Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jillian's Birthday

Jillian's 4th birthday just happened to fall right in the middle of moving week for our family. Seth was actually working all week, but I had been moving things from the old house to the new house with the girls in tow all week long. Birthdays are SOOOOOOOOOOO important to me though, and I really wanted to make Jillian's day great. So, we took a break from moving, and let Jillian decide what she wanted to do all day. Here are some pictures from our day.

Jillian's birthday gifts from our family.
Mommy and Daddy: Hello Kitty Bike
Jules: Hello Kitty helmet and knee pads
Tyson: Hello Kitty panties

The birthday girl SO ecstatic to have her first bike!

She took a few laps around the kitchen island

And then of course, my little sweet tooth chose our favorite donut place for breakfast. I usually make chocolate chip pancakes for every birthday, but with moving and all...no dishes were available. I don't think J minded one bit! We even sang to her in the donut shop.

That's my girl! One sprinkled and one iced pink! WOW...don't call my pediatrician on me!

Happy Birthday girl

We then went to Target (where else???) and Jillian picked out a Polly Pocket and a flower bell for the new bike.

And if you know me and my mother at all, you would know that we eat at Chipotle at least once a week. We even know the staff and get freebies all the time! ( Hi Gloria!!!! JK...sort of) So, we met Mimi for some birthday lunch at Chipotle!

Jillian showing off some birthday goodies

For dessert, I took the girls to Magnolia bakery. Of all the delicious pink cupcakes and yummy brownies, Jillian and Jules chose the teeny little iced cookies! I tried to convince them otherwise, but who can resist a pink flamingo and a purple whale???

Looks like my girl was really enjoying it though!

I totally forgot my camera for the rest of the day...shame on me! But, I asked Jillian over and over what she wanted for dinner. I told her we could go anywhere. But over and over, her response was the same. She wanted to get Subway and go to the pool. So, that is exactly what we did! I hope Jillian had a fabulous birthday. I know I really enjoyed helping her celebrate turning the big 4!!!!

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Lane said...

Aww...looks like a fabulous birthday! You have the prettiest girls! :)