Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving In Louisiana

This year, we traveled to Louisiana to have Thanksgiving with my grandparents.  We used to always have Thanksgiving there when we were kids, but since we have been married and share our holidays between my parents and The Patterson's, it is not often we get to return.  This year though, we all made it down and were able to cram 25 people into my grandparent's NOT so big house.  It was a great time with family and I am so happy to have spent it with that side of the family.  My grandparents will be married 60 years next year and have lived in their house since my dad was in high school!  (That's a really long time...no offense dad!)  So many things about this house are the exact same since I was a little girl, and my sisters and I enjoy remembering those things when we are there.  Here are very few pictures of our holiday and Paisley's first Thanksgiving.  Lots of food, family, and fun packed into 24 hours!!!!

The kids thought that the hotel and the phones with cords were the funnest part!  The Dales and us had a connecting room, and the girls spent most of that time calling each other!

Ansley and Jillian

Seth, Jules, Macy, and Mason

The mandatory picture of the dessert table

WE were sitting elbow to elbow in this place!  We got real cozy with one another!

Aunt K with baby P...who is already in her 2nd outfit of the day

My grandfather reading out of the Bible and teaching us about thankfulness.
My mom is wrestling the very active baby.

Love my Papaw and my Dad 




Emerson, Jillian, and Jules playing in a pile of leaves.
They don't get to do that often in Dallas.

And here are the girls on the Friday after Thanksgiving cheering on the Hogs.  It wasn't the best game of the year for the Hogs, but the girls had fun cheering!

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