Friday, July 23, 2010

Bun In The Oven

You heard it right.
Jillian and Jules will BOTH be big sisters in February 2011.
Our third and final baby is on the way!

And I am pretty sure that all anybody can think about is how we "need" a boy in this family.
All I have to say about that is that we LOVE girls and would be ecstatic to have another one!
Seth is even hoping for another little girl to join his current fan club!
We are now just praying for a healthy baby to add to our funny and precious girls!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Seth's Big 30

Just a few short weeks ago, my main man turned 30! Of course, his birthday fell right in the midst of our move. I wanted him to feel special and not like it got lost in our other business! He had to work on his actual birthday...and then that night we went out to his favorite seafood place for crablegs! We had a great date and lots of fun...but I have no pictures! Then, on the Fourth of July weekend, we had a celebration with my family. We went to Babe's Chicken and then back to my mom's for cake. Seth is such a good sport that you can check him out doing the birthday chicken dance below!

Here is the old man practicing rocking in a rocking chair for when we are really old and gray!

And here is Seth being AWESOME and fully participating in the birthday chicken dance.

He said he did it for all the girls...

This is the best picture EVER!

Jillian, Ansley, and Jules waiting for birthday cake.

Seth wanting to hear the birthday song just a little louder

I think he was wishing that he was 21 again.

Seth and Jules sharing cake like the cute couple that they are

And finally, Seth requested that I make him a special pound cake for his birthday. So, I did...with icing. I made one for his 25th birthday...and now for his 30th. I guess I will continue the tradition every 5 years!

The family enjoying the cake. Try and ignore the huge laundry basket in the background!

I hope Seth had a great birthday and we plan to celebrate our 30th birthdays together as soon as possible!!!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Jillian is Famous

...well maybe not just yet.
She is however featured in her very first modeling gig on a website.
You can click here to see my little supermodel in action.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Birthday Bash 2010

Jillian decided she wanted another swimming party this year. Thank goodness her birthday is in June because she LOVES to swim...and swimming parties are about the easiest ones to throw! This year, we moved on Friday and had Jillian's party the next day on Saturday! Yikes!!! But I really stressed so little over her party and it turned out great! I just ordered some pizzas and a cake, bought some noodles as party favors, and we were all set! Jillian invited all the boys and girls from her class at school and also some neighborhood friends. I think the party was a lot of fun and most importantly, I think Jillian had a blast!!!

The pretty birthday girl

Our family

Jillian and Aunt K

My little fish

Daddy and Josh using their daughters as excuses to run through the water park

Jillian, Jules, and The Dale Girls swimming

Jules may be swimming before we know it! She already thinks she can.

Jillian and Dale girls ready for cake

B-Pa, Daddy, Papaw, and Uncle Caleb

Eva and Jillian

Here is Jillian seeing her school friends for the first time since school!
Aren't they so cute! Ella, Jillian and Eva

Jules jumping to B-Pa

Mimi and Jo

Aunt K, Summer, and Papaw

Jillian in motion coming down he slide

B-Pa, Caleb, and CC swimming with Jules

Jillian's Costco cake...she picked it out!

singing happy birthday

still singing

make a wish!!!

typical face of Jules after a meal

the sister shot

Jillian opening her presents at home

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jillian's Birthday

Jillian's 4th birthday just happened to fall right in the middle of moving week for our family. Seth was actually working all week, but I had been moving things from the old house to the new house with the girls in tow all week long. Birthdays are SOOOOOOOOOOO important to me though, and I really wanted to make Jillian's day great. So, we took a break from moving, and let Jillian decide what she wanted to do all day. Here are some pictures from our day.

Jillian's birthday gifts from our family.
Mommy and Daddy: Hello Kitty Bike
Jules: Hello Kitty helmet and knee pads
Tyson: Hello Kitty panties

The birthday girl SO ecstatic to have her first bike!

She took a few laps around the kitchen island

And then of course, my little sweet tooth chose our favorite donut place for breakfast. I usually make chocolate chip pancakes for every birthday, but with moving and dishes were available. I don't think J minded one bit! We even sang to her in the donut shop.

That's my girl! One sprinkled and one iced pink! WOW...don't call my pediatrician on me!

Happy Birthday girl

We then went to Target (where else???) and Jillian picked out a Polly Pocket and a flower bell for the new bike.

And if you know me and my mother at all, you would know that we eat at Chipotle at least once a week. We even know the staff and get freebies all the time! ( Hi Gloria!!!! JK...sort of) So, we met Mimi for some birthday lunch at Chipotle!

Jillian showing off some birthday goodies

For dessert, I took the girls to Magnolia bakery. Of all the delicious pink cupcakes and yummy brownies, Jillian and Jules chose the teeny little iced cookies! I tried to convince them otherwise, but who can resist a pink flamingo and a purple whale???

Looks like my girl was really enjoying it though!

I totally forgot my camera for the rest of the day...shame on me! But, I asked Jillian over and over what she wanted for dinner. I told her we could go anywhere. But over and over, her response was the same. She wanted to get Subway and go to the pool. So, that is exactly what we did! I hope Jillian had a fabulous birthday. I know I really enjoyed helping her celebrate turning the big 4!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Toy Story 3

Jillian could and would watch TV and movies all day if I let her. Don't worry...I don't. Jules on the other hand, has some major ADD when it comes to sitting there and watching anything. She always wants something specific on (Dora, Mickey, Backyardigans), but 10 seconds after it is on, she is gone doing something else. The only time she ever watches anything is in the car...and her number 1 choice is ALWAYS...WOODY!!! The child loves Toy Story. She loves Woody. In fact at random times in public she will shout out, "Mom, I love Woody!" This is always an embarrassing moment for Seth and I! Ha Ha!

Well, I have personally been looking forward to Toy Story 3 coming out for a while now. I decided that this would be Jules' first movie in the theatre. I thought for sure she would sit there if Woody was on (and I was stuffing her full of candy and popcorn!). So, as a family of 4, we headed out to our first movie together. Jillian did great, although scared of the creepy clown and big baby on occasion. Jules, well, she has Movie ADD! She moved around the entire time. I broke out in a nice sweat while wrestling her for the 2 hours, but somehow I never had to take her out. I am sure she has a few cavities to show for it after eating about 278 skittles, but hey...we made it through! I can't wait to actually see the movie again when it comes out on DVD and really enjoy it!

Jules thinking she is excited on the way to the movies, although she really has no idea what is going on!

The girls getting all geared up to watch the show!

Doesn't she look excited? Actually, she was amazed walking though the huge lobby and I think she was enthralled with all the lights and action going on out there.

Happy girls

This girl loves her some popcorn!

Ready for WOODY!!

And if by chance anyone from Disney or Pixar is reading my blog...

PLEASE do not put 30 minutes of previews and one short Pixar film before the actual movie! I mean, come on, we are dealing with children here and we need to get to the main event ASAP! Thanks!