Tuesday, December 13, 2011

November Randomness

In the beginning of November, Ms. Cheryl asked to take Jillian to the Coppell High School production of The Beauty and The Beast.  Jillian was so excited to go with Ms. Cheryl all by herself.  She got all dressed up and packed up a purse for their special day together.  

 Ms. Cheryl and Jillian on their special date!

Here is our Sweet P doing what she likes best.  She spends lots of time sitting in this high chair and eating. She has mastered the art of picking food up and feeding herself...which is great for all of us!  Now she can sit here and entertain herself while I cook or do whatever with the other girls.

And her is Tyson cleaning up the mess!  Tyson loves when our babies hit the high chair stage because he gets a lot more people food in his diet!  

Here is Jillian after her last soccer game.  She got a medal and a trophy!  It was like Christmas for her when she received these two items!  Seth is not a fan of every kid getting a trophy just because, but it sure made Jillian's day!  She can't wait for soccer again next fall.

Jules being silly as usual

And our biggest news for November is that Aunt K and Mason got engaged!!!  Mason proposed to her in front of our whole family (brave man) and she said YES!  The big day will be next July, so I plan to be at the gym until that day!  :)  We are so happy for them and can't wait to have Mason join our family!

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