Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today my parents celebrate their 32nd anniversary! I think this picture is absolutely the coolest...from my dad's platforms and black socks (apparently they say that NO ONE wore white socks back then), to the hairdos...they just look so young and happy here! Don't my parents look hot in this picture!

Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad!!!

All I want to know is, what is up with the fake bird cage???


Carolyn said...

OMG there are so many great things about this picture I can't even begin. First of all, I want Marci's shoes! Dirk has a total trucker beard, and who has fake greenery in their house anymore! Holy dust magnet!
hahahah! I love D & M, they are my favorite 2nd parent ever!

Elizabeth said...

For some reason... I'm having trouble leaving a comment here! That pictures is great! And, since you mentioned it, the birdcage is so funny! I'm sure our girls will enjoy looking at our pictures someday!

Amanda's News said...

How sweet:) Probably when they were getting married they thought a bird cage would make the photo:)