Friday, March 21, 2008

Outdoor Fun

I am really into fixing up my back yard right now because Jillian and I LOVE to be outside in this fabulous weather. So we have bought some new outdoor toys and we are trying to make it really fun and entertaining...because I have this funny little feeling that in 4 short weeks...I won't be going ANYWHERE. ANYTIME. SOON. I actually LOVE to sit outside and read a book while Jillian plays around in the yard. We LOVE the sunshine!!! Anyways, I plan to spend a lot of time with Jillian burning off steam in our fun back yard over the next few months. In addition to the little playset that Grandpa and CC got Jillian for her first birthday, we have added a sandbox, balls, a chair, shovels, pails, gardening stuff, bubble machine, and sidewalk chalk! Jillian is getting a tricycle for her 2nd birthday in June...and that should keep us fully occupied every afternoon. Kids these days are SOOOOO high maintenance!

Here are some pictures of us playing lately. Yes, she is in a diaper only...I know that is a little trashy, but I get so tired of scrubbing stains out of her clothes! This saves me the trouble and no one can see into our back yard anyway!

I love those big eyes!

She is having to take a VERY important phone call here...

Still on the phone...
Playing on her mini swing set
Jillian LOVES bubbles!
She especially loves to operate the bubble machine herself
How nice...a smile
Eating pretzels
And a blue Popsicle. Jillian says Popsicle really fast and it might be my very favorite thing that she says right is so cute!
Eating a pretzel and Popsicle and the same time!
Just hanging out in her chair
The full scene. Tyson also loves the bubble machine!


Mindy said...

holy cow!! Your backyard looks so much fun I think I want to play in it! Looks like Jilli has it made for the summer!

Carolyn said...

How fun is that! I may have to steal that kids genes...a beautiful freckle near her eye AND those eyelashes??!! Lucky!

Can i come over and play naked in your back yard?? NOT.