Monday, March 31, 2008

Jillian the Tivo Genius!

Last night, Seth was in the back running Jillian a bath, and I was back getting her towel and pajamas ready. I start calling J's name because she loves bathtime...and always comes eagerly running when it is time. Well, I am calling her name, and she is NOT coming. So, I go into the living room...and this is what I find. Jillian is propped up in Seth's chair and she has Barney playing on the Tivo! First of all, the TV was already on...but to get to Barney on the Tivo, you have to go through probably about 4or 5 steps on the remote! She had to go to our recorded list, find the Barney section, push select, then select an episode, then actually push play! We have NO IDEA how she did it, but she did! Seth and I could not quit laughing at her. She had it all figured out. She just wanted to get in a little Barney before her bath and she made it happen! So here is the little Tivo Genius as I found her! (Pardon how dirty she looks here...we had been out playing in the back yard...hints the bath she was about to take!)
Jillian in Daddy's chair
"What is the big deal...just wanted to watch Barney!"
Here are the took me a year or so to figure out how to use them!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Sunday 2008

This picture pretty much sums up Jillian's Easter morning...stuffing her face with candy!

WARNING: Summer always says that I could have a flip book of Jillian's entire life because I always take 50 million pictures. I always think I will go back and delete some, but I love them all! So, you are about to see a lot of pictures...what can I say? It is just how I do it! I know that the grandparents really do enjoy seeing all 50 million of them. But...consider yourself warned!!!

Here is Jillian getting her Easter Basket from the Easter Bunny. She had her candy radar on because she instantly went for the candy even though she had bubbles, books, pencils, a piggy, sidewalk chalk, a new monkey plate, a hat, socks with beads on them...etc., etc. The candy won out!

This is Jillian's extremely happy face because she is getting to eat Reese's Pieces for breakfast...and everyone seems okay with that!

This is Jillian trying to act like she cares about anything but that candy in her hand! Of course Tyson is trying to act cool off to the side, too...but he is just waiting for her to drop a piece!

Still eating...

Stuff that face!

I finally got her to put on her new hat and she really does love her new Little People Springtime Book! I think she must be drunk on candy in this picture. It is actually dripping out of her mouth and her eyes will barely open!

Still drooling candy, but it appears that she can read and hold a book!

Daddy reading to of her favorite things!

We got her to break away from the candy long enough to try out the new sidewalk chalk!

Jillian in her pretty Easter Dress. The Cousins have the same dresses, but we haven't gotten any pictures of all four yet. I am sure that is to come...

I think Jillian is such a big girl here! She is getting taller and thin and she no longer looks like my little baby. Sniff!Sniff!!!!

And, she is done taking pictures in the Easter dress.

My mom just had surgery and was not released from the hospital until Easter morning, so we all went to their house for Easter dinner. Mimi always has Easter baskets ready for all the girls.

Here is Jillian getting to sit at the kid table for the first time! She thinks Macy and Ansley are so cool and wants to copy everything that they do! She has no idea that she is not even 2 yet, and they are 4 and 6!!!

Jillian eating like a big girl!

Here are the girls with their Easter baskets. Macy, Ansley, Emerson, Jillian

Jillian hunting for more candy! Poor thing, the next holiday isn't for months...

I think she found some...those cheeks look full!

We really had a fun Easter...holidays are just so much fun when you have a kiddo to do everything with! The pure joy in Jillian's eyes on days like this makes me so happy to be a momma!

Happy Birthday Papaw!!!

Today is my Dad's birthday and we just wanted to tell him Happy Birthday and we hope his day is fabulous! My Dad is one of my most faithful blog readers...he is the first to get on to me if I have gone too long without posting! So, I know he should be reading this at work this morning! Anyway, we just want to tell him what a great Dad and Papaw he is to all of us! We are so lucky and blessed to have him in our lives!

Here are some of the MAIN reasons that Jillian loves her Papaw:

  • He gives her donut holes at Church EVERY Sunday...usually as many as she asks for!

  • He takes her outside to ride in the toy car in his driveway

  • He ALWAYS gives her a drink of his Diet Coke

  • He reads to her

  • He is WAY more fun than her Momma

We love you Papaw!!! Have a great bithday!

