Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Sunday 2008

This picture pretty much sums up Jillian's Easter morning...stuffing her face with candy!

WARNING: Summer always says that I could have a flip book of Jillian's entire life because I always take 50 million pictures. I always think I will go back and delete some, but I love them all! So, you are about to see a lot of pictures...what can I say? It is just how I do it! I know that the grandparents really do enjoy seeing all 50 million of them. But...consider yourself warned!!!

Here is Jillian getting her Easter Basket from the Easter Bunny. She had her candy radar on because she instantly went for the candy even though she had bubbles, books, pencils, a piggy, sidewalk chalk, a new monkey plate, a hat, socks with beads on them...etc., etc. The candy won out!

This is Jillian's extremely happy face because she is getting to eat Reese's Pieces for breakfast...and everyone seems okay with that!

This is Jillian trying to act like she cares about anything but that candy in her hand! Of course Tyson is trying to act cool off to the side, too...but he is just waiting for her to drop a piece!

Still eating...

Stuff that face!

I finally got her to put on her new hat and she really does love her new Little People Springtime Book! I think she must be drunk on candy in this picture. It is actually dripping out of her mouth and her eyes will barely open!

Still drooling candy, but it appears that she can read and hold a book!

Daddy reading to of her favorite things!

We got her to break away from the candy long enough to try out the new sidewalk chalk!

Jillian in her pretty Easter Dress. The Cousins have the same dresses, but we haven't gotten any pictures of all four yet. I am sure that is to come...

I think Jillian is such a big girl here! She is getting taller and thin and she no longer looks like my little baby. Sniff!Sniff!!!!

And, she is done taking pictures in the Easter dress.

My mom just had surgery and was not released from the hospital until Easter morning, so we all went to their house for Easter dinner. Mimi always has Easter baskets ready for all the girls.

Here is Jillian getting to sit at the kid table for the first time! She thinks Macy and Ansley are so cool and wants to copy everything that they do! She has no idea that she is not even 2 yet, and they are 4 and 6!!!

Jillian eating like a big girl!

Here are the girls with their Easter baskets. Macy, Ansley, Emerson, Jillian

Jillian hunting for more candy! Poor thing, the next holiday isn't for months...

I think she found some...those cheeks look full!

We really had a fun Easter...holidays are just so much fun when you have a kiddo to do everything with! The pure joy in Jillian's eyes on days like this makes me so happy to be a momma!


Carolyn said...

Gosh she looks SO grown up in these pictures B! So cute, and its amazing that Marcy still had time to put those cute baskets together...she is a wonder woman. :)

Elizabeth said...

I love all the pictures! All of the "cousins" are so cute! I really can't believe that there isn't a boy YET??? I think its funny that Jillian goes for the candy before anything else. Her and Emery could be great friends!

Mindy said...

yes I believe you have a candy lover on your hands! SHe looks so pretty in her fancy little easter dress and you are right she is getting so tall and thin! Hope your mom is doing well! Let her know she is in my prayers, and lastly from a child care educator, you really should go brush her teeth after all that sugar! haha! Love you B!

Summer said...

I love the pictures. That first picture is too cute. By the way, Jillian writes her name so well!!!

Kimberly said...

I love the drunk on candy picture! Jillian is soo precious! I love her long hair and her beautiful easter dress!