY

Jillian must do it herself


Diving right in

Dr. Maxey, Jules, and me at our post-op!

BELOW: Jillian can go from happy to temper-tantrum in 2 seconds! Witness through the pictures below. Mimi happened to have her camera so that we could capture the sweetness on film! Jillian has been throwing lots more of these since baby sister came home!
On the verge...

And, she has lost it folks!!!!

Life is rough when you are 22 months old! The stress...
HERE IS JULES IN ACTION!!! Lots of sleeping going on!


Carolyn said...

All I can think of when I read this post....besides how gorgeous your girls look and how great Mimi is....but it must have taken you forEVER to upload the pictures on this post! I hate the way blogger does that to us!!!

Where are the pictures of Aunt Carol playing with the girls?? Not like you have anything to do...


Katie said...

You make me SO excited, I can hardly stand it, about having my baby!! SO nice that your mom has been able to help you out so much the past week.

Elizabeth said...

Aren't moms great? I love that you are posting so many pictures. Jules is just precious- I love pictures of her sleeping. The tantrum pictures of Jillian are funny too- that part will get better.... after time!

Kelly said...


My girls just started taking baths together and it is the cutest thing!! I can't tell you how excited I am for you and your girls - and to your hubby - LOOK OUT! :o) Haha

Kelly said...

I forgot to say we have a Jenna and Ashley picture like your two did w/the baby stroller. We did it last week and I have not posted it yet - check my blog in the next few days - it'll be there. A 3 yr old pushing a 7 mo old!

Kimberly said...

I am addicted to your blog! Taking lots of notes!! :)
I think Jules looks like Seth!!