This is me and my Dad on his 50th! I am pregnant with Miss J

Papaw holding Jillian when she was about 1 week old.

Papaw feeding Jillian

Mimi, Jillian, and Papaw when we told them we were pregnant with grandchild #5!

Papaw and Jillian on Easter 2008

The girls decided to have a dance party on Easter Sunday...and Papaw jumped right in there with them! He is so good with girls...he should be after 1 wife, 3 daughters, and 5 granddaughters! We know that he likes being surrounded by all these women who think he is the best!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Neighborhood Eater Egg Hunt

Yesterday out neighborhood held a HUGE Easter Egg Hunt complete with a bounce house, music, candy, something like 1000 kids, and 2000 eager parents!!! It was CRAZY to say the least when we pulled up and saw all of the people! We had a really fun time though and I think Jillian FINALLY got the concept I have been trying to teach her. I bought some eggs the other day and have tried hiding them for her to find. I thought it would be a fun game we could play. Well, it really just made her mad. She wanted all of the eggs immediately and did NOT want me hiding them anywhere. So, today...once she had a little competition on her hands, she was in full egg hunt mode! It took her about 2 seconds to realize that it was every man for himself and she was blowing and going to get as many eggs as she could get! She racked up on lots of bubbles, eggs, and candy...mostly SweetTarts...which are her favorite! Here are pictures of her first successful Easter Egg Hunt!

Disclaimer: I am sure that most of these look the same, but I just added lots of pictures. Also...they are 99% of the top of Jillian's head. It was harder than usual to get her to look up at me. She didn't want to take her eyes off the prize here people!

Here is Jillian doing a little egg hunt practicing before the whistle was blown.

Jillian sampling her treats despite the fact that the Hunt had not officially begun.

We ran into Jillian's new friend Violet and her family at the Hunt. Violet's mommy dressed her in a jacket since it was a little chilly! I guess Jillian had to sacrifice for fashion! Easter = Spring and we just had to bust into the Spring Wardrobe for the day!!!

And Their Off...

Daddy giving J a few pointers...

Daddy still helping J get the most eggs!

Jillian wanting to stop and evaluate her treasure.

Still Hunting

You can see in her basket that she has already opened up her eggs to find what was inside.

Looking around to make sure no one gets to close...

Found another one...

And another one...

Counting her collection of Bunny Bubbles

There is that face we love...

Ahhhh, the Hunt is over and we can all finally relax. We had to pull Jillian to the side and let her go through her basket. She carried this thing around with her for the rest of the day!

What a sweet girl. I am sure next year it will really be on and J will be ALL ABOUT the big Easter Egg Hunt!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Outdoor Fun

I am really into fixing up my back yard right now because Jillian and I LOVE to be outside in this fabulous weather. So we have bought some new outdoor toys and we are trying to make it really fun and entertaining...because I have this funny little feeling that in 4 short weeks...I won't be going ANYWHERE. ANYTIME. SOON. I actually LOVE to sit outside and read a book while Jillian plays around in the yard. We LOVE the sunshine!!! Anyways, I plan to spend a lot of time with Jillian burning off steam in our fun back yard over the next few months. In addition to the little playset that Grandpa and CC got Jillian for her first birthday, we have added a sandbox, balls, a chair, shovels, pails, gardening stuff, bubble machine, and sidewalk chalk! Jillian is getting a tricycle for her 2nd birthday in June...and that should keep us fully occupied every afternoon. Kids these days are SOOOOO high maintenance!

Here are some pictures of us playing lately. Yes, she is in a diaper only...I know that is a little trashy, but I get so tired of scrubbing stains out of her clothes! This saves me the trouble and no one can see into our back yard anyway!

I love those big eyes!

She is having to take a VERY important phone call here...

Still on the phone...
Playing on her mini swing set
Jillian LOVES bubbles!
She especially loves to operate the bubble machine herself
How nice...a smile
Eating pretzels
And a blue Popsicle. Jillian says Popsicle really fast and it might be my very favorite thing that she says right is so cute!
Eating a pretzel and Popsicle and the same time!
Just hanging out in her chair
The full scene. Tyson also loves the bubble machine!