Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jillian's Surgery

On Tuesday, Jillian had surgery on her head to remove a quarter-sized birthmark.  It was a very light pink/red color, but was always covered by all of her hair and so you couldn't really see it.  Her dermatologist told us we really should have it removed before she started grade school because it could potentially grow during her growth spurts.  Then it might require more than one surgery to fully remove it, and we certainly didn't want to put her through that.  So, Seth and I decided Thanksgiving week would be a good time so that she could recover a bit before school started again. 

 It really was a minor surgery, but since it was on her head, they had to put her under.  That was the only part that made me a little nervous.  I mean, I know it isn't heart surgery like my niece has been through TWICE, but it is the first time any of my kids have had to do something like this.  

So, on Tuesday morning, we dropped the other girls off at Summer's bright and early, and headed to the surgery center.  My parents met us up there with hospital gifts, of course!  My mom and dad don't miss a surgery no matter can be open-heart or just tubes in the ears and they will be there.  Jillian was a great little patient before surgery.  Once she had her goofy juice, she was as happy as can be.  After the surgery, however, when they called us back to recovery, her mood had changed.  She was SOOOOO mad about the IV and the heart monitor. I hadn't even thought to warn her about those!!!  She did perk up a little once those were out, and we were headed home only 2 hours after it started.  

The incision is about 2 inches long with about 20 stitches in it, but it looks so good!  Take my word for it...and not seth's!  He can't even look at it!  We are cleaning it religiously and so I am sure that after the stitches come out in 2 weeks, that you will hardly be able to tell anything.  The hardest part now is trying to keep her still.  She is "supposed" to NOT be active for 3 weeks!  I don't know how to keep a 5 year old inactive for 3 weeks, but we will try.  She will have to miss dance class and I will have to pick her up an hour early from school so that she will just skip recess.  She is NOT going to be happy when I let her in on that info,  but we gotta heal it right the first time!  

And of course, I forgot to bring my camera to the surgery.  I would have gotten pictures of her with Mimi and Papaw and their gifts, and for sure a great picture of Jillian "high" on her goofy juice!  I actually made her reenact the pictures below later that day to show how sad she was!  HA!  

Jillian being so brave.  This was after we were home.  You can't see it but the spot is on the left side of HER head.  The right side looking at this picture.

Jillian showing how sad she was after surgery.

Her she is after getting balloons from Mimi and Papaw and one from daddy.

Jillian's good friends, Presley and Hudson brought over a goody basket too!  Jillian loved all of her treats from her friends!

Also, Jillian's cousin Ansley made her the sweetest care package and I forgot to take a picture of her too!  :(  She is the best cousin...always doing special things for my girls!  She is so thoughtful!

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Jill said...

Glad Jillian's surgery went well. Things like that always make me nervous. Just wanted to say that I always read your blog...just rarely comment. It's so cute and you have such a beautiful family.