Monday, March 31, 2008

Jillian the Tivo Genius!

Last night, Seth was in the back running Jillian a bath, and I was back getting her towel and pajamas ready. I start calling J's name because she loves bathtime...and always comes eagerly running when it is time. Well, I am calling her name, and she is NOT coming. So, I go into the living room...and this is what I find. Jillian is propped up in Seth's chair and she has Barney playing on the Tivo! First of all, the TV was already on...but to get to Barney on the Tivo, you have to go through probably about 4or 5 steps on the remote! She had to go to our recorded list, find the Barney section, push select, then select an episode, then actually push play! We have NO IDEA how she did it, but she did! Seth and I could not quit laughing at her. She had it all figured out. She just wanted to get in a little Barney before her bath and she made it happen! So here is the little Tivo Genius as I found her! (Pardon how dirty she looks here...we had been out playing in the back yard...hints the bath she was about to take!)
Jillian in Daddy's chair
"What is the big deal...just wanted to watch Barney!"
Here are the took me a year or so to figure out how to use them!!!


Mittig family said...

Very impressive! Makes you wonder how many times she's tried that before, doesn't it? What a cutie!

How are you feeling?

Carolyn said...

ok that remote is like trying to figure out a rubix cube...i think we have a genius on our hands.

Mindy said...

hahahaha!!! Seth still doesnt know how to work the DVR very well. I always knew Jilli was smart!