Sunday, March 9, 2008

Snow Day

On Thursday, we got hit pretty hard with the most random snow day! I have a hard time after Christmas every year, because I feel like it should automatically be Spring...however, that is obviously not the case. that REALLY should be Spring. We have gone all winter long without a drop of snow/sleet and it decides to hit in the middle of March...what in the world? So, I had to take Jillian out in it because this is the first year that she would even care about what she saw!

We were quite a site, the two of 8 months pregnant lady chasing around a 20 month old trying hard to get that perfect picture! Someone SHOULD have probably gotten a picture of me...but thank goodness that didn't happen. Jillian doesn't even have a big winter coat because we really don't need she is just wearing layers upon layers in these pictures...don't worry Mimi and CC...she was very warm!
After we came in, she DID NOT want to be inside. She followed me around everywhere carrying her hat and mittens and coat. She wanted them all back on and ended up just wearing them around the house for a while!

Here are some pictures from the morning before the snow hit. I was trying to get a couple of cute pictures to send to Seth's Granny...and Jillian looked really cool in her jean skirt!

She loves the cold hitting her or the wind blowing in her makes her laugh every time!

I think she looks really old hoo!


Summer said...

I love the top picture of her. So cute!

Mindy said...

oh she does look so cool in her itty bitty jean skirt! how cute! She is just getting prettier every day!

Hello blog buddies! It's me, Crouse! said...

I love all of her little little outfits and the fact that there is always a bow in her hair!

Mittig family said...

LOVE the little skirt! She's getting so big!
You're not going to believe this, but we did not get ONE drop of snow that day! I think everyone but our neighborhood got some. SO bummed that day, but I'm glad y'all had fun with it!