Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vintage Jillian

At the request of some family members, I MUST post something new today or I might loose some faithful readers! My camera batteries are both dead...so while they charge and I upload my newest pictures...here is some Vintage Jillian. I wonder if Baby 2 will have this much hair????? I hope so!
This is one of my favorite pictures EVER!

Also, go to Summer's blog and see a cute picture of Jillian with her cousins, Ansley(6) and Macy(4). Jillian has no idea that she isn't their age...she just follows them around and does what they tell her to! It is really fun to watch! Jillian gets so excited to go over to their house because there are kids there...our house is boring with no kids and just one mommy to play with!!! She now cries if we drive by Summer's house and don't stop in to play!

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Mindy said...

man vintage Jilli looks so much like Seth! And she was just so tiny. I forgot how freaking small she was. Well you are about to have another itty bitty baby to hold on to , I am so happy for you! Also, the stick on bow is my favorite!