Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jillian's Surgery

On Tuesday, Jillian had surgery on her head to remove a quarter-sized birthmark.  It was a very light pink/red color, but was always covered by all of her hair and so you couldn't really see it.  Her dermatologist told us we really should have it removed before she started grade school because it could potentially grow during her growth spurts.  Then it might require more than one surgery to fully remove it, and we certainly didn't want to put her through that.  So, Seth and I decided Thanksgiving week would be a good time so that she could recover a bit before school started again. 

 It really was a minor surgery, but since it was on her head, they had to put her under.  That was the only part that made me a little nervous.  I mean, I know it isn't heart surgery like my niece has been through TWICE, but it is the first time any of my kids have had to do something like this.  

So, on Tuesday morning, we dropped the other girls off at Summer's bright and early, and headed to the surgery center.  My parents met us up there with hospital gifts, of course!  My mom and dad don't miss a surgery no matter can be open-heart or just tubes in the ears and they will be there.  Jillian was a great little patient before surgery.  Once she had her goofy juice, she was as happy as can be.  After the surgery, however, when they called us back to recovery, her mood had changed.  She was SOOOOO mad about the IV and the heart monitor. I hadn't even thought to warn her about those!!!  She did perk up a little once those were out, and we were headed home only 2 hours after it started.  

The incision is about 2 inches long with about 20 stitches in it, but it looks so good!  Take my word for it...and not seth's!  He can't even look at it!  We are cleaning it religiously and so I am sure that after the stitches come out in 2 weeks, that you will hardly be able to tell anything.  The hardest part now is trying to keep her still.  She is "supposed" to NOT be active for 3 weeks!  I don't know how to keep a 5 year old inactive for 3 weeks, but we will try.  She will have to miss dance class and I will have to pick her up an hour early from school so that she will just skip recess.  She is NOT going to be happy when I let her in on that info,  but we gotta heal it right the first time!  

And of course, I forgot to bring my camera to the surgery.  I would have gotten pictures of her with Mimi and Papaw and their gifts, and for sure a great picture of Jillian "high" on her goofy juice!  I actually made her reenact the pictures below later that day to show how sad she was!  HA!  

Jillian being so brave.  This was after we were home.  You can't see it but the spot is on the left side of HER head.  The right side looking at this picture.

Jillian showing how sad she was after surgery.

Her she is after getting balloons from Mimi and Papaw and one from daddy.

Jillian's good friends, Presley and Hudson brought over a goody basket too!  Jillian loved all of her treats from her friends!

Also, Jillian's cousin Ansley made her the sweetest care package and I forgot to take a picture of her too!  :(  She is the best cousin...always doing special things for my girls!  She is so thoughtful!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Feasts

 Last Thursday, both girls had their Thanksgiving feasts at school.  I got to fast with Jillian at 9:00 and Jules at 11:00.  It was a very exciting day!  

All 3 girls ready to feast!

Me and Jillian

Here is P feasting on some cheerios!

Jules and her friend Ellie

Me and Jules

Monday, November 14, 2011

We LOVE the TEXAS Rangers!

Back in October, the whole town was buzzing about the Texas Rangers back in the playoffs for the second year in a row.  We were so lucky to attend game 6 of the ALCS where the Rangers won and were heading to the World Series...also for the 2nd year in a row.  My dad got us all a box, and the entire family was able to go to this amazing baseball game.  (Minus my mom, who was away on a trip...the only person missing!) It was my Dad, The Dales, and Us.  My grandparents were able to come in from Louisiana.  Kourtney and Mason drove over for the game also.  Even Seth's parents were in town for the weekend, and got to go to the game too.  It was a blast all being together.  

We got to go to a World Series game last year, but the game was a real bummer.  This year, the Rangers did not disappoint.   The entire stadium was electric and the crowd was out of control.  The Rangers played the most exciting baseball that I have ever seen, and this game was for sure the best sporting event I have ever been to!  Here are some pictures from our fun night at The Ballpark!

2 Little Rangers Fans

This was the cutest fan in the whole stadium!

The family

Kourtney, Me, My Dad, and Summer

CC helping take care of Paisley

Ansley, Jillian, and Jules

Eating some yummy ballpark food!

Kourtney and Mason

We were sooooooooo happy that my grandparents could make it over to go to the game with us.  My grandfather has played and coached baseball for many years of his life.  It was so fun to see them there cheering on the Rangers.  Memaw even got up and danced a little bit!  She was VERY into the game!  

2 Little Hamilton fans!

My Dad and his parents

Seth and Me...our shadows in front of the stadium.
I cannot figure out how to lighten this picture!  HUGE BUMMER cause this is the only one I have.

the girls

The girls SOOOOOOO tired that they FINALLY passed out in a chair.  Em and Jillian are really asleep.  Jules is just pretending.  That girl can stay awake forever!!!

FINALLY asleep


Paisley - 8 months

 Paisley turned 8 months old on October 24th.

Here is what Paisley is doing at 8 months old:

  • She FINALLY started sitting up on her own.  We still always put a boppy around her at this point so that she wouldn't fall back.  But, she is mostly sitting up by herself.
  • She LOVES to sit on the floor and play with her toys.  
  • She has started eating puffs and LOVES them.  She is ready to start eating more table foods.  
  • She is sitting in her high chair and loves it!  
  • She really does not sit in the exersaucer or swing anymore at all.  
  • She is trying to start picking up her own food in her high chair.  

Paisley at 8 months


Jillian at 8 months

Jules at 8 months

Paisley - 7 months

Paisley tuned 7 months old on September 24th.

Here are some things she was doing at 7 months: 

  • She is eating almost all baby foods.  She loves sweet potatoes, squash, and all the fruits.  Not a big fan of peas or green beans.  I have to mix them with fruit to get her to eat them. 
  • She figured out how to put her paci into her own mouth...and LOVES her new trick.  She is doing it all the time.
  • She started saying dadadadada.  She repeats it over and over and over.  Her Daddy thinks she is saying Dada and referring to him, but it is really just her first sound.
  • She is holding her own bottle.
  • She has two teeth!  First tooth on 9/9/11.  Second tooth on 9/18/11.

Paisley at 7 months


Jillian at 7 months

Jules at 7 months

Sunday, November 6, 2011

October Catch Up

We were SUPER busy in October.  We had dance, soccer, school, bunko at my house, Halloween parties, birthday parties, etc., etc.  So, here is our month in pictures!

Here is Jules one day when she was home while Jillian went to school.  She was drawing by herself and came and told me that she wrote her name.  She got the "J", "S", and "E"!

Paisley really started sitting up by herself.  And obviously here, she is teething too!

Paisley also started holding her bottle at every feed.  I really can't even hold it for her anymore.

Seth and I went to the Arkansas vs. Aggie game at Cowboys Stadium and had a blast!

More sitting up and playing with toys!

P just loving life!

Smiliest baby in Texas!

Paisley decided to wer her HU t-shirt!  

ADORABLE chubby baby feet.  LOVE these little feet!

We spent some time watching some movies together. 

We got a new pet!  This is Aerial Pinkalicious...the fish. (It is a male...a cross-dressing Beta.)  So far I am the only one cleaning out the bowl and taking care of the poor guy/gal.  Just what I needed...another mouth to feed and someone else to clean up after!

The big girls getting all dressed up for Emerson's Princess party...complete with make-up and jewelry!

All the little princesses at the party!

Jules and her balloon animal.

Jillian and her balloon animal.

I also recently got addicted to pinterest, and so I have been trying many things I have found on that site...including this hair style on Jillian.  It turned out pretty cute!

 I did a little fall decorating.  I love all my pumpkins in my table trough! 

We wore LOTS and LOTS of orange and black!

We also wore LOTS and LOTS of red, white, and blue to support our Texas Rangers, who went to the World Series for the 2nd year in a row!

Even Paisley got into the Rangers Spirit!

My Dad got a box for game 6 of the ALCS and our whole family (minus mom) got to go and we had the most wonderful time!  I will post separately about our Year with the Rangers soon!

Jillian's class got to take a field trip to the most Out-of-Control pumpkin patch in the country.  Luckily Seth went with me so I had some help with all three kids!  Here are the girls right before we headed to the pumpkin patch.  

Jillian and her two little friends, Natalie and Rachel.

The family

Jillian did a lot of dancing in dance class!

The big girls got to make some Halloween cookies...and they were yummy.  I mean, you have to REALLY like sprinkles to like this cookies! 

P steered clear of the overly-sprinkled cookies, and opted for a few sweet potato puffs instead.  She really started eating more solid foods, and working really hard on sung her fingers to pick up her own food!
This is a great picture to show the 2 little teeth that she popped out in the last month also.

Seth and I went to a Halloween party as Ellen and Portia.  This picture isn't great AT ALL, but I just really wanted to show the awesomeness that was Seth.  He was fully in character with make up, a stuffed bra, etc.  He was a great Ellen!  Anyone that knows us from college, knows that Seth LOVES to dress up!  HA!

More orange and black!  This was Halloween party day! I some how signed up to host both girls Halloween parties...which were both at 1:00.  That was fun running (with stroller) from one end of the school to another!

Jillian at her party.

Jillian's class.

Jules at her party.

Jules and her little class

Paisley started to spend a lot of time in her high chair.  She sits in it just like this and has her hands out at all times.  These hands are always moving too.  My mom says it looks like she is riding a motorcycle.  

Seth carved the girls a pumpkin.  He does this every year with the girls. 

Here are the girls getting ready to go trick or treating.  Jillian was a hippie, and Jules and P were both little kitties.  Actually, Jules will tell you she was a leopard kitty.  

PEACE!  Jillian kept saying gravy cause she just couldn't understand groovy!  She was one cool hippie chic!

Cute little kitty cat.

Another cute kitty!

Out family

We usually trick or treat in a large group, but the Dales ran off the DisneyWorld, and Papaw was on a business trip.  So, it was just us and Mimi this year!

The girls checking out their haul.  They did pretty good this year.  We usually just walk down the street, but they were ready to just keep going!  

Paisley did all the trick or treating and got NONE of the candy!  How sad!

Paisley also turned 8 months old...more on that later too.

Okay, FINALLY.  I think I am caught up for the most part.  Hopefully now, I can get back to my regular blogging.  It sure is nice to get that stress off of my shoulders!