Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sponge Rollers and Chill Out Day

 During the last week of school, Jillian's class had chill out day.  It was a day to relax amid the craziness of the Christmas season and all that the kids were busy doing.  They got to watch a movie and eat popcorn, they ordered pizza, and they got to spend the whole day just having a great time!  Jillian decided that she wanted her hair sponge rolled for pajama day.  That's my Jillian...always planning ahead when it comes to her fashion and hair!  So, once we rolled her hair, Jules had to get in on the action.  Then of course we couldn't leave out Paisley!  

All 3 in sponge rollers.  You can see P's in her mohawk.

Here is Jillian channeling her very favorite person in the world...her cousin Ansley!  Ansley is always throwing out the peace sign and Jillian will do ANYTHING Ansley does!

The back

Paisley's didn't last long, but here is her tiny curl

Jillian ready for Chill Out Day

